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Cross-posted from Hentai Contest


Title: Good Friends and Lovers
Fandom: Hetalia
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Prussia/France, mention of America
Genres: romance
Warnings: none
Word Count: 664
Summary: Prussia blows off a bit of stream in bed…
Author’s note: Thank you to my beta, Jen, for pinking this. Thanks also go to shuriken7, who let me write what went on behind closed doors in her fic Old Friends, New Alliances.
For shuriken7…

France lay on the bed in the room America had given to Prussia, his fingers tangled in Prussia’s hair as he kissed him hungrily. When they came up for air, Prussia sat up and slowly started unbuttoning France’s vest. France ran his hands up the albino’s thighs, chuckling softly.

“It would be a lot easier, mon ami, if we undressed ourselves.”

Prussia thought it over. “Okay,” he smirked. Getting off of his friend, Prussia sat on the bed and pulled his boots off.

“America will thank you for that,” France said as he sat up.

“Pfft. My boots aren’t muddy.” Prussia stood and began undressing.

France shook his head and laughed. He shrugged out of his vest and pulled his shirt over his head, tousling his hair. Taking Prussia’s lead, he tossed his clothing on the floor.

“They’re not!” Prussia pushed his breeches down past his hips and stepped out of them. Naked, he padded over to an equally naked France. Wrapping his arms around him, he pulled him close. “Now where were we?” Prussia said huskily, grinding his hips into his fellow nations.

France moaned softly. “I believe you were going to make sweet, passionate love to me.”

Prussia laughed. “I thought I was getting a lil anal action, but whatever…”

“It’s all the same in the end, mon cher.” France winked.

“True…” Prussia smirked. “So uh… you, me, the bed?”

“But of course!” France lay down on the bed. It was harder than he would have liked, but he could forgive America his austerity as the dear boy had a war of independence to think about. Besides, Prussia was making it hard to think about anything other than the little jolts of pure pleasure that ran down his spine. France moaned softly. The way Prussia was dry humping him, things promised to be rough, not that France minded as Prussia blowing off steam, amongst other things, was always fun.

Hard, Prussia sat up. Spitting into his palm, he used his saliva as lube, rubbing it all over his cock. He spat again on his fingers, using them to tease France’s hole. Not even bothering to prep him more than that, Prussia simply lined himself up and pushed past the tight ring of muscle. He moaned softly as he built his rhythm; France’s tightness felt so good, it was hard not to cum. He wanted it rough and nasty as he needed that kind of a release, and he pounded away.

France enjoyed the ride. Despite being a bit painful, he loved the feeling of being possessed and the urgency of Prussia’s thrusts. The feeling of fullness, and Prussia’s smooth belly rubbing against his cock, added to the pleasure. France knew that sex was not all champagne and roses, and that wild and needy could be just as much fun. Sure, he would be sore afterwards, but as he raced towards his completion, he found he did not care. Amid the sound of skin slapping against skin, soft moans, and grunting, they hurried towards their release. France noted with wry amusement the faint beads of sweat dampening Prussia’s brow as he thrust. Gripping the albino’s biceps, France started to cum.

Prussia looked down at him when France tightly held his arms. He felt his friend cum, spurting his hot essence between them. Prussia thrust a few more times; it was dry and rough and he came hard. Panting, Prussia remained where he was for several minutes before pulling out. He grimaced as he did so.

France winced and a kiss on the nose was all the apology he was going to get or needed. Sated, he lay there with Prussia, listening to the albino ramble on about America and the battle tactics he was going to teach him. With anyone else, France would have felt insulted, but Prussia was always more of a soldier than a lover, and being the good friend that he was, France listened intently as the albino droned on.


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