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Cross-posted from Hentai Contest

Title: Tease Me, Please Me
Fandom: Hetalia
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Germany, Italy, Prussia
Genres: smutty romance
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1919
Summary: Germany wants to try a bit of light bondage with Italy…
For n0t-chan…

They were lying in bed, sated, and Germany got the bright idea to try something with Italy that he had always wanted to do. When Italy looked up at him, a coy smile on his face, he jumped at the chance to express his wildest desire. Of course he would have to tone things down a bit so as not to scare his little buddy, but he was determined to seize the day or his vital regions or whatever, before his courage ran out and he became too afraid to ask. Taking a deep breath, he let it all out in one big rush, his words tumbling out of his mouth so fast, that Italy looked as though he did not catch half of them.

Italy, however, was full of surprises. “You want me to handcuff you to the bed and tease you?” he said as a devilish little smile tugged the corners of his mouth upwards. “And the safe word is ‘gelato’ and you promise to take me out for some later?”

Germany nodded; his cheeks a bit pink in his embarrassment over having such base desires. He had played like that with his brother on numerous occasions, and far worse, and the thought of actually doing it with Italy was making him hard. “We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Italy pretended to think it over. He knew Germany had a bit of a sadistic streak as evidenced by his training methods, but he also had a tender side, that always came out whenever they were together in bed. Truth be told, he liked the idea of being in a position of power over his friend and lover. “Okay, I’ll do it.”

“You will?” Germany could not believe his ears.

“Yeah. Where are they?”

“I’ll get them.”

“No, I can get them, Germany.”

Germany blushed. “They’re in a box, in my top drawer, next to my underwear,” he said.


“In the same box.”

Grazi!” Italy got out of bed. “Stay put and think about how you want to do this.” He went over to his dresser and took out the box, before coming back to bed. Opening the box he looked inside, quirking an eyebrow, but said nothing as he took out the handcuffs. Setting the box to the side, he said, “Ready?”

Germany nodded. He shook out his arms and rolled his shoulders a couple of times, before holding his hands above his head. “I want to see what’s coming.”

“You do, hunh?” Italy smirked. “I don’t think so.” Reaching into the box, he pulled out a simple sleep mask. “Here, put this on, before I handcuff you to the bed.”

Germany quickly did as he was told. He was quite hard and he moaned softly when he felt the cold steel encircling his wrists. He tugged on his restraints, making sure he could not get out of them easily. To his surprise, Italy had them on just right. Germany lay there, blind and helpless; a tiny bit of panic running through him when he felt the covers being drawn back away from him, exposing his nakedness, along with Italy’s quiet retreating footsteps.

Italy giggled when he saw Germany squirm a bit on the bed. He remained still, enjoying the sight. Grabbing a vibrator from the toy-box, he headed back to bed. Italy switched it on, the faint hum and sudden jolt of sensation making his lover jump when he touched him with it. Italy moved it across Germany’s torso, loving the way he would shift to and fro as he moved towards and away from the pleasurable sensations. Italy was also pleased to note that Germany’s nipples were beginning harden. He made his way lower and lower, lavishing a bit of attention on his lover’s cock.

Germany moaned softly. Italy was teasing him unmercifully and he loved every minute of it. Bending his legs at the knees, he spread his legs as far as he could. A loud groan escaped his lips when Italy placed the tip of the vibrator against his tight entrance. It was all Germany could do to keep from cumming when Italy pushed a bit of it inside him, before he realized he should have lubed it up. He whined when the pleasurable sensations stopped. The vibrator went silent when Italy switched it off and before Germany had time to even wonder what his little buddy was going to do next, Italy began sucking him off. He did all those things with his tongue that Germany loved, and just as he was rushing headlong towards his climax, Italy stopped.

“Nah, ah, aah!” Italy giggled as he flicked the head of his lover’s cock.

“Please… bitte, Italy…” Germany groaned. There was a dip in the bed and more soft footsteps. “Per favore!” He was so close to cumming and his frustration at not being able to; rankled. He realized with a start that his sweet little buddy was better at this than he thought. Pulling on his bonds, Germany, hoping to play on his little buddy’s sympathies, said, “Please… It hurts…” he was sorely tempted to call out “gelato” and end this, but the footsteps came closer and there was a reassuring dip in the bed signaling his little buddy’s return.

Italy giggled. While it was fun watching Germany squirm, he was growing bored with trying to think up creative ways to “torture” him. He squirted a bit of lube on lover’s cock, smoothing it over the head, before carefully impaling himself on it. Together they built a rhythm of sorts as Italy rode his lover. It did not take long before they both came. Italy carefully got up off Germany and he leaned forward, kissing him. “I’ll be right back, I’m just going to clean up,” he said. “Wait here.”

Like I’m going anywhere… Germany thought as he felt his little buddy get off the bed. Italy was gone several minutes, and just when Germany was beginning to panic about being left naked and handcuffed to the bed, Italy returned. Removing the sleep mask from Germany’s eyes, he kissed his cheek, giggling softly when Germany blinked a few times. “Did you like that?”

Italy shrugged. “It was …okay.”

Germany nodded, a faint look of disappointment briefly flitting across his face.

“It was just hard trying to come up with things to do.”


“Yeah… I guess I’d better uncuff you now.”

“Yeah…” Germany pulled a bit on his bonds.

“Where’s the key?”

“It should be in the box.”

“Okay.” Italy looked in the toy-box. He moved things around, taking a few of the more strange-looking, in his humble opinion, things out and laid them on the bed much to Germany’s embarrassment. “Uh, Germany…?”


“There’s no key in here.” Italy quickly put everything back in the box.

“What do you mean, there’s no key in there?!” Germany said, a hint of panic creeping into his voice.

“There’s no key, look.” Italy came around the other side of the bed. He dumped the contents of the box on the bed, spreading them out, to show what was in there.

Verdammt!” Germany swore. He let out a string of German curses. Italy giggled when he added a few choice words in Italian.

“What are we gonna do?” Italy said. As tempting as it was to go ahead with his plan to eat gelato off of Germany’s stomach, he did not think his lover would appreciate being left alone like this while he went out to go get some. He stood there, instead, wringing his hands.

Germany heaved a long suffering sigh. He muttered softly in German, before looking up at Italy. “Call my brother and ask him if he knows where it is.” He pulled on the bonds with his right hand as the urge to hide his face in his palm was a strong one.

“Okay!” Italy immediately brightened. He hunted around in the pile of discarded clothes on the floor until he found Germany’s cell phone. He quickly dialed Prussia’s cell phone. “Ciao, Prussia!” he said when Prussia answered his phone.

“Itachen! What are you doing on West’s phone?”

“I can’t find mine.”

“Oh… Everything okay?”

“Not exactly…”

“No? What happened?”

“I ummm… I handcuffed Germany to the bed and now I can’t find the key to the handcuffs.”

Prussia laughed. When he could catch his breath, he said, “Say that again.”

Italy repeated what he had just said.

“Tell West I’ll be right there.”

“Okay! Ciao!

“Tschüs!” Prussia hung up.

“Prussia’s coming!” Italy said.

Germany nodded. As much as he wanted to get free, he had the feeling his brother was not going to let him live this down. With nothing to do but wait, Germany silently gathered the remnants of his dignity together. He felt a bit better when Italy sighed and got back into bed, and snuggled up next to him.

“I’m sorry, Germany.”

“It’s not your fault, Italy.”

Prussia took his time getting there and by the time he arrived, Germany was quietly seething. He took one look at his brother and burst out laughing. “Oh, this is better than I thought, West!” Taking out his cell phone, he snapped a few pix. “You really went into this with your eyes wide shut, hunh?!”

“Prussia,” Germany growled.


“Get the key, NOW!”

“Sure thing, West.” Prussia hurried out of the room, leaving his fuming brother and a bewildered Italy behind. He returned a few minutes later, key in hand. As he leaned over his brother and stuck the key in the lock, he said, “We could make a threesome out of it and show Itachen how it’s really done.”

Germany narrowed his eyes at him in a death glare. When his poor, starting to get numb, hand was free, he flexed the fingers. “We could, but I’ve kind of been tied up for a while and have no desire to do it again.”

Prussia freed his brother’s other hand. “You could always tie me up, West.”

Germany grinned as he thought it over. “Sounds like a plan, Brüder.”

“An awesome one if you ask me.” Prussia grinned back at him.

“Then get undressed and assume the position.”

“I like the way you think, West!”


Prussia’s grin broadened into his trademark smirk as he quickly got undressed. “This is how you do it, Itachen,” he said as he held his arms over his head. “Not so tight, West,” he added when Germany cuffed him to the bed. “What’s the safe word?”

“Sorry…” Germany said, making a quick adjustment to the cuffs. “Later.” Satisfied that they would hold and Prussia could not get free, he turned to Italy and said, “Come, Italy, let’s get dressed and go out for some gelato.”

“Okay!” Italy bent to retrieve his clothes from the floor.


“What about Prussia?” Italy said as he got dressed.

“Since he’s not going anywhere for a while, we could always bring him back some.”

“West, this isn’t funny!!” Prussia pulled on his bonds. “Let me go! NOW!! LATER!!”

“You think he’d like that?” Italy nervously eyed his lover’s older brother.

“You’ll let me go, right, Itachen?”

“Smile for the camera, Brüder.” Germany took his cell phone and snapped a few pictures. “Looks like you’ve gone into this with your eyes wide shut too.”

“West, I’m going to kill you if you don’t uncuff me right now!!” Prussia struggled to get himself free.

“See you later, Brüder!




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