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Cross-posted from Hetachallenge

Title: The Christmas Party
Characters: FACE family (France, America, Canada, England)
Challenge: Bingo Challenge 1
Square Filled: FREE SPACE (Christmas party)
Rating: G
Summary: Human AU, Francis and Arthur have a Christmas party for their kids, Alfred and Mathew…

For pandas002 with love…

Francis put the finishing touches on the tree, while Arthur was upstairs, getting the children ready for the Christmas party. They had invited some of Alfred’s and Mathew’s friends from school and it would not be long before they started to arrive. He breezed into the kitchen to check on the cupcakes he made. Judging they were cool enough, he frosted them and added sprinkles.

Taking out the punch bowl, Francis made mock champagne punch for the kids to drink. He also made a bowl of “Chex mix” for Alfred and Arthur, who claimed to hate the stuff, but ate more than his fair share of it much to Francis’ amusement. He took out some bags of chips, and pretzels, and poured each into a bowl. When he was finished, Francis brought everything into the living room and set it out on the card table next to the Christmas tree.

“Hey, Papa! When’s everyone getting here?!” Alfred cried as he came barreling down the stairs.

His younger brother Mathew followed at a more sedate pace. “Did the party start yet, Papa?” he said softly.

“Soon, Alfred and I think so,” Francis looked up and saw his life-partner coming down the stairs. He gave him a questioning look, and getting a curt nod in reply, Francis said, “Yes, Mattie, it’s started.”

“Yippee!!” Alfred cried. “Come on, Mattie, let’s get some punch!” He dragged his brother over to the refreshment table.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang and the first of their guests began arriving and it was not long before they were all there. While Francis and Arthur took turns refilling the refreshments and riding herd on a bunch of seven to nine year olds, Alfred, ever the social butterfly, played with his guests. The boys had fun, playing “war” with Alfred, Heracles, and Sadiq being the good guys, and Gilbert, his younger brother Ludwig, and their cousin Roderich as the bad guys. Mathew, however, played quietly in the corner with Ivan, who was one of Alfred’s classmates.

Arthur, who had a headache from all the noise, could not believe there was a child who was even louder than Alfred. He was rubbing tiredly at his forehead, when Francis came to the rescue.

“Okay, boys!” Francis waited to get everyone’s attention. “Who wants some cake?”


Francis ushered the boys into the kitchen, while Arthur got out the paper plates and plastic forks. The Christmas cake, Francis had made, was cut, handed out, and declared “the best cake ever!” Afterwards, Arthur handed out Christmas crackers and the boys had fun pulling them open and scrambling for the little trinkets that were inside. Francis and Arthur organized a few games and the time went quickly as before they knew it, it was time to go home.

“Merry Christmas!”


Alfred and Mathew waved as their friends left. Tired, they flopped down on the sofa with Arthur, who read them a story, while Francis tidied up; pleased the party was a success.


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