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Cross-posted from Madrona Project

Title: Moon and Stars
Authors: Kat and Kira
World: They are from Castus but they are traveling.
Main Characters: Sabor Dieu and Nuray Dieu
Borrow: No
Word Count: 1851
Summary: Sabor and Nuray stop for the night on their way to the Festival of the Hidden Moon.
A/N: All playing with Castus is done with Vexed's permission.

Sabor sat by the freshly made fire ring. It was early yet, so there was no need to start an actual fire, but they were stopping for the night so, it seemed to make sense to get it ready while it was still light out. He examined the box of goods he’d been tinkering with for their next stop. They were headed to the Festival of the Hidden Moon in Neistarqamal of R'kanseel and he was apprehensive about the whole thing. The free-spirited R’kanseeli were well outside Sabor’s comfort zone, but he always had been an odd duck, for a Dieu anyway. He had a fine mind for business, but he seemed to lack the gene that gave his brethren their zest for life and was a worrier, and quite sullen by Castus standards.

He looked around their camp one last time to make sure things were set for the night. The fire ring was ready for tonight’s fire and for cooking dinner. Their wagon was securely set so it would not roll away in the night. Storm, their draft horse, was grazing nearby. He was a beauty, mostly white with small hazy black patches, and he had long white mane, tail, and feathers. The effect always made Sabor think Storm looked like he was made of rolling mist or fairy gossamer. He should have been more concerned someone or something might try to walk off with such a fine horse but their dog, Saf, was keeping watch. He was an excellent dog. His brown and white markings and pointy ears were wolf like but he was just fuzzy enough to remind some one of a very small bear. His eyes and curly tail were slightly odd, but Sabor assumed they were the result of some exotic dog breed lurking deep in Saf’s bloodline. He was also a very smart dog, which was troublesome when you wanted him to do something he didn’t want to, but very helpful when something was trying to sneak up on you. Sabor was more at ease with Saf standing guard. Nuray, Sabor’s wife, was inside the wagon. He didn’t know what she was up to, but he also felt better off not knowing. She had some crazy ideas at times and he always ended up caving into her whims eventually, so he felt that it was just better he didn’t know about them until he had to.

Content that all was well for the moment; Sabor went back to his box. He’d been working on some moon themed jewelry to sell at the festival. There were some moon phase necklaces that he was rather proud of, but he felt they were going to be too expensive to sell well so, he hadn’t bothered making many. Most of his efforts had been spent making round moon pendants that he wasn’t entirely sure really looked like the moon, let alone if the R’kanseeli would think so. He also had some prototypes for some very roughly textured crescent moons with blue beads attached that he thought might sell better, but he just didn’t know. Sabor often wondered why he didn’t go into business selling something more profitable, like black roses, good luck charms, unicorn tears, or even that weird green liquid Nuray’s brother Ay seemed to sell faster than he could make it. Maybe next season they would expand, if he could talk Nuray into it. She loved that her husband was a silversmith and it would be difficult convincing her that they should branch out for better profits.

Near him, the wagon started to bounce. Sabor sighed and pushed back his dark hair out of his eyes. They had a fine wagon. The outside was black and red with intricate swirling patterns painted on in bright colors that reminded him of his wife’s beautiful mendhi. The inside was rather luxurious. It had a nice comfortable bed in the back, plenty of storage, a fine small fireplace, and every knickknack and oddity Nuray had ever wanted. He’d made sure it was decorated in top quality linens, plush upholstery, lavish window dressings, costly fixtures, expensive rugs, fine water kettles, and anything else Nuray had ever desired. So why she seemed intent on destroying the thing by practicing her dancing inside, Sabor never understood.

“Woman, what in the name of Castus do you think you’re doing?!” His voice was harsh, but Nuray knew it was all bark, at least when directed at her.

A moment later, her face peeked out the wagon door. Her glittering brown eyes were full of mischief and not a hint of contrition. “Nothing…” She giggled, and slipping her arm out the door, she made a beckoning gesture with her finger.

Sabor groaned and closed the box. The jewelry was going to have to wait. Getting up, he tucked the box under his arm and dusted off the back of his pants with his other hand. Sabor climbed up onto the wagon. His wife had gone back inside and he was not sure he wanted to know what she was up to. When the wagon shook again, he opened the door and quickly stepped inside. “Nur-Nuray…?”

Nuray giggled. One of the hip scarves she wore when dancing, was slung low over her hips, barely covering her. Her big breasts were bare, the mehndi that decorated them accentuating her dusky nipples. She also wore several of her favorite pieces of jewelry that he had made. Humming softly, Nuray leaned all her weight on her right leg, and lifting her left heel up, she jiggled her hips. Her arms outstretched, Nuray snapped her fingers in time with her movements.

Sabor’s mouth hung open as he watched. His wife’s dancing had gotten a bit better, and he loved the way her breasts wiggled as she shimmied. Sabor kept time with her movements, by clapping his hands, instead of reaching for his drum.

Nuray smiled and whirled around, shaking her butt at him. Shaking her torso and making her breasts jiggle from side to side, she leaned backwards. Straightening, she incorporated some of the dance moves of the Dieu, clapping her hands and stomping her bare feet on the floor. Their wagon shook as she stomped, her dark eyes flashing seductively at him. Sabor, falling under her “spell” moved closer and danced a bit with her, before gathering her in his arms for a quick kiss on her forehead.

“Enough! I’ve got work to do.” Sabor let go of his wife and reached past her. Picking up her robe from where she had tossed on a chair, he shoved it roughly at her. “Get dressed.”

Nuray pouted. “Don’t you like my dance, honey?” She shrugged into the brightly colored robe. Bringing her hands up, she reached under her long, dark hair and tugged it out of her robe, sending it cascading down her back in long waves. She slowly buttoned her robe, disappointed her husband was more interested in his work than bedding her.

“I do, but I have to finish those pendants and if you’re going to distract me, they’ll never get done.” He folded his arms across his chest. Her pout deepened and Sabor closed his eyes. He silently cursed the day he got involved with her family; though he had to admit he would not change anything about it if he could. Nuray was a good, if annoying, woman and her unusual dance style did bring in a lot of coin, which made things profitable during those times when his jewelry did not sell. Although, Sabor often wondered if that had to do with the fact that his wife wore as little as she could possibly get away with when dancing.

“Okay,” she capitulated.

“I’ll see you outside.” He opened his eyes. “You might want to think about starting some dinner too.”

“I thought I’d heat up last night’s stew.”

Sabor nodded. Another quick kiss to his wife’s cheek, he turned and left the wagon.

Nuray sighed. Opening her robe, she reached inside and untied her hip scarf, pulling it off. Tossing it aside, she also left the wagon to go sit by her husband. She looked up at the sky, thinking it looked pretty as the first rosy rays of the soon to be setting sun, appeared on the horizon. She noted that while the sky above was still blue, it would not be long before the light started to fade. Nuray sauntered over to her husband and sat down next to him. “Honey, is there anything I can help you with?”

“You can polish these pendants,” he said, handing her a smaller box that he took out of the one that contained his work. He also gave her a polishing cloth.

Nuray picked up a silver moon pendant. It was a simple crescent shape with a small blue crystal bead hanging from the tips of the crescent, and it was strung on a black leather cord. It was not as fancy as the filigree one, it was based on, that hung between her breasts, but it was still a beautiful piece of jewelry. Taking the polishing cloth, Nuray rubbed it over the pendent, making it shine. When that pendant was polished to her satisfaction, she set it aside and reached for another.

While his wife was busy, Sabor added some crystal beads to the lower crescent of the moon charms he had made on the trip; a larger one was added to the top. After he was finished with that, Sabor strung the charms on a leather chord and set them aside. When he had ten of them, he handed the necklaces to his wife, who polished the charms. It was a slow process, and by the time he had finished twenty, Nuray had the stewpot hanging over a small fire, her work set aside as she tended to dinner. The sky was also a lot rosier than it had been when they stopped and made camp as the sun was finally beginning to set. Sabor carefully packed away the jewelry and getting up; he went over to their wagon to put it away inside. He returned a few minutes later with two bowls and spoons, as well as the chipped bowl Saf ate out of. Sitting next to Nuray, he held out the bowls as she filled them. Handing a bowl to his wife, Sabor and Nuray ate their dinner as they watched the sun set.

Nuray sighed. “The sky’s so pretty tonight.”

“Yeah…” Sabor replied. His mind on whether or not he would have enough pendants made by the time they reached the R’kanseeli capital, he grumbled softly when his wife leaned on him. While he never understood her carefree nature, he did find comfort in her presence. Setting their empty dinner bowls aside, they leaned on each other and watched the stars come out. Sabor figured there was time enough to worry about his profits. Right now, he decided to focus all his attention on his wife. When she shifted to look up at him, he met her halfway for a kiss.


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Jun. 3rd, 2014 02:56 pm (UTC)
Oh, I loved this so much! Thank you for playing with me :D
Jun. 3rd, 2014 06:41 pm (UTC)
YAY! I'm sooo glad you did! :D You're welcome! Thanks for opening up your borders and letting us play with you! :D
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