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Cross-posted from Hetachallenge

Title: Name that Tune
Characters: Prussia, Hungary, Austria
Challenge: Bingo Challenge 1
Square Filled: The Dreydl Song
Rating: PG
Summary: Hungary & Prussia “compete” in a friendly game of “Name that Tune”…

Austria sat at the piano and lacing his fingers together, he flipped them palm outwards, loosening them up. The faintest of smiles tugged at his lips, before he started to play. Instead of some beautiful piece of classical music, Austria played a simple, yet catchy, tune.

Hungary, who was standing next to Prussia, caught the play of emotion that briefly flitted across his face, before it settled on a frown. She could see he knew the song, but couldn’t quite place it. Hungary knew the song by heart, having heard it during holidays spent with Austria before WWII as well as subsequent holidays after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Prussia hummed along. He knew the melody, Austria was playing, and he just could not for the life of him place it. His frown deepened, when suddenly it hit him. A huge smirk tugged the corner of his mouth upwards. “I know this song!” he said.

Austria looked up and at him. “Then what’s it called?”

“‘I have a little dreidl!’”

Before Austria could give an answer, Hungary called out, “Close enough, since it’s also known by that name, but it’s really called ‘The Dreidl Song’, right, Austria?”

Prussia cackled happily. “I won that round!”

Hungary chuckled. “Yup. Now it’s my turn to guess.”

“Play on, Specs!”

Austria stared blankly at his friend and rival. Sighing softly, he played the opening chords to another song. It was a Christmas song that Hungary instantly recognized and she sang a bit of it much to both male countries’ delight. Austria thought she had a beautiful voice and he smiled shyly at his ex.

Prussia clapped his hands. “Bravo as Itachen would say!”

“Thank you.” Hungary smiled at him.

Prussia grinned in reply. After counting on his fingers, his grin morphed into a smirk. “HA! I won! I got five out of seven right!”

“Are you sure?” Austria raised an eyebrow. “I thought you missed more than that.”

“Just cuz you think I’m uncivilized, doesn’t mean I don’t have culture!”

Austria rolled his eyes. “You’re contradicting yourself. When you’re uncivilized, it means you have no culture.”

Hungary shook her head them as they broke out into what she like to think of as a fight without bloodshed. As much as she wanted to side with her ex, Prussia did have a point. He was civilized thanks to Frederick the Great’s influence and had a knowledge of classical music from that time period that even Austria had to admit was impressive. When it looked like they would actually come to blows over nonsense, she put a stop to it. “That’s enough,” she said. “I declare Prussia to be the winner as it’s time to eat and I’m hungry.” She looked over at Prussia, pointing her finger at him. “Don’t even think it, let alone say it!”

“Hey! I’m not the one making bad puns!” Prussia said as they sat down to dinner.

Hungary sighed when that remark started another argument. Some things never change…


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