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Cross-posted from DA

Title: Midnight Snack
Recipient: Spork
Type of gift: Fic
Rating: R
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Ludwig (Germany)/Daisy (nyo!Italy), Gilbert (Prussia)
Genres: romance
Warnings: food porn
Word Count:2740
Summary: After a long dry spell, Ludwig and his pregnant wife, Daisy, finally get the “all clear” and have a bit of fun in bed with a midnight snack…
Author’s notes: Thanks to my beta, Jen for reading this over for me and applying liberal amounts of fic polish. Thanks also to Kat for cheerleading. <3
For Spork…

Ludwig lay in bed with his pregnant wife, Daisy, happy and sated now that their missing romance was back in their lives again following a scare that had her on pelvic rest for ten weeks. Now that they got the “all clear” from the doctor, they were making up for lost time. Holding Daisy close, he nuzzled the top of her head with his cheek and sighed contentedly. Ludwig could care less that the baby was busy kicking him in his side, a silent protest against being woken up during their lovemaking. He chuckled softly.

Daisy giggled. “I think the baby’s hungry,” she said. She had a sudden craving for those white sausages, Ludwig’s brother Gilbert was so fond of, smothered in ketchup and a couple of spoons of potato salad. Just thinking about it was making her mouth water.

“Hungry? I thought he was mad we woke him up.”

“Well, there’s that,” Daisy giggled. “But I’ve noticed that whenever he’s hungry, he kicks.”

“How do you know he’s hungry? Maybe’s he’s just grumpy like your brother or, Heaven forbid, being stupid like mine.” Ludwig smiled.

“Ludwig! You’re terrible!” His wife playfully smacked him. Sitting up, Daisy looked at him and said, “Ludwig honey, I’m hungry too. Can you make me something to eat?” She made sad puppy eyes at him. “Please?”

Her husband sighed. “What would you like me to make you?” Ludwig sat up in bed and Daisy leaned on him.

“Well…” she started, “Can you make me some of those white sausages Gilbert likes? And warm up the leftover potato salad in the microwave and ooh… some antipasto? I feel like some salami and provolone and some of those green peppers we got the other day.”

Ludwig looked at her. “I thought those weird food cravings went away. “

“They did for the most part, but every once in awhile, they come back to haunt me.” Daisy pouted. “Please, Ludwig honey, I’m hungry,” she whined.

Ludwig leaned over and kissed his wife’s cheek. “Okay.” He threw back the covers and swung his legs out of bed. Padding around in dark, he looked for his boxers on the floor and finding them, he pulled them on. Spotting his t-shirt, he picked it up and put it on as well. Dressed, he padded out of their bedroom and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Entering the kitchen, Ludwig switched on the light over the stove. It cast a soft light which was just enough to see by without hurting his eyes and he set to work cooking his wife’s “midnight snack.” Ludwig opened the fridge and took out a couple of sausages, putting them on a plate and the rest back. After washing his hands, he went back into the fridge and got out the leftover potato salad from dinner. He spooned some into a bowl and put into the microwave to warm up. Padding back over to the stove, Ludwig took out a frying pan from the cabinet next to it. He put it on the stove and heated it up, before adding the sausages. They crackled in pan, and while they were cooking, the microwave pinged. Ludwig rolled the sausages in the pan, before hurrying over to the microwave. He tasted the potato salad, and deeming it warm enough, he took it out and set it on the counter. Ludwig went back over to the sausages. They smelled good as they cooked, despite being fried instead of boiled.

Downstairs in his basement “apartment,” Gilbert got up to use the bathroom and get a drink for water. His mouth watering from the smell wafting down from the kitchen, Gilbert quickly tended his business, before coming upstairs. “Hey, West,” he said sleepily, calling his brother by his college nickname, as he opened the basement door. “Whatchya doing?”

Ludwig sighed. “Daisy said the baby’s hungry.”

Gilbert laughed. “You’re so whipped.” He yawned as he came into the kitchen and looked in the fridge, the smell of sausages cooking making him hungry.

“Yeah, well at least I’ve got a wife to whip me.”

“As bad as that sounds,” Gilbert smirked, “that was still low, West.” His smirk faded.

“Look, Gil, I don’t have time for your nonsense.” Ludwig poked a sausage with a fork. The juices ran clear, but he wanted to brown it a bit more to make sure they were cooked.

Gilbert ignored his comment, and walking over to him, he peered over Ludwig’s shoulder. “You’re ruining some perfectly good wiesswurst. You know you’re supposed to put them in near boiling water for ten minutes.”

Ludwig looked at him and sighed. “I know that, but Daisy likes them fried like Italian sausages.”

“Oh… But when you cut the casing off all those browned bits are going to be lost.”

“I know, but she likes it on and I’ve learned to never argue with a pregnant woman.” Ludwig switched off the stove.

“Fair enough, but still… That’s just, I don’t know, nasty…” Gilbert crinkled his nose up, as he looked at the sausages lying in the frying pan.

“No one’s asking you to eat them.”

“Good point.” Gilbert watched as his brother put the sausages on a plate and added the potato salad. “Don’t forget the ketchup, West.”

“Thanks.” Ludwig walked over to the fridge and took out the bottle of ketchup, squirting some on the plate, before putting it back. Grabbing a tray, he put the plate, a napkin, and some silverware on it. He got a glass from the cabinet next to the sink, and taking it over to the fridge, he filled it with milk. “I’ll be back when she’s finished eating to take care of the kitchen,” Ludwig said as he put the glass on the tray. He also scraped together a quick antipasto of couple of slices of hard salami and provolone cheese, and a pickled peperoncini, which he added to the tray, before picking it up.

“Don’t worry about it, West,” Gilbert said. He was busy cleaning the spattered grease from the sausages off the stove. “They smell so good; I think I’ll make myself a few.” He got out a pot, filling it with water. “I’ll take care of your mess while they cook, West, but you owe me.” Gilbert smirked at him.

Ludwig nodded. “I owe you big time, Gil.” He sighed and picked up the tray. “Time to go feed the baby.”

“Yeah…” Gilbert shook his head as he headed towards the fridge for the sausages.

Tray in hand, Ludwig left the kitchen. He headed upstairs as fast as he dared to go in the dark. As soon as he reached the top of the stairs, he hurried towards his room. Balancing the tray in one hand, he opened the door to their bedroom. “Your dinner is here, milady,” he said as he brought the tray over to his wife.

“Yay!” Daisy said softly. Even though her husband couldn’t have been gone more than ten minutes, fifteen tops, it still felt like he was gone for hours. She sat up a bit higher, giggling when he balanced the tray on her swollen belly. With nothing to tuck it into, Daisy laid her napkin on her bare breasts and started eating. Taking a slice of salami she placed it on a slice of provolone and rolled it up. Daisy bit into it, savoring the mix of blandness and spiciness. Popping the last bite into her mouth, she licked her fingers, before making another salami roll. Daisy ate it and a third one, pausing only to take a drink of milk. Saving the peperoncini for last, Daisy ate the crunchy pickled pepper, savoring the taste.

Ludwig chuckled and shook his head as he walked around to his side of the bed. Undressing, he carefully got in, snuggling up next to his wife. “Slowly, or you’ll get the hiccups,” he gently chided.

“Then maybe you should feed me so I won’t go too fast” she teased, never dreaming he would take her seriously.

“Maybe I will,” Ludwig said.

“Yeah?” She handed him the fork.

“Yeah…” he said as he took the proffered fork.

They laughed over the bit of trouble they had coordinating their movements when it came time to cut the sausages as Daisy found she had to work left-handedly, but they soon figured it out. Since it was easier to simply cut the sausages up first, they did so. Leaning against his wife, Ludwig speared a piece of sausage, before feeding it to her. Daisy dutifully ate it, washing it down with the glass of milk.

“Ludwig honey?” she said between bites.

“Yeah?” He maneuvered a bite of potato salad onto the fork. Ludwig fed it to her.

Daisy swallowed. “Where’s my gelato?”

“In the freezer. Do you want me to get you some?” Ludwig said.


“Okay. But first you need to finish eating this.”

Daisy giggled and opened her mouth. Her husband popped a piece of sausage in and she ate it. Daisy even picked up a piece in her fingers, dipping it in some ketchup, before eating it. She licked her fingers.

Ludwig chuckled softly and handed her back the fork.

Daisy grinned and ate more slowly, washing eat bite down with a drink of milk. “I’m finished.”

“Stay here, while I’ll take this downstairs,” he said indicating the tray, “and bring you back a bowl. Okay?”

Daisy kissed his cheek. “Thanks, and don’t forget to bring the chocolate sauce.”

“Bring the chocolate sauce?” Ludwig repeated. He carefully moved the tray onto his own lap.

Daisy giggled. “Yup!” She had a sudden craving for the bit of fun that had led to her getting pregnant in the first place.

Ludwig smiled. “Oh-kay…” he said. Balancing the tray in one hand, he threw off the covers with his other. Swinging his legs to the side, Ludwig got up out of bed. Not bothering to get dressed this time, he hurried back downstairs. When he reached the kitchen, he noted Gilbert had cleaned up like he had said he would. He felt a bit guilty about leaving the dishes in the sink, but he quickly squelched that idea. He made Daisy a bowl of gelato, and grabbing the chocolate sauce, he headed upstairs again.

While her husband was downstairs, puttering around the kitchen with her dessert, Daisy got out of bed as fast as her big belly would let her. She pulled the comforter down to the foot of the bed, neatly folding back as best she could without Ludwig’s help. Daisy groaned as she picked up the extra pillows for the bed, tossing them onto it. After arranging them at the head of the bed, she crawled back onto the bed, sprawling against the pillows like a pinup girl. It had the desired effect when Ludwig returned, if his expression was anything to go by.

Ludwig hurried over to her and sat on the bed. He set the bottle of chocolate sauce on the bedside table. “Do you still want me to feed you?”

“Yeah…” Daisy giggled. She held his hand, guiding him, but at the last minute, Daisy turned his wrist, dumping the spoonful of gelato on her breast. “Oops… You’d better clean that up, Ludwig honey, before it makes a mess.”

“Yes, of course…” Ludwig said as he watched as the gelato melted, leaving a creamy white drip that slowly made its way down her breast. Leaning in, he licked it off her. They made a leisurely and entertaining game of it, with half the gelato ending up on her, the rest being eaten. Ludwig, being a good husband, made sure to “clean” her off whenever he “accidentally” dropped some on her.

“Hey, Ludwig?” Daisy said. She was cradling his head as he suckled her breast. He was driving her mad with desire, but she also wanted to have an “appetizer” before the “main course.” Daisy moaned softly as she orgasmed from the attention he was paying her nipples alone.

“What?” he said, her breast still in his mouth.

“We…” she moaned, “Forgot the chocolate sauce.”

Ludwig sat up. “Damn… “

“Yeah…” Daisy panted. “It’s okay; we can still play with it.”

He reached for the bottle and popping the top, he drizzled a bit of it onto her chest. A chocolate necklace, all it needed was a cherry to stand in for the jewel. Ludwig leaned in and kissed her there, and pulling back, he licked the chocolate off his lips.

Daisy giggled. “Hurry up! I want to eat the chocolate off your cannolo.”

Ludwig smirked and leaned in to continue eating the chocolate off his wife. He licked and nibbled her tender flesh, and Daisy could feel another orgasm building inside her. Ludwig made his way towards her collar bone and as he sucked the chocolate from it, he reached one hand down around her belly to gently rub the heated, wet flesh between her legs. His wife came hard. He nuzzled her as she came back to herself.

“Okay,” Daisy panted. “My turn.”

Ludwig helped her to sit up. He rolled over onto his back and spread his legs. It took a bit of doing, but Ludwig managed to get Daisy situated between his legs. Reaching over, he grabbed the bottle of chocolate sauce, handing it her. At the look on his wife’s face, he said, “What’s wrong?”

“You’re a bit low for me with my big belly. Maybe if we propped you up on some pillows, it might be easier?”

And that was how Ludwig found himself with lower half in the air. Daisy had drizzled his “cannolo” with chocolate and was busy sucking him off. She licked and sucked, occasionally bobbing her head up and down, all the while sending little jolts of pleasure that ran down Ludwig’s spine to pool deep within his cock. He moaned softly, enjoying the feel of his wife’s talented tongue on his sensitive flesh.

Daisy tongued the thick vein that sat just under the head of her husband’s cock. Judging by the happy noises he was making, he was enjoying it as much as she was. She loved the salty taste of his skin as it mixed with the chocolate, reminding her of the chocolate covered pretzels she loved. When she flicked her tongue across the head of his cock, Daisy could tell by the taste that it would not be long before he climaxed. She gave it her all, pushing him closer and closer to the edge.

Ludwig fisted the sheets. He moaned softly, as things were starting to get very intense. He tried to hold out, but the pleasure was too much for him and he started to cum. His wife bobbed her head up and down, almost as though she was riding him, as he spewed his hot, bitter essence in the warm confines of her mouth. He moaned as she sucked him dry, pulling back with a loud pop to smirk at him. “Verdammt, woman! That was good.” He smiled at her as he struggled to sit up.

“I try,” Daisy cheekily said. “Here, let me help you.”

Danke.” A bit of careful maneuvering later, Ludwig was sitting in bed, with his legs hanging over the side. “We should go clean up, before we go to sleep,” he said as the thought of going to sleep a sticky mess wasn’t a pleasant one.

Daisy moved to sit next to him. Knowing her husband’s fondness for cleanliness, she suppressed a giggle. She had the feeling the first time the baby spat up on him, he was going to freak, but it was all part of his charm and why she had fallen in love with him in the first place. “Okay.”

Ludwig stood up, and turning around, he held his hands out to his wife. When Daisy took them, he carefully pulled her to her feet and together they went into the master bath. A wet washcloth and a bit of soap later, Ludwig felt clean enough to get back into bed. Putting his arm around Daisy’s shoulders, the two of them went back to bed.

They lay naked between the sheets, snuggling. Wrapped in each other’s arms, loved and loving, they were both glad to have reconnected with the physical side of their relationship, after the dry spell that was her second trimester. Kissing each other good night, they slowly drifted off to sleep.


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