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Cross-posted from Hetachallenge

Title: I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas
Characters: Poland, Lithuania
Challenge: Bingo Challenge 1
Square Filled: Tree
Rating: G
Summary: Poland shows off his Christmas Tree to Lithuania…

For Giusy Revenge with love…

“Like what do you think?” Poland said as he showed off his newly decorated Christmas tree.

Lithuania blinked. He tried to find something nice to say about the pink confection of a tree, complete with a Cabbage Patch doll dressed as an angel on top and the largest herd of My Little Ponies he had ever seen. He was sure he saw handfuls of stale peeps with pink feathers in their butts up there too, but it was hard to tell with all the pink ribbons and ornaments everywhere. He finally settled on, “It’s very pink…”

“I know, right? It’s like the pinkest thing ever!” Poland gushed.

Lithuania nodded. “Ummm… it’s very nice of you to invite me over for…” he trailed off when Poland’s pony trotted into the room. The poor thing was also festooned in pink ribbons and feathers, and Lithuania thought that was the gayest thing he had ever seen. As Poland’s best friend, he had seen his fair share of “gay” too.

“Like doesn’t my baby look cute?” Poland nuzzled his pony.

“Uh, very cute,” Lithuania somehow managed to say with a straight face. He wisely kept his thoughts to himself, more out of long habit from living in Russia’s house than any desire to spare his friend’s feelings, not that he would intentionally hurt Poland.

“So uh, would you like some eggnog?”

Lithuania, unable to stop himself, said, “It’s not pink, is it?”

Poland laughed. “Like don’t be silly, Liet! Like of course it’s not pink!”

“Oh…” Lithuania smiled.

“Like yeah! I like tried it once, but it like looked like Pepto Bismol, and I like went ‘eww’…”

“I see.” Lithuania found himself looking at the tree again. Oh my God, those are peeps!

“Yeah. It liked tasted good, but like still…” Poland crinkled up his nose in disgust.

That had his friend laughing. “I never thought I’d live to see the day when you’d be turning up your nose at something pink,” Lithuania chortled.

Poland also laughed. “Like yeah!” Throwing his arm around his friend’s shoulders, Poland said, as they looked at the tree, “Like wait until later when it’s like dark and I like light it up! It’s like a fairy wonderland!”

In more ways than one… Lithuania thought fondly. His best friend may have been the oddest thing he had ever had the pleasure of knowing, but he would not trade him for anything. Not even for a date with Belarus. “I’m sure it’ll be as Prussia would say, ‘awesome’.”

“Like yeah!” Poland beamed. He ushered his friend into the kitchen, which reminded Lithuania of the one he had seen in Netherland’s house, that time he and Poland had been invited in. Poland took a pitcher out of his fridge and poured two tall glasses of eggnog. Picking them up, he handed one to his friend. “Like cheers!” Poland said as he raised his glass of eggnog.

“Like cheers,” Lithuania repeated as they clinked their glasses. “To best friends too.”

“Like yeah!”


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