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Cross-posted from Madrona Project

Title: The tale of the Spice Merchants and the Elf, chapter 14
Author: kira and kat
Word Count: 4885
World: Roseburg, a town north of the capital city of Madrona
Main Characters: Luke/Little Hawk, Fierce like Panther/Lola, Black Dog/Eric, and Rabbit, all Elves; Shankar, Ashok and Sitara, Spicelanders.
Borrow: No
Summary: Breakfast at the Chandrasekhars’ is an interesting affair thanks to their guests…
Author’s notes: In Madrona they are a few groups of people who are named after legendary as well as mythological people. Elves are such people. Elves live in the northwest part of Madrona; they live off the land like Native Americans and other indigenous people. They’re thought to be the descendants of hippies and other free spirits.
Special thanks to kat for letting me borrow the Elves and helping me with this. Special thanks also to Jen for looking it over.

Ashok left the kitchen and walked into the main living area of his home, where the others were still asleep on the floor. He crept over to Black Dog, who was the closest to him, and squatted down next to him. “Wake up…” he said softly as he shook the Elf. “Tara’s making breakfast...”

Black Dog, unused to being shaken awake, growled a little, until it penetrated his sleep-fogged brain that someone had mentioned breakfast. He cracked open an eye. “Breakfast?” he said, his voice thick with sleep.

Ashok nodded. “Tara’s making eggs and veggies and bread and jam…” He smiled.

“Eggs?” Black Dog said. He had the delighted look of a child who had been told they could have chocolate for breakfast on his face. Eggs were a special treat that could only be found in the spring when the birds were laying. “Really?” He grinned.

Ashok nodded again.”Tara makes the best eggs…”

Black Dog thrashed about in his bedroll, trying to get out and to the eggs, before Rabbit got up and ate them all. No wonder Little Hawk wasn’t in a hurry to get home… They have EGGS!!

Ashok, who had no clue as to what was so special about eggs, scooted away from the Elf. “I go wake the others…” He got to his feet and hurried away towards where Rabbit and Fierce like Panther slept. Hunkering down next to Rabbit, he shook him. “Rabbit… Wake up… We have eggs for breakfast…” Ashok was afraid to go near Fierce like Panther and wake her up, and at the same time was afraid not to. He shook Rabbit again, instead. “Wake up…”

Rabbit wiggled and mumbled something unintelligent. He was having a really nice dream and did not want to be disturbed. Ashok had other things in mind, and shook him again.

“Wake up, Rabbit… We have eggs and Eric looks hungry…” Ashok looked over his shoulder in time to see Black Dog up and on his feet. He pointed towards the kitchen area, not that Black Dog needed any help; he was simply following his nose. Ashok laughed when one of their dogs sauntered over and licked his face. “Silly dog…”

Rabbit sat up abruptly as all he heard was “dog” and “hungry”. He stared bleary-eyed at Ashok, who smiled back at him.

While Ashok was busy, trying to wake everyone up, Sitara was in the kitchen making breakfast. She was busy cooking all the eggs the chickens had laid that morning. Some curried vegetable dishes were in the oven, keeping warm, along with a potato hash that one of their neighbors had taught her how to make. The loaves she had gotten up early to make, sat on the table, ready to be sliced.

As the household stirred to life, Shankar slowly woke up. He had grown used to sharing his bed with Luke and the thought of him leaving, left an overwhelming loneliness. Rolling onto his side, he wondered how long all of this would last and if he should continue to treasure this moment or wake Luke up.

Rabbit looked around and calmed a little at not seeing a hungry dog. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“Tara’s in the kitchen making breakfast… Our chickens made lots of eggs…” Ashok smiled. He was about to tell Rabbit all about his trip to the barn to get the eggs, when Rabbit spoke.

“Eggs?”Rabbit said, before lumbering to his feet. He may have been still half asleep, but Rabbit wanted his fair share of the eggs, before Black Dog ate them all. He yawned and looking over at Fierce like Panther, he followed his nose to the kitchen.

Ashok nodded. He watched Rabbit head off in the direction of the wonderful smells. “Tara makes the best eggs…” he called out to him. Looking over at Fierce like Panther, Ashok wondered again if he should wake her. He hesitated; afraid she was going to yell at him.

Fierce like Panther was awake; it was hard to sleep with someone watching you, never mind all the noise he made. Tired, she was not sure if it was a threat or not, despite knowing the Spicelander was about as harmful as a small child.

Ashok gently poked her with his finger. He was very wary of her and he tensed, ready to scoot away if she yelled. “Wake up…?” he said softly.

Fierce like Panther grabbed his hand, holding it tightly, when she felt some resistance. She turned her head to see who she had captured. Ashok stared back at her, too afraid to move now Fierce like Panther was holding his gaze as well as his hand.

“Tara’s making eggs…” he said softly.

“Oh it’s you,” Fierce like Panther said, letting go of his hand. “What?”

“Tara’s making eggs…”

“Thanks.” She got up to go see if the idiots had left her any. Eggs were unheard of at this time of year and yet, she had the feeling they could eat their fill any time they wanted. Fierce like Panther wished Ashok would hurry up and tell her what was clearly on his mind, before the others ate all the eggs.

Sitara was busy cooking. She looked over her shoulder at the sound of footsteps, thinking at first it was Ashok. Instead, Rabbit and Black Dog stood there, looking as though they had not eaten in a week. “Oh… Please sit. Everything’s nearly ready.” She turned back to her cooking and called out, “Ashok! Go wake Shankar and Luke!” Taking the heavy cast iron skillet from the stove, she added the eggs in the pan to the rest on a large platter and turned towards Rabbit. “You might want to go wake your wife.” Sitara put the platter of eggs into the oven and the pan in the sink.

Rabbit looked over at Black Dog blankly. When did I get wife?

Black Dog grinned in reply, thinking Rabbit was on his own there, and sat. Sitara’s cooking smelled good, if a bit odd, and he was looking forward to seeing what these people ate for breakfast.

“Morning,” Luke said as he entered the kitchen with Shankar.

“Morning,” Rabbit replied.

Shankar nodded and went to throw some water from the sink on his face.

Sitara wondered what was keeping her husband as she set the table.

Screwing up his courage as Fierce like Panther’s intense stare was scaring him, Ashok tried again. “Tara’s in the kitchen with Eric and Rabbit… I have to go wake up Sha and Luke…” He smiled and hurried away from her as fast as he could, before she had a chance to say anything.

Shrugging, Fierce like Panther headed towards the kitchen. She could hear someone bustling about and simply headed in that direction, ready to whack Rabbit and Black if they ate all the eggs. She moved as quickly as she could; there was no way she was going to miss out on an unheard of luxury due to her own laziness or because she was stuck dealing with Ashok. She arrived in the kitchen with everyone else, nodding curtly when her brother greeted her.

“Sit…” Sitara said. She was busy pulling everything out of the oven. Sitara brought the platter of eggs along with a bowl of curried root vegetables, which she put on the table. A bowl of potato hash was added to the array of food on the table, before she sat down. Luke got up and brought a pitcher of goats’ milk to the table. He poured a mug full for Ashok.

Fierce like Panther looked for a place to sit and sat down next her brother. She had somewhat mixed feelings about being told what to do, especially so early in the morning. She decided politeness was her best course; these people had after all looked after her idiot brother.

“Morning,” Luke said as he greeted his sister when she entered the kitchen.

Shankar filled a mug with water and took his place next to his brother. He reached for the bowl of curried vegetables and put a few spoonfuls on Ashok’s plate, before putting it back. “Morning.” He drank some of the water.

Fierce like Panther glared at her brother as per their morning ritual. Luke chuckled in reply at her. He could see she was resisting the urge to smack him and it was all he could do not to laugh at her. Rolling her eyes, Fierce like Panther reached for the platter of eggs and helped herself to some. She passed the platter to her brother.

Shankar reached for one of the loaves of bread on the table and sliced it. He put the slices on the extra plate, where he was sitting. “Help yourselves.”

While everyone was filling their plates, Rabbit watched the interplay between the twins. He wished Luke would leave his sister alone. Anyone with half a brain knew Fierce like Panther was not a morning person.

Sitara finally sat down at the table next to her husband, after bringing a pot of tea to the table. “Would anyone like tea?” When three pairs of eyes stared at her blankly, she smiled and poured herself a cup of the rich, spicy tea.

Black Dog and Fierce like Panther looked at the new food oddly. Neither one had ever seen anything like it before, although it did vaguely resemble something one of the more settled tribes that they traded with during the winter months, made. Rabbit cautiously poked the bread as if it would bite back if he was not careful.

Ashok, however, had no such qualms about the bread. It may have been different from the flat bread he grew up with, but it was just as tasty in his humble opinion. He reached for the jam pot and put a big spoon of jam on his bread. “It’s bread… Tara makes good bread…” He took a bite and chewed it, washing it down with a mouthful of milk.

“It’s not going to kill you, you know,” Luke said dryly.

Rabbit leaned over and sniffed the piece Ashok was eating.

“You want a bite, Rabbit…?”

Rabbit thought it over. He nodded and Ashok held it out so he could take a bite. Rabbit licked his lips and took a bite. The jam was sweet like overripe fruit and while it was a bit chewier than expected, he decided it was not as bad as he had feared.

Fierce like Panther looked at her brother. “I don’t see you eating it.”

Luke made a face at her, before reaching over and grabbing a piece of bread. He put butter and jam on it like he did every morning since he became well enough to eat with the Spicelanders. Grinning at his sister, he made a show of eating it.

Fierce like Panther frowned. “So you have to put that stuff on it?”

Luke swallowed. “No, but it tastes better that way.”


Shankar quietly ate as he was not much of a morning person. He would occasionally say something to Ashok, encouraging him to eat, in a language that not even Luke was able to understand, despite spending time with them.

Black Dog, who had decided to partake of the bread as well, picked up the butter dish. He sniffed at it.

Ashok snickered. “That’s butter… It’s good, Eric...”

Sitara quietly reprimanded him as she refilled Ashok’s mug with goat’s milk. Her husband looked at her, and picking up his mug, he drank. She smiled at him and went to eating her breakfast.

Black Dog looked at the butter and at Luke, and back at the butter. He licked it much to Ashok’s delight. Fierce like Panther, however, was not as amused. She reached out and smacked him. “Get a knife and put it on…” she paused trying to remember what they called the chewy, white food, “that stuff if you want to try it.”

Ashok sat there, laughing much to Sitara’s dismay. She wondered if her husband was now going to be licking the butter every time he saw it. She sighed softly.

Black Dog put the butter down, and picking up his knife, he grumpily buttered his bread.

“Butter is good… Tara made it too and I helped…” Ashok smiled. “I like jam better…”

“It’s tasty,” Rabbit said between bites.

“And the purple stuff?” Black Dog asked.

“It’s sticky and sweet, like overripe berries.” Rabbit, wanting some more, grabbed another slice of bread.

“Would you like to try it?” Sitara said as she reached for the jam pot. She passed it to Black Dog.

Rabbit nodded.

“Sure…” Black Dog, who had seen how Luke did it, smeared some jam on his bread. He passed it to Rabbit when he was done. Rabbit followed suit and was soon happily munching on bread and jam too.

Shankar quietly ate his eggs as he watched the others. He kept stealing glances at Luke as if afraid his friend would vanish into thin air. Fierce like Panther was also watching everyone eat. She poked at her eggs as they looked completely different from the cooked eggs she was used to.

“Don’t you like eggs, Lola?” Sitara said.

“I like eggs,” Fierce like Panther replied, although she continued to poke them because she was not sure what Sitara had done to them to make them look the way they did.

“They just scrambled, you know, mixed with a bit of milk and then stirred as I cooked them. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough to go around.”


Sitara nodded. “You take some eggs, crack them into a bowl, add some milk and then mix them until they’re all mixed together. Then you fry them in a pan with butter.”

Fierce like Panther looked down at her plate, then up at Sitara, before looking down at the yellow and white mass on her plate. Frowning, she stabbed some with her fork, sniffing them, before eating.

Sitara smiled politely at her and sipped her tea.

Luke was tucking into his eggs like he had eaten them scrambled all his life. Looking up at his sister, he said, “If you don’t want them, Lola, I’ll eat them.” He reached over to her plate with his fork. Fierce like Panther moved her plate closer to herself. She glared at her brother, whose hand came dangerously close to getting stabbed with her fork. Luke snorted in amusement at her and continued to eat his own food.

“Lola…?” Ashok said, feeling somewhat braver on a full stomach. “Want some milk…?”

Fierce like Panther hesitated. All the new food was a bit overwhelming, even though a lot of it was stuff she was familiar with, although it did not look like it.

“It’s good…” Ashok smiled. He hoped she would not start yelling as he found her to be just as scary while sitting there, eating.

Sitara patted her husband’s hand. “Would you like me to make you some tea, Lola? Would anyone else like some? Or perhaps some water?” She got up from the table, taking the nearly empty tea pot with her.

“I can try… milk,” Fierce like Panther said.

“Tea, thanks.” Luke went back to eating.

“Tea, please,” Shankar said.

Sitara added some more water to the kettle and put it on the stove to boil. Ashok also got up and went to the shelves above the sink. He took down a mug and brought it over to Fierce like Panther. “Here…” he said, giving it to her. Ashok sat and pushed the pitcher of milk towards her.

Fierce like Panther nodded and filled her mug with milk. Picking it up, she sniffed it, casting a sharp look at Ashok when he giggled.

“It’s good…” Ashok picked up his mug and drank.

Black Dog and Rabbit watched their exchange, paying careful attention to Fierce like Panther. She put the mug to her lips and experimentally sipped the milk. She rolled it around on her tongue, before swallowing.

“You like it…?”

Fierce like Panther snorted and downed the rest of the milk.

“She likes it,” Black Dog said.

Ashok smiled. “Lola likes milk too, Luke…”

“Yeah…” Luke looked over at his sister and smirked.

Fierce like Panther was not amused and gave him her best “don’t make me hurt you” look.

Luke merely chuckled at her, before finishing his breakfast. Shankar glanced over at him, raising an eyebrow, but Luke pointedly ignored him. As he sat there, finishing his own breakfast, Shankar wondered if he was being selfish by not insisting Luke go home with his family, when it hit him. If his friend was a woman, remaining with him and cutting all ties to his family would be his fate upon marriage, although Sitara was lucky in that they made a point of visiting her family during Vinefest.

Fierce like Panther watched as Luke helped himself to more food, especially the eggs. They may not have looked like the boiled eggs she was familiar with, but they were tasty and she could see why he brother liked them so much. Leaning forward, Fierce like Panther decided she wanted some of his eggs. She casually raised her fork and slowly moved her hand closer to her brother’s plate as she worked out the best way of stealing his food. Luke was fully aware of what she was doing, but he pretended not to notice, shaking his head almost imperceptibly at Shankar’s questioning look.

“Lola, want my eggs…?” Ashok said.

Fierce like Panther sighed softly. She knew her brother was letting her steal his eggs and that took some of the fun out of it. Leveling her gaze at Ashok, she said, “Give them to Rabbit.”

Rabbit pushed his plate forward. Game would be hard to come by on the trip home and he wanted as full a belly as he could get before they left.

Ashok nodded and pushed his plate towards him. “Rabbit wants my eggs, Tara…”

Sitara sighed softly. In all the excitement of breakfast with unexpected guests, Ashok seemed more interested in them than eating. So far all he managed to eat was a few bites of vegetables and some bread and jam, as well as a mug of milk. She knew he was going to be hungry later once everyone left the table and she had cleaned up the kitchen.

“You want them, Rabbit…?”

Rabbit nodded as he scooped them greedily onto his plate. Pulling it back, Rabbit dug in like he expected someone to take the food away from him, before he had a chance to finish.

“That was very nice of you, Ashok,” Luke said. He would have ruffled Ashok’s hair if he had been sitting next to him, instead, he smiled.

The rest of meal was eaten in silence. When the kettle was ready, Sitara got up and made tea for those who wanted it. Black Dog eyed the remains of the breakfast. He was torn between eating more and going outside for a smoke. When Sitara came back and set a mug of tea in front of her brother-in-law, she looked over at Black Dog and said, “Is there anything else I can get you, Eric?”

“Ummm…?” Black Dog twitched as suddenly everything seemed to close in on him and not in a good way like his tent at home would.

Fierce like Panther, as if sensing his mood, said, “Fill up now.”

“I’m okay,” Black Dog said as he helped himself to more bread and butter. As he ate, his unease passed and after a few minutes, he was feeling a lot better. He looked over at Fierce like Panther and nodded.

“Tara, is there anything left of those chickens we had the other night?”

Sitara nodded. “Would you like some cold chicken, Shankar?”

“Maybe our guests would.”

“You want some, Lola?” Luke asked.

Rabbit looked up at the mention of more food.

Luke laughed. “I think Rabbit does.”

“Chicken might be nice,” Fierce like Panther said. She was amazed at the amount of food these people had and was glad they were sharing it. She wondered if they had always eaten sparingly and this was just a result of feeding the bottomless pit that was her brother, or if they always had a table laden with food. Maybe that’s why Little Hawk took up with these people…

Rabbit grabbed some more bread and waited patiently for more food to arrive.

Sitara nodded and went over to their larder and took out what was left of the chickens she had made the other night for dinner. She returned with the chicken, and placing it on the counter, she took out a bowl and proceeded to pull the meat from the bones. The larger pieces she cut up and added to the bowl. When she was finished she brought it to the table. “Help yourselves,” she said, thinking these poor people must not have seen food in a very long time.

Rabbit promptly reached for the bowl of chicken, adding a heap of it to his plate. He dug in while Black Dog did the same. Ashok also reached for the bowl. Fierce like Panther helped herself to what was left. She wondered if she should warn them that Rabbit would keep eating as long as there was food.

Sitara frowned as she watched them eat. The only good thing to come out of this, in her opinion, was Ashok was also helping himself to the chicken and eating. She sighed softly. I wonder what else I can find in the larder to feed them…

Fierce like Panther gave them a look, to remind her companions to not make pigs of themselves. Despite the seemingly endless supply of food, she knew they would reach a point where it would run out. She wanted to be far away from here when that happened.

Sitara got up and went back to the larder. She looked around and found some yogurt and cheese. I hope this is enough… Upon returning, she set it on the table and went to get bowls and spoons.

Ashok was delighted. Yogurt was a special treat and if he had his way, the Elves would be visiting every day. Rabbit wondered what he was so excited about. This new food looked like a thicker version of the milk stuff Ashok was so fond of. He also wondered if this new weird treat was as tasty as the eggs and chicken they had finished eating.

Luke looked at the crock of yogurt and smiled. “You should try some yogurt. It’s a bit sour, but it’s not bad.” He reached for it.

Fierce like Panther tilted her head. “Yogurt?”

“Yeah… It’s some kind of milky, cheesy stuff. They eat a lot of stuff like that.”


Luke nodded. “And beans and veggies. The chicken was a big deal celebration.”


“Yeah, Sha got a big order from the main inn in town. They’re gonna use his spices in their cooking,” Luke explained. “It’s great since that inn does a lot of business.”

“That’s nice…” his sister said. Fierce like Panther could care less about these people. All she wanted to do now that her brother was found, was take him home and forget this place even existed.

Luke took her comment as interest and went on to say, “It was.” He smiled. “The Jones’ homestead supplied the meat and the Cooper’s the vegetables. Not bad, given the time of year. Anyway, who knew this sleepy little backwater town would start to get more prosperous? At least that’s what Sha says.”

Shankar nodded.

Fierce like Panther wanted to smack her brother upside the head, but settled for looking blankly at him. “That’s nice,” she repeated.

Luke smiled. “Yeah…” He lowered his voice as he leaned towards her, “I was getting tired of not eating any meat or fish. They’re not really big on eating that kinda stuff.”

His sister smiled faintly and said just as softly, “It’s not like you couldn’t have remedied that situation yourself.”

He frowned.” I was laid up in bed, Lola, not like I could go out and hunt in that condition.”

“But you don’t look so laid up now… in fact, it looks like you’ve been up and around for awhile.”

Rabbit looked from one sibling to the other, wondering if a fight was going to break out between them.

“Yeah… Your point?” Luke said.

Fierce like Panther arched her eyebrow at him and said nothing.

Luke took a deep breath and let it out slowly as he reined in his anger. “I can’t take Ash hunting with me. And before you ask, Sha can’t come; he’s got the shop to look after.”

His sister snorted. “You go hunting by yourself all the time.”

“I know… I just,” Luke frowned, “Well, it’s just that I don’t know what the hell happened to my bow.” He sighed. “And the one time I managed to snare a rabbit, Ash got very upset.”

“Be prepared to eat a lot of vegetables.”

Luke’s frown deepened. “I know.”

Fierce like Panther smirked. Her brother used to only eat vegetables when meat or fish was in short supply; now it appeared he would be eating them all the time. That would be if he stayed… she thought sadly.

“Maybe when it gets warmer, I’ll take Ash fishing.”

“Good luck.”

Luke sighed. He looked so miserable that Shankar wondered if he was having second thoughts about staying. As selfish as it was, Shankar hoped he would stay and not regret that decision. Sitara glanced around the table. The only ones who seemed to be enjoying themselves were her husband and Rabbit. She wondered if that would last as long as the food held out. Black Dog smiled at her and without saying a word, he got up from the table, figuring now would be a good time to sneak out for a smoke.

Ashok saw him leave. “Where’d Eric go…?”

“I don’t know, Ash,” Luke said, “maybe he went to take a leak.” He shrugged.

“Out,” his sister said simply. “He’ll be back.”

“Something wrong?” Shankar asked.

“No,” the twins chorused.

Rabbit stuffed another piece of bread in his mouth as he made sad puppy eyes at Sitara. I wonder why that nice lady stopped feeding me… I hope she didn’t run out of food…

Sitara smiled at him and quickly buttered another piece of bread and gave it to him. She made one for Ashok too, who happily ate it, all thoughts about Eric’s whereabouts leaving his head as he filled his stomach.

Rabbit smiled his thanks at her and happily ate the bread. It may have been weird food, but he found he liked it.

Sitara, remembering how Luke used to eat like that when he first arrived and was well enough to really eat, thought, You poor thing, I bet you haven’t eaten in a week…

Fierce like Panther shifted in her seat. She was starting to feel uncomfortable, sitting at the table like this. She longed to be back on the trail, hopefully with her brother in tow.

“If you’ll excuse me, I need to go out back and tend to the animals,” Sitara said as she cleared away the empty food bowls. “I won’t be long.” She wondered if she could find some more fresh eggs for Rabbit as the poor thing seemed to be starving.

Fierce like Panther nodded, happy to have one less person around, even if it was for just a bit.

Sitara, picking up on her discomfiture, and thinking it had to do with a lack of female company, said, “Would you like to come with me? I could use the help.”

“Hunh?” How am I supposed to help you…? Don’t you normally do that stuff by yourself…? Fierce like Panther frowned.

“I could use some help with feeding the animals, and the goats need to be milked. Luke and Ashok will muck the barn out later.”

“Oh.” Fierce like Panther wondered how come she needed help that badly now when she presumably did by herself all the other times.

Sitara sighed. I guess you want to stay with the men… She shrugged. “I’ll be back when I can.” Sitara reached for her wrap and put it on. Seconds later, she was outside, and making her way to barn.

Fierce like Panther wondered if she should have gone to help her, even though she was at a loss as to why Sitara needed her. Then it dawned on her that maybe the other woman simply wanted female company. She snorted, thinking how no one at home would ever believe it if she told them. Mentally shrugging, she remained seated at the table. Besides, she was not every good at that sort of thing anyway even if she had gone with her. So she focused her attention on Ashok, who was busy feeding Rabbit and himself the remaining pieces of bread, topped with jam.

Rabbit was beginning to see what Little Hawk had found so nice about this place. Endless supplies of food and nice people, who would happily feed it him. He decided he could easily get used to living here too, if that should ever come up.


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Sep. 3rd, 2014 04:08 am (UTC)
where would you go to see the other chapters?
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very cool. thank you. good luck with it. I know we've talked about it before at least a little.
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You're welcome & Thank you. :D

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It's nice to see a new chapter of this. The Elves are so cute trying out all the new foods. There is a food coma in Rabbit's future.
Sep. 8th, 2014 03:16 am (UTC)
Thanks! I have one more chapter left to go with it; just need to find the time to write it up. XD

Thanks! It's a lil bit bit of comic relief there. As for Rabbit... definitely. XD
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