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Cross-posted from Hetachallenge

Title: Prussia’s Cookies
Characters: Italy, Germany, mention of Prussia & America
Challenge: 23: Luck/Fortune
Bonus Words: green, flowers, snow
Rating: PG 13 for the implied naughtiness
Summary: Italy finds Prussia’s box of fortune cookies…
Author’s note: The following was inspired by a comment n0t-chan made about Italy & Germany getting their hands on Prussia’s fortune cookies. Please note that “Happy Endings” is a real brand of adult novelty fortune cookies.

For n0t-chan, for inspiring this fic…

Italy finished arranging the flowers in the vase, while Germany puttered around the kitchen, cleaning up the “mess” he had made while making a cake. Hungry, Italy nosed around in the cabinets looking for something to snack on while he waited for the cake to be ready to be eaten. Spying a box of fortune cookies, he grabbed it and helped himself to one. Putting the box back, Italy cracked open the cookie. He ate the bits of it, while he read his fortune. “Ve…” he said softly to himself. “Hey, Germany! This cookie says I’m going to get lucky tonight!”

Germany, who was busy washing the dirty dishes in the sink, paused. “It does?”

“Yup!” Italy giggled and helped himself to another fortune cookie. Frowning as he read it, he came over and showed the tiny slip of paper to his friend. “What does it mean by that?”

Germany looked at the paper. A delicate blush spilled across his cheeks to heat up his ears as he read. “It means I’m going to kick Prussia’s scrawny arse when he gets back.”

“Oh…” Italy giggled as he read another one. “This one says I’m going to-”

“Put them away, Italy!” Germany said in a tone that brooked no argument. “Why don’t you get out the snow cone machine Japan gave me and make us one.”

“Okay!” Italy said as he went to the butler’s pantry. He quickly returned with the kid’s toy and set it up on the kitchen counter. As he looked in the fridge for the ice, he said, “Germany, can I put the red and green syrup on mine and make an Italian one?”

“Yeah…” Germany finished washing the dishes. When he was done, he dried his hands on a towel, while Italy played with the snow cone machine.

“YAY!” Italy held a paper cup under part where the shaved ice came out, filling it. Taking another cup, he repeated the process.

While his friend was busy making them a summertime treat, Germany took the opportunity to get a good look at the box of fortune cookies his brother had gotten from America. Taking one out, he read, “Happy Endings naughty, but nice fortune cookies.” He frowned and took out a cookie. Cracking it open, “Good fortune in love as well as a new position in bed” was written on the tiny slip of paper. He made a tiny sound of disgust. Stupidly juvenile and very much something my idiot brother and America would think was funny… Mentally shaking his head, Germany none-the-less secretly hoped that that particular fortune would come true. Putting the box of cookies on a higher shelf, just out of Italy’s reach, he made a mental note to talk to Prussia about leaving such things lying around. For now, he was going to enjoy the “Italian snow cone” his little buddy just handed him, while he quietly pondered on how to make his fortune come true…


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