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Cross-posted from DA

Title: Finland’s Rough Day
Author: kira
Character(s): Finland, Sweden, Hana-Tomago, Sealand
Word Count: 1011
Rating: PG
Summary: Finland wakes up to the worst day, ever…
Author’s note: Thanks go out to my beta, Kat, for looking this over.
For freewritingseer…

Five minutes after he had woken up, Finland wished he could have gone back to sleep and slept the day away. He had a feeling it was going to be one of those days, especially when he got up out of bed and stepped on Hana-Tomago’s paw, then nearly tripped over the poor little dog as she backed away in pain. Finland figured the twisted ankle he got was a fitting punishment for hurting her. As if things were not bad enough, Finland managed to stub his pinky toe not once, but twice on his way to the bathroom. Luckily his morning ablutions went without a hitch.

Finland carefully exited the master bathroom, mindful of his sore toe, and headed towards his dresser. He was beginning to think he had been wrong about his day, when he noticed that the sweater he had taken out of his dresser to wear had a large pull in it. Groaning softly to himself, Finland pulled it over his head and put on a ratty old sweater with snowflakes and reindeer around the yoke that Sweden had given him their first Christmas together. It was stained and misshapen from age and wear and tear, but Finland felt it suited his mood exactly. A pair of jeans and mismatched socks later, and he was ready to go downstairs to the kitchen.

Hobbling downstairs, as he tripped over one of Sealand’s shoes and nearly went down head first, Finland was about to break into tears of frustration over the huge cosmic joke being played on him, when he noticed there was no mouth-watering smells coming from the kitchen. Carefully skirting the hall rug on his way to the kitchen, he soon discovered that Sweden was not there thanks to a post-it note stuck to the coffee machine.

Dear Wife,

Sorry I didn’t have time to make you breakfast, but Sealand needed help getting to Wy’s for a Micro-nation meeting. He also needed to bring some refreshments, so we had to stop at the store on the way.

Will be home in time for dinner.

Yours forever and a day,


Finland’s stomach growled, prompting him to let out a long suffering sigh. He rummaged in the pantry for the K-cups and set to work, brewing himself the perfect cup of coffee. Looking at the sludge in his favorite coffee mug, Finland came to the conclusion that the Keurig apparently liked Sweden better than him as the gentle giant of a Swede always made a better cup of coffee. As he went to dump the sludge in the sink, he knocked his mug against the faucet. Normally, nothing would have happened, but today being one of the top ten worst days in history, his mug broke into several pieces. To add insult to injury, Finland cut his finger when he cleaned up the mess. The worst part about it breaking was that Sweden had made a point of telling Sealand in no uncertain terms that he was not to touch it, lest he break it.

Heartbroken at the loss of his favorite mug, Finland wondered if he should skip breakfast as he made a mental note to call America and ask him the next time he was in IKEA to pick up another coffee mug with the Swedish flag on one side and IKEA’s logo on the other. Hunger won out over pride and stubbornness and he sat down to glass of milk and burnt toast and jam.

Finland breathed a sigh of relief, when the rest of his morning at home went by without anything bad happening. However, that was the lull before the storm. The rest of his day was nightmare of worst case scenarios; all jumbling for top honors starting with the fact that he thought it was Saturday, until he realized it was really Friday. He was late for work, realized too late he had not changed into proper clothes for work, blamed for a coworker’s incompetence, forced to work through lunch because he needed to be there to take an important phone call that never came until five minutes before he was all set to leave. His ride home was a mess of traffic upon more traffic and it felt like everyone in the country decided they had to go in the same direction as him with all day to get there. By the time Finland finally arrived home, he was ready to kill something.

Mumbling a curt, “Hello,” to Sweden and Sealand, Finland pushed his way past them as he entered their home. As he walked over to the small console table to put his keys down, Finland tripped over one of Hana-Tomago’s squeaky toys and fell, thinking he had stepped on her again. “Perkele!” he swore as he sat up and rubbed his sore knees.

“You okay?” Sweden said. He hunkered down next to his wife and grimaced.

Finland found himself smiling, despite his earlier bad mood. Where most people saw a scary scowl, he saw look a love on Sweden’s face. “I feel better now. Thanks, Sve,” he said as they stood up.

“Dinner’s in the warmer.” As much as he would have liked to scoop Finland up and carry him into the kitchen, Sweden simply walked alongside him. Once there, Finland sat down at the kitchen table, while Sweden brought his dinner to him. While he ate, Finland tried to relax and forget his miserable day, but he was not having much success until he felt Sweden’s long fingers kneading the tension out of his shoulders. It was a simple classic massage, that some referred to as Swedish. Finland did too, but for different reasons. By the time Sweden had gotten around to gently karate-chopping the remaining tension out of his shoulders, Finland was sure that if he was a cat, he would have been purring.


“Much better, Sve, thanks.” Finland said as he reached up and gave Sweden’s hand a little squeeze. Sighing contentedly, Finland was glad his day had finally taken a turn for the better.


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