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Cross-posted from Hetachallenge

Title: Cabin Boy
Characters: Romano, Pirate!Spain (Captain Carriedo), OCs
Challenge: 25: Mother/Flower
Bonus Words: Bunny, lust, stars, dance
Rating: PG
Summary: Romano is a cabin boy aboard Captain Carriedo’s pirate ship & a few sailors want a share of the captain’s booty…
Author’s note: Thanks, Kat, for looking this over for me.

“Leave me alone, you stupid mother-fuckers!” Romano said as a sailor grabbed him from behind, pinning his arms, while the other held tightly onto to his chin. He struggled, trying to get free as he had the feeling nothing good was going to come of this. “Let go!”

“Awe… come on, Cabin Boy! Let’s have a lil fun!” The sailor leered at Romano. “A pretty young thing like you must know how to make like a bunny in the sack!”

His friend laughed. “Maybe he wants to be wined and dined. I bet that’s what Captain Carriedo does when he wants some.”

“Too bad I’m all out of flowers and wine. How about a gold coin and a lil grog, Cabin Boy?”

Romano took a step back. He could feel his captor’s lust as the man pressed his bulge into his backside. Romano swore under his breath. He had no doubts about what their intentions were and he increased his struggles when the sailor started fumbling with the buttons on Romano’s trousers. “Let me go, mother-fucker!!” He tried to kick his assailant, hitting him in the shin.

“Bastard!” The sailor raised his arm and back-handed Romano so hard across the face that he saw stars dancing before his eyes.

Romano tried to stay awake, but the pain from being hit made him want to just close his eyes and give into the darkness. He felt his knees give way and with a sharp pang in his gut, Romano knew it was only a matter of time before they has their way with him.

“Shit!” was the last thing Romano heard before the deck came crashing up to meet him. He woke a couple of hours later and was startled to find himself safely tucked into the captain’s bed. “Tonino…?” Romano sat up and instantly regretted it as the left side of his face hurt like hell. He closed his eyes.

Captain Antonio Hernandez Carriedo was quickly at his side. “Sssh… my Pequeño Tomate, you’re safe with me,” he soothed. “How’s your head?” Antonio gently cupped his cabin boy’s cheek.

“It hurts like hell! How do you think it feels, Dumbass?!”

Antonio smiled. His beloved little cabin boy may have had a vocabulary that could pry the barnacles off his ship’s hull, but it was like music to his ears. Whenever they were alone, Romano would royally curse him out the same as he did everyone else, but he paid him the proper respect when others were present. Not that he cared, as the pirate captain found his Italian cabin boy adorable and doted on him whenever possible. As a result the two were very close, sharing their deepest fears and desires with the other. They worked well together and both knew that if Romano had been older, he would have been first mate aboard the pirate ship. Despite rumors to the contrary, they were friends instead of lovers. Both figured there was time enough for that when Romano got older.


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