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Cross-posted from Hetachallenge

Title: Sightseeing
Characters: Russia, China
Challenge: Bingo Challenge 1
Square Filled: Snow
Rating: G
Summary: Russia gives China a tour of the wintery countryside…

“It’s beautiful, da?” Russia said as he slowed the horse drawn troika so they could admire the view. His cheeks and the tip of his nose were pink from the cold. Every time he exhaled, his warm breath formed a cloud that hung briefly in the brisk morning air. He smiled warmly at his friend China.

China held his coat tightly at the neck and shivered. He was no stranger to snow, it often got quite cold in his house, but there was something about winter in Russia’s house that made it feel that much colder. Rubbing his hands together, he blew on them, hoping to warm his frozen fingers. I’m too old for this, aru! he thought, but he could not deny the beauty of the place. “It’s very beautiful… aru,” China said and there was a hint of wonder in his voice.

They sat in the troika as a light snow began to fall, turning the forest glade into a sparkling winter wonderland. It was peaceful and quiet, and it was easy to forget being cold, especially when pulling each other close. Russia smiled shyly at his friend, and cupping China’s cheek, he leaned in and kissed him. It was short and sweet, and very chaste, and it was all China could do not to giggle at Russia’s fumbling innocence, especially when he said, “You want to become one with Russia, da?”

While China was aware of his friend’s cruel streak, and while it had never been directed at him, China harbored no illusions that it never would be in the future. Since he was not the doddering old fool his younger brothers and sisters thought he was, China knew how fickle loyalties and alliances were. Hiding his smile behind his hand, China coyly looked away. As cute as he is, he shouldn’t be so forward, aru! Still, it’s hard to be angry with him…aru!

“Forgive me, da?”

China looked back at him and gave him a tight little smile. “Of course… aru.”

Russia gathered the reins, and flicking them lightly, he urged the horses forward. With a soft tinkling of bells, they rode through the countryside. Russia would occasionally slow down to point out something interesting like a small farming village, and the frozen lake where he and Prussia once had it out when they were children. When the wind whipped up across the frozen plain, they were traveling across, Russia chuckled.

“What’s so funny, aru?”

“General Winter wanted to meet you”

“Oh… Did he like me, aru?” I’m not so sure I like him, aru, even though there are corners in my home that are colder than this… China mentally sighed. I’m way too old for this, aru…

Da!” Russia beamed.

“Good, aru!” China smiled more openly this time.

Russia grinned. They rode in silence to his country home. Arriving in good time, they hurried inside, their feet crunching in the snow. After removing their outerwear, they sat and drank tea, warming themselves by the fire.


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