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Cross-posted from Hetachallenge

Title: Happy Fathers’ Day, Bruder
Characters: Germany, Prussia
Challenge: Challenge 26: Father, Summer
Bonus Words: tie, pool, sunshine, barbeque
Rating: PG
Summary: Germany and Prussia celebrate Fathers’ Day…
Author’s Note: Thanks to my beta, Jen, for Pinking this.

“Happy Fathers’ Day, Bruder,” Germany said as he handed a beer and a small gift to his brother. He made one of his rare attempts at smiling and the resulting grimace was enough to wipe the look of surprise off Prussia’s face.

Prussia took the proffered gift and beer with a loud cackle. “Danke!” he said, and setting the gift down, he drank the beer, while turning the bratwurst on the grill and flipping the three burgers for the dogs. The corner of his mouth pulled up in his customary smirk, Prussia said, “You know I’m not your father, West.”

“I know, but you’ve been like one to me.”

“Oh… Okay.” Prussia’s smirk softened into a smile. “You mind opening it for me, while I man the barbeque?”

“Not at all.”

After two minutes of watching his brother try and open the gift, Prussia said, “Just rip the paper, West! I don’t have all summer for you to open it.” His smirk back in place, he watched, nodding with satisfaction, when Germany finally ripped the paper off.

A minute later, Germany held up a tie. “You like it?”

“I do, thanks.” His eyes twinkling with amusement, Prussia added, “I guess this means I’m dressing up at the next World 8 meeting?”

“Bruder, despite what America told you, a t-shirt is not proper business wear.”

“That wasn’t just any t-shirt, West! That was the shirt I got at the Rammstein concert I took America to!”

Germany sighed. “I think those brats are ready, Bruder.”

Prussia snorted. “The potato salad ready?” he said as he took the bratwurst off the grill and put them on a plate.

Germany nodded.

“My pool filled?”

“Yes, it’s filled.”

“Awesomeness!” Prussia cried as he followed his brother inside. “You coming ‘swimming’ afet dinner?”


“Why not? That thing’s big enough for the two of us.”

“It’s a kiddie pool, Bruder.”

“So what? The way I see it, it’s the perfect place to be on a hot day with a beer. And I promise to put up the umbrella too so I don’t get burned, okay?” Prussia loaded his plate with potato salad and helped himself to a couple of bratwursts.

“Okay.” Germany also filled his plate. While he ate, he listened to his brother tell him a story about the time he and a very young Old Fritz went skinny dipping. Nodding in all the right places, as he had heard the story several times over the years, Germany found his thoughts drifting to a cute little Italian girl. Try as he might, he could not shake the feeling that she had joined him while he was skinny dipping and playing with his dog in the river, much to his embarrassment…


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