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Cross-posted from Hentai Contest

Title: Operation Cupid, Part Two
Fandom: Hetalia
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Francis Bonnefoy (France), Antonio “Tony” Carriedo (Spain), Gilbert Beilschmidt (Prussia)
Genres: buddy fic
Warnings: none
Word Count: 666
Summary: Human AU, while hanging out at Francis’ house, drinking, and now that “Operation Cupid” is settled, Gilbert decides to play a drinking game…
Author’s note: Flip, Sip, or Strip is an actual drinking game I found online that can be played by 3 or more people. Isn’t Google wonderful? *winks*
Author’s note 2: This follows on the Heels of my previous fic, “Operation Cupid, Part One.” Now knowledge of that fic is needed other than to know the guys are plotting to fix Gilbert’s brother Ludwig up with his (Ludwig’s) best friend, Feli (Feliciano).

“Now that ‘Operation Cupid’ is settled, you guys wanna play a drinking game?” Gilbert said. “I know a good one.”

“Yeah? What is it?” Antonio said. Picking up his drink, he sipped it.

“Do tell, mon ami!” Francis grinned. He also drank.

Gilbert smirked. “It’s called ‘Flip, Sip, or Strip’.”

“I like it already!”

“Me too!” Antonio said.

“It’s easy to play too. You flip a coin and call heads or tails in the air and you either catch it or let land on its own. If you’re right, you pass the coin to your right and that person goes. If you’re wrong, then you either take a drink, or remove an article of clothing and socks count as one article, so they both come off, and you pass the coin to your left.” Gilbert grinned. “Oh and if you guess right, you can also chose to flip again. If you get it wrong that time, then it’s the same as if you guessed wrong the first time. Also if you manage to somehow guess right three times in a row, you get to put something on. So shall we? And no cheating, Franics, so you have to keep taking stuff off.”


They laughed. Francis went to make another pitcher of drinks, while Antonio fished a quarter out of his pocket. Gilbert got out Francis’ card table and set it up. Once everyone had a seat, they began to play. Since Gilbert suggested the game, he went first. Flipping the coin, he called “heads” only to catch it with the tails side up. Grinning broadly, he took off his shoes, tossing them to the side. He passed the coin to Antonio, who flipped it.

“Tails!” he cried, and getting it right, he passed it back to Gilbert.

Gilbert flipped the coin and getting it right, he passed it to Francis. They continued in this manner, winning and losing, while sitting in various stages of undress, and each one was now feeling a pleasant buzz. Somehow the conversation drifted back to “Operation Cupid” and Gilbert’s brother’s love life, or lack thereof.

“Gilbert, I’ve been thinking…” Francis said as he flipped the coin. “Heads!” he called, letting it fall on the table. Naked, he drank when it came up tails and passed it to Gilbert.

“That’s a dangerous thing. Heads.” Gilbert flipped the coin, amazed when he got it right. “That’s three times! Hand me my shorts, Tony.”

“I thought the banana-hammock was yours…” Antonio frowned. Finding Gilbert’s underwear he gave it to him.

“That’s mine,” Francis said. “Maybe we need to play a game with Louie and Feli,” he said with all the seriousness of the very drunk. “Like strip scrabble or something.”

“Feli’s a nudist like you, Frannie and besides, my brother’s seen him naked.” Gilbert put his boxers on.

“Maybe they can play ‘spin the bottle’,” Antonio chortled as his friends laughed.

“And watch him blush like a shy virgin?!” Gilbert smirked.

“What about ‘seven minutes in Heaven’?”

“What are, twelve year old girl?” Gilbert snorted.

Francis chuckled and stood up. “Do I look like a girl, mon ami?”

“OUCH! Put that junk away!” Gilbert cried.

“Yeah!” Antonio added.

“Maybe we should just show Louie how it’s done…” Francis toddled over to stand behind his friend. He draped his arms around Gilbert’s neck and nuzzled his cheek.

Gilbert shifted in his seat until he was nose to nose with his friend. “And maybe we should wait until we’re not drunk off our asses.” He stared myopically at Francis as he removed his friend’s arms from around his neck. “Let’s call it a night, that’s if we’re still on for coffee tomorrow.”

“You’re in no shape to drive home, neither are you, Tony.” Francis said. “I have a king-size bed, so there’s plenty of room for you both.” He smiled. “It’ll be like the old days, when we were young and stupid.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Everyone laughed as they headed off to bed.


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