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Cross-posted from Hetachallenge

Title: Of Love and Latkas
Characters: HRE/Chibitalia, Hungary & Austria
Challenge: Bingo Challenge 1
Square Filled: Latkas
Rating: G
Summary: Austria makes some latkas and HRE and Chibitalia are happy…

For Vexed with love…

Austria, having finished peeling and grating the potatoes, wiped his hands. Since this was one chore he did not trust Hungary or Chibitalia to do properly, they free to do whatever they wanted as long as their other work was finished. After mixing the grated potatoes with eggs, a bit of flour, salt, and pepper, he heated some oil in a pan. When the oil was hot enough, he made flat little patties out of the potato mixture and carefully placed each one in the oil. Austria then washed his hands and tended to the frying latkas. When that batch was done, he removed them, placing them on a towel to drain off the oil, and started again. It was not long before the smell began to waft through the house.

Chibitalia was drawing Holy Roman Empire, paused and took a deep breath. Her mouth watering, she let out a soft “hmmmm…” as she exhaled. It smelled really good, and being perpetually hungry, Chibitalia could not wait for Austria to share the latkas. It was the one time of year she was able to eat her fill. She sighed happily, thinking about all the potato pancakes she was going to eat for dinner.

Holy Roman Empire felt his cheeks heating up. Chibitalia’s sighs reminded him of the noises he had heard coming from behind the closed door to Austria’s room. Thanks to a rather earthy explanation form Prussia, he now knew what Austria and Hungary had been up to. It did puzzle him that his beloved Chibitalia was making the same kind of sounds, especially since she was just sitting there, sketching him. When his thoughts began to take on a naughty edge, he blushed profusely, and getting flustered, he sputtered wordlessly.

That drew Chibitalia’s attention. “Are you alright, Holy Roma?” she said as she looked up from her drawing. Setting it aside, she quickly added, “I’m sorry, I made you sit so long! If you have a cramp, let me know, Holy Roma and I’ll rub it out for you!” She got up, closing the distance between them.

“No, no, no!!” Holy Roman Empire finally squeaked out when she touched him. “I-I-I’m fine.”

Chibitalia giggled. “Are you sure?” She poked him in the stomach. “My belly hurts and gets crampy whenever I’m hungry. Are you hungry? Should we go see if Signor Austria has finished making the potato pancakes? I wish he knew how to make gnocchi; they’re so yummy!” She smiled at him.

Holy Roman Empire found himself smiling back. He had no idea what “gnocchi” was, not that he cared, if it made her happy, then it must be good. He sighed softly.

“I knew you’d like them!” Chibitalia cried. “We should make them for dinner one night.”

Just then, Hungary entered the parlor. She tried not to giggle at them. “Come, they’re ready.”

“Yay!” Grabbing Holy Roman Empire’s hand, Chibitalia lead him to the kitchen and the savory treat, where they ate until they were full.


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