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Cross-posted from Madrona Project

Title: The Tale of the Special Invitation
Author: kira
Word Count: 1507
World: The Duchy of Saint-Germaine
Main Characters: Pashmina, Grande Duke Alexander Saint-Germaine, mention of Noblesse Mwans, and Lady Renu
Rating: Teen for naughtiness
Borrow: no
Summary: A special invitation arrives at the Grande Duke’s estate…

Pashmina had just sat down for a cup midmorning tea, when he heard the door chime followed by the soft pattering of footsteps as one of the servants went to answer it. He poured himself a cup of tea, ignoring the normal sounds of the household in favor of the new book his patron had bought for him. He opened the book, and began reading. While he daintily nibbled on a cucumber sandwich, a servant came bustling towards him, a silver tray in his hand. Wondering what it was that was so important, he marked his place in the book and waited.

“Milady, this arrived for His Grace,” the servant said as he held out a silver tray with a letter on it.

“Thank you, Johann. I’ll see to it His Grace gets it.” Pashmina took the letter and set it on the table. Folding his hands demurely together, he said, “Is there anything else?”

“No, milady.”

“You may go,” Pashmina dismissed the man. He was about to go back to his reading, when something about the ornate vellum envelope caught his attention. Picking it up, Pashmina read the sender’s address out loud, “‘Noblesse Chevaleresque Mwans, Prince légitimé, Marquis de Licentia, pair de France…’” He frowned. “‘Mwans Estate, Licentia.’” Pashmina glanced at the name on the envelope and saw that it was indeed addressed to his patron. “Hmmm… Alex never mentioned knowing Lord Mwans before…” He tapped his carefully manicured nails on the table. Shrugging, Pashmina decided that something this bizarre certainly merited disturbing his patron. He quickly finished his tea, and getting up, he took the letter with him on his way to Alex’s study.

Alex sat at his desk, going over the column of figures in the ledger. He sighed softly and rubbed the back of his neck. The stupid numbers refused to tally up the same as the numbers on the facing page, and looking for the discrepancy was giving him a headache. So when Pashmina knocked softly and let himself in, he looked forward to the disruption.

“Hello, my dear.” Alex set down his pen and closed his ledger.

“Hey, Your Alexness.” Pashmina smiled and came over to where his patron sat.

“What’ve you got there?”

“A letter.” A faint frown creased Pashmina’s brow. “Alex…” He looked down at the letter in his hand.


“I think someone’s trying to prank you.”

“Really?” Alex frowned.

“Yeah,” Pashmina handed him the letter, “and it seems they went to a lot of trouble too. Look at it, vellum paper, gold lettering, and it’s from Lord Mwans of all people.”

Alex laughed. He opened the envelope and removed another sheet of vellum with gold lettering. He shook his head, while reading it, as he had not heard from the man in at least twenty years.


“Here, I’ll read it to you.”


“‘My dearest cousin Alexander,’” Alex began.

“Cousin?” Pashmina interrupted.

“Yes, cousin.” Alex continued, “‘Next month we are celebrating my birthday with a city-wide party. All the important people form Madrona and the far flung reaches of the king’s empire will be there. You simply must come, dearest cousin!

“‘If you are having any trouble deciding what to get me, sweets, pretty boys and /or girls, cats, books, or horses will be much appreciated and treasured, well the boys and/or girls, and sweets will be treasured until I finish eating them, but you get the idea.

“‘Do you remember the wedding we went to? Well, the entertainment I’m planning will be along those lines, only better. Much Better. The best of the best of the local shops will be providing food and drink, I’m hiring the most talented and gorgeous dancing girls from the highest high class inns, and the cake is being imported from Cromwell’s!! So you know what this means, dear cousin of mine, this is going to be the party of year, if not the century, that is until next year when I turn a year older.

“’Your favorite cousin,


“Favorite cousin…? You’re not really related to him…?” Pashmina blinked. “Are you?”

Alex held up his hands as he chuckled. “My dear, I’m no more related to him than I am to you, but Lord Mwans has been insisting on calling me that ever since we meet at some distant cousin of mine’s wedding.” He looked up at his beloved kitten. “And that was some twenty years ago. I’m surprised he even remembers me. Then again, when Irina passed away, he did send me a letter of condolence and some flowers.” Alex shrugged.

“Well, you are rather unforgettable, Your Alexness.”

“And you my dear, even more so.” Alex held out his hands and when Pashmina took them, he pulled him close and onto his lap.

Pashmina giggled as he sat on his patron’s lap. “So what happened at this wedding that made you so unforgettable?”

“Hmmm… let’s see… I believe there was a horse involved, a couple of fancy ladies dressed as nuns, there were a couple of dogs that umm…” Alex blushed. “Are you sure you want to hear this?”


“Well, these dogs did things with the fancy ladies, while the priest and Lord Mwans got drunk and enjoyed the show. Which was bad enough, my dear, but the groom was soon discovered with his pants down and a very naked young girl with her head in his lap.”

“Pfft… that’s nothing!” Pashmina scoffed. “I’ve seen things get wilder at a virginity auction.”

“I know, but you never let me finish.”

Pashmina’s eyes went wide. “There’s more?”

Alex nodded. “Most of it I’ve long forgotten as I was also pleasantly drunk at the time, but there was an aerialist.”


“Yup… she swung naked from the chandelier and nearly set the place on fire.”

“You’re making this up!”

“I swear on all I hold dear, I’m not!”

“If you say so… So what was the horse up to?”

“Well in all the confusion, somehow the bride wound up naked on the back of the horse and while it was led around the hall, she bounced up and down on its back and well…”

“Oh.” Pashmina rolled his eyes. “Anyway, if we go to this party, I hope it’s more exciting than that.”

“You sound so jaded, my dear, for one so young.” Alex nuzzled Pashmina’s cheek.

Pashmina snorted. “I’m thirty…. Something,” he said, the “something” coming out as barely a whisper.

Alex chuckled and kissed his cheek. “Well, then, if you want to go we’ll go, but I’m warning you, his parties are known to be quite wild.”

“Alex, if the wildest it gets is watching you dancing a jig naked on a table to the delight of the crowd, it’ll be worth the trip.” Pashmina kissed him. “And if there’s a horse dancing along with you, even better.” He giggled.

His patron thought it over. “Maybe we shouldn’t go.”

“I’m sorry, Alex, I was just teasing you.”

“I know that. It’s just that…”


“Well, that cousin whose wedding I met him at?”


“Their marriage failed and several other people I know, who’ve met him, also had relationships that didn’t last.”

“You think Lord Mwans had something to do with it?”

“Hard to say… It could be something about the air in Licentia or the water or…”

“Awe…” Pashmina held his patron’s face in his hands, and leaning in, he kissed him long and hard. “Alex, I assure you, you’re not going to get rid of me that easily. The only way I’m going to leave is if you tell me to go and I’m not going to believe it unless you’re dead sober. So let’s go, and show Madrona that people can go to Licentia and come back and still be together…”

“Okay…” Alex kissed his beloved back just as deeply.


“Yeah?” he murmured as he nuzzled Pashmina’s throat.

“I just thought of something… Isn’t he married to Lady Mwans or Renu or whatever she’s calling herself these days?”


Pashima’s face lit up. “Ooh, maybe she’ll be there and I can see if what they say is true.”

“And that being?”

“Besides the usually nonsense about her being a nasty old bitch, I’ve heard rumors that she’s got a dress made of spun gold that’s encrusted with diamonds and other jewels. They also say she bathes in the blood of virgins and never grows old and… Well, I want to see if she’s real.”

Alex laughed. “I assure you she’s a flesh and blood woman, who’s a ruthless business woman, which made her very wealthy and powerful.”

“I’m sure she is, but still I want to see her gowns! She set the fashion for years amongst the kittens.” He sighed. “We were all green with envy over her wardrobe and we did our best to emulate it.”

“Somehow, I don’t think the woman would be pleased to hear that.”

Pashmina shrugged. “Probably. Anyway, let’s write your ‘cousin’ back and tell him we’re coming!”

Alex laughed. “If you say so, my dear.”

“I do!”



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Apr. 27th, 2014 06:55 pm (UTC)
Wild parties and fabulous dresses. I suppose Pashmina will show them how it's done.
Apr. 27th, 2014 08:16 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah! He is going to give it his best shot! :D
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