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Cross-posted from Madrona Project & DA

Title: A Tale of Young Love
Author: kira
Word Count: 1684
World: Capital city of Madrona
Main Characters: The royal family of Madrona: Crown Prince Julian, Princess Adelina, Princess Carmina Infantanta, Queen Margarita; Princess Friederike Sophia of Germania, Diego della Vega, Lord Marcos, mention of Victor & Vega della Rosa
Rating: PG 13
Borrow: yes, but please ask before using Diego della Vega & Vega della Rosa (I’m still working on their story)
Summary: Prince Julian somehow manages to steal a bit of alone time with his intended, Princess Friederike Sophia, while attending the Queen’s Tea…
Author’s note: Madrona is a post apocalyptic world, set mainly in Europe, in what is a new renaissance. The capital city is also named Madrona and there is a ruling family in charge of the realm.
Author’s note 2: The Vinefest is a Madronan holiday celebrating the fruits of the vine and the summer harvest.
Author’s note 3: Special thanks to my beta, Jen, for pinking this for me.

The Crown Prince sighed softly as he gazed longingly at the group of girls sitting on the large expanse of fabric that covered a section of ground halfway to the water’s edge. There in middle of the brightly dressed daughters of various nobles, as well as his own sisters, was his intended, Princess Friederike Sophia of Germania. His engagement to her was to be formally announced and the end of Vinefest, so for now, he was stuck admiring her from afar. Prince Julian’s only consolation, besides his intended being as cloistered away as a nun, was that it was a love match. Both the Crown Prince and the Princess had known each other since they were babies, their mothers, both queens, were sisters.

Princess Friederike looked over, and catching her beloved’s eye, she smiled. Those closest to her, followed her gaze and giggled. She blushed, her fair countenance turning a delicate shade of pink which deepened in shade when Princess Adelina leaned over to whisper in her cousin’s ear. “Ada!” Princess Friederike hissed.

“What?” Princess Adelina said sweetly. “My sister says that’s all they think about.” She rolled her eyes. “Why do you think she’s with child and married only a few months?”

The two princesses looked over at the object of their gossip, who sat dozing in the shade of a coppice of laurel trees. Princess Carmina Infantanta rested her hand on the gentle swell of her belly. Her marriage was a scandalous one; dressed as a peasant, she had runoff with the adopted son of the famous painter, Vega della Rosa. The baby of the family and her father’s favorite, it was the fact that the king was close to his older cousin that saved the princess from being shipped off to a convent and the young painter, one Diego della Vega from losing his head. It for that reason alone, that Princess Friederike was kept heavily chaperoned and that this Tea was taking place.

Prince Julian turned back to his friends, a sheepish look on his face. “I’m sorry, Marcos, what did you say?”

“You’ve got it bad, my friend!” Lord Marcos, the son of the Earl of Heartsdale said.

“Got what?”

“It, Your Highness!”

Prince Julian’s friends laughed.

“Go to her,” Lord Marcos said.

“I can’t… we’re being…” Prince Julian trailed off, his face bright red.

His friends would not let him get off that easy. They pulled him to his feet, and practically shoved him towards the group of girls, who were enjoying the Tea. Sighing softly, Prince Julian bowed to the inevitable and approached his intended. “Your Highness,” he said, giving her a slight bow.

“Prince Julian,” she said amid the tittering of her ladies-in-waiting and her cousin.

“Would you like to see where the Queen’s parade will start?” He looked away from her and towards the river. Turning his attention back to her, he held out his hand.

Princess Friederike took it and for one long, sweet minute the would-be lovers gazed into each other’s eyes. Just when the Crown Prince had worked up enough courage to lean in and kiss her, Queen Margarita called out to her son.


She had neither raised her voice nor lowered it, but all, including her son, heard her quite clearly. Princess Friederike dropped her beloved’s hand like it had suddenly burned her and even Prince Julian had taken a step back. Cheeks flaming in much the same manner as his intended’s, he flashed his mother a self deprecating smile.

“I was just helping the Princess to her feet, Mother.”

“Indeed he was, Your Majesty,” Princess Friederike said. She bowed her head, unwilling to meet her mother’s and her aunt’s gazes.

Prince Julian watched as his mother leaned towards his aunt. The queen looked at him over the top of her fan, which hid her smile from view. She like her sister and everyone else involved was pleased with the match. Getting a royal dispensation from the Church had been put into motion when the idea of marriage between the two houses had first been discussed. The Queen had been assured by the bishop that getting the documentation was a mere formality.

“I see.”

“We were just going down to the river to watch the boats go by and maybe catch a glimpse of some of this year’s floats. I heard one was based on some story from the Ancients.”

Queen Margarita nodded. “Very well, my son, but do try to be careful.”

“We will, Mother.”

With a nod of her head, they set off towards the river bank followed by the Princess’ ladies-in-waiting and the Crowned Prince’s friends. Princess Adelina chose to remain behind with her sister, mother, and aunt. While she was jealous of the attention her brother and cousin were receiving, she took one look at her sister and wondered if it was really worth it in the end. She knew she would not be lucky enough to have a love match and she wondered if having a baby was a price she was willing to pay to keep her future husband, whoever he might be, in her bed and out of any phantom mistress’. She shrugged and reached for her sewing basket. Princess Adelina pulled out her embroidery and began working on decorating a little gown she was making for her newborn niece or nephew.

Down at the riverbank, her brother stood as close to the water’s edge with his intended. Prince Julian pointed over to his right. “That’s where the Queen’s Parade will start,” and sweeping his hand to the left, he added, “and that’s where it ends. The floats will be moored across the way in the New Harbor District and then sailed across the bay to the mouth of the River Georges.” He turned to look behind himself. “Over there, you can see the start of the pavilions that’ll be erected for us and the rest of the nobles. I believe they’ll make a covered platform where we’ll watch the parade.”

“And what about the fireworks?” Princess Friederike said.

“We’ll be able to watch those from the palace.”

“And our betrothal?”

“Mother says they’ll announce it at the ball and the next day word will sent to the people.”

She nodded. “I can’t believe this is going to be my home from now on. Did you know I’m going to be one of the queen’s ladies-in-waiting?”


“Yeah, your mother the queen told mine that she wants me close by so I can learn statecraft from her. I’m very honored she chose me and is willing to help me.”

“That’s because Mother likes you.” Prince Julian smiled as he took her hands in his.

“And you…?” Princess Friederike said breathlessly.

He blushed. “I like you too,” he said softly as he leaned in for a stolen kiss. His intended met him halfway amid the raucous cries of these who pretended not to see. When Princess Friederike murmured a soft “me too,” he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. As their world narrowed to just the two of them, Prince Julian found himself wishing it was nearly a year later as he and Princess Friederike were going to be wed on next Maia.

Looking up at her beloved, Princess Friederike was wishing the same thing. Someone coughed discreetly, and sighing softly, she moved out of his embrace. “Tell me more about the festivities.”

“They’ll be exotic wares from Spiceland along with local goods in the marketplace. Food from all the different regions of the realm, acrobats and dancers from Licentia,” he said, “And if we’re lucky, maybe the Castus people will wander in and sell some of their wares, they make some of the best jewelry! You know that moon broach my mother’s wearing? That was made by one of their famed silversmiths! And …” Prince Julian’s voice dropped to nearly a whisper, “I heard a rumor that there might even be fire-spinners from R’kanseel!”

“No!” Her eyes went wide at the thought.

“Yup!” Prince Julian smiled. “And I heard Victor say there’ll be the usual stuff; food and wine, arts and crafts, music and dancing in the square. Some of the inn and tavern owners have gotten together for a cooking competition which is really popular and then there’s the usual stuff for the children, like the frog jumping contest, puppet shows, and there’s been a petting zoo with farm animals added as a way to draw people in to the livestock show and competition.”

“Do they still light bonfires each night?”

He nodded. “Mother says we can attend one of the dances they have around them. Oh, and the Queen’s Guard will hold a gymkhana. I’m going to take part this year and I’ll be riding Star. He’s very fast and I won several races last year.”

“I remember you wrote to me about them.”

Prince Julian blushed. “Yeah… And in preparation for this year’s Gymkhana I’ve been practicing for the tent pegging event.”

“Yeah?” She took his arm and together, along with their retinue, they walked back to where others were picnicking. As much as she was going to miss her home and family, the princess was also excited for her new life in the capital.

“Yeah. I hope you’ll give me one of your silk scarves to wear, you know, for luck.”

“Of course I will, Silly.” She giggled, loving the way his cheeks heated up.

Prince Julian sighed. He was glad things had worked out so that he could spend some time alone with his intended, instead of admiring her from afar. But he also decided not to push his luck, and giving her hand one last little squeeze, he took his leave of her. “I’ll see you at dinner.”

“Until then, Your Highness,” Princess Friederike replied formally, softening it with a smile.

His heart light, Prince Julian walked over to join his friends. He would see his intended tonight and with a bit of luck, the days would speed by until she was his wife. Until then, he would take each stolen moment as they came.



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Aug. 2nd, 2014 11:37 pm (UTC)
So sweet!
Aug. 2nd, 2014 11:53 pm (UTC)
*blushes* thanks! :D
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