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Cross-posted from Hetachallenge

Title: Cookies
Characters: Germany, Italy, Japan
Challenge: Bingo Challenge 1
Square Filled: Baking Cookies
Rating: G
Summary: Japan comes to visit and Italy thinks baking cookies would be a fun activity…

For Dami-chan with love…

Since Japan was visiting, Italy wanted to do something special. They had already done the typical touristy things and as they sat in Germany’s kitchen, enjoying a post-lunch cappuccino, Italy got a brilliant idea. “Let’s make cookies!” he cried. Both his friends looked at him like he had three heads, not that Italy minded. As far as he was concerned, Germany made the best cookies ever!

“Uh,” Germany started to say. “Don’t you think Japan would like to do something else, or maybe rest after being dragged all over Berlin this morning?”

“It’s okay, Germany-san, I’m not tired.” Japan smiled. “Besides it sounds like fun. I remember last Christmas, Italy wrote to tell me all about the yummy cookies and cakes you made during the holiday and how much better they were than Austria-san’s.”

Germany blushed. “Really?”

Italy nodded. “Yup! I was sad Japan couldn’t be here at the time cuz Prussia and America had gone to visit him and he missed all the cookies.”

“Aaah…” Germany nodded. That had been one of the quietest Christmases he had had since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Memories of baking cookies with Italy surfaced and the faintest of smiles tugged at Germany’s lips. “Okay, if you two want to bake cookies, then we’ll bake cookies.” He stood up and brought his plate and coffee cup over to the sink. “But first we need to clean up.”

“Italy and I will take care of that,” Japan said and that was how the two of them spent the time washing up while Germany looked in the pantry for whatever he needed to make cookies. “I’ve been meaning to try some of the recipes America gave me, so why don’t we start with chocolate chip cookies?” He brought the flour and a bag of chocolate chips to the island in the kitchen.

“I’ve had those! They’re really yummy, Japan!”

“Then let’s make them,” Japan said. He and Germany soon got work measuring the ingredients into a bowl. There were a few tense moments when Germany yelled at Italy for eating the chocolate chips, but other than that, things went surprisingly quick and it was not long before the smell of baking cookies had filled the kitchen. When the timer pinged, Germany took the cookies out of the oven to cool.

While they waited for the cookies to be cool enough to eat, they took the fogs for a walk in the park. Japan had just as much fun as Italy did playing with them. On the way home, he told Germany all about his dog Pochi that he had to leave behind when he came to visit. Once they reached his house, everyone went inside. Germany made them some more cappuccino to enjoy with the cookies, but while he was busy talking with Japan while he made it, Italy ate all the cookies.


“Sorry, Germany! But they smelled so good!!”

Japan watched their exchange and laughed as it felt like old times again.


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Jul. 22nd, 2014 04:09 am (UTC)
Oh I forgot these three had an alliance at one time... duh! ;D How sweet to be reminded of it in this nostalgic way? Very cute! :D These little tales are really great, Kira! :D
Jul. 22nd, 2014 04:33 am (UTC)
It's easy to forget as most peeps focus on GerIta & other Guripan (Greece/Japn) or however you spell it. XD Yeah, even Papa Hima doesn't put them together that much in his strips.

Awe... thanks, n0t-chan! I'm glad you're enjoying them! :D
Aug. 7th, 2014 11:37 pm (UTC)
awwww,I love the axis powers and omg it's so cute. Oh and this fanfic reallllyyyy want me to have some cookies!!!! silly italy! I knew he would eat all the cookies!!!!
Aug. 10th, 2014 11:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm sooo glad you like it! :D Me too when I was writing it! XD *laughs* Yup! :D
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