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Cross-posted from Hetachallenge

Title: Magical Memory
Characters: England, China, mention America, Italy, Germany, Prussia
Challenge: Bingo Challenge 1
Square Filled: Frosty the Snowman
Rating: G
Summary: England and China watch the rest of the World 8 playing in the snow & England decides to recreate one of his memories for China's amusement…

For InkBlackShadow with love…

England watched through the window as American played in the snow with the others. They were busy making snow forts, and lobbing snowballs at each other. He sipped his tea, thinking it looked like a tame version of WWIII, and certainly better than a real war. England choked back a laugh when America got hit in the back of the head when Italy’s snowball actually hit its target. He could hear Italy’s apologies and cries of surrender along with Prussia’s loud declarations that they would never surrender. It looked like poor Germany had his hands full with the two of them. It was all he could do to keep from smiling at the ensuing melee. He sipped his tea again.

China quietly approached him from behind. “They’re all going to get sick, aru,” he said softly.

“Tell me about it.”

“Why aren’t you out there with them?” China said. He daintily sipped his tea from the Styrofoam cup that he held in his hands in a poor attempt at warming his cold fingers.

“I could say the same thing about you.”

“I’m too old for that nonsense, aru!”

“Same here…” England’s attention was drawn back outside and as he gazed out the window a faint smile played across his lips.

“And yet, you look like you want to join them, aru.”

England shook his head. “I don’t actually. I was just thinking back to when America was little.”


England nodded.

“Care to share?” China said with a smile.

England was about to tell him “no”, but he surprised them both by telling the story. “You know that silly song America was singing?”

“The one about the dancing snowman?”

“Err… Yes, that one. Well, I think the reason he’s so fond of it is when he was little I did something like that for him.”

“You made a snowman dance, aru?” China said, his voice full of wonder.

England cleared his throat. “Not really, but close enough.”


England nodded and said, “All I did was cast a little spell to animate the thing. It danced around, he was amazed,” England paused and leaned over conspiratorially. “And he was actually quiet for the span of ten minutes.”

China laughed. “Maybe you should do it again.”

“Maybe…” England said as he thought it over.

“I was just teasing, aru!”

“I know, but still, it does have a certain charm.”

China considered it. “It does…”

“It could help get this meeting to move along by getting them all to come back inside.”

“It could, aru… Then do it!”

England grinned. “I think I shall do it.” He stood closer to the window, and eying the snowman Italy had made with Germany, England muttered a short incantation just under his breath. The snowman suddenly came to “life” when Italy placed France’s beret on its head. The resulting commotion was fun to watch as everyone rushed back inside. England chuckled as he was sure he heard America crying, “England!!”

“That was funny, aru!”



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