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Cross-posted from Hentai Contest


Title: Bunny Hop
Fandom: Tiger and Bunny
Author: kira and Jen
Chars/Pairs: Kotetsu Kaburagi (Wild Tiger)/Barnaby Brooks jr
Genres: slice of life / romance
Warnings: nothing besides the obvious
Word Count:666
Summary: Tiger's got a major pain.

Kotetsu watched, mesmerized, as Barnaby lowered himself slowly, his lube slicked body inexorably working its way down his shaft. That incredible hot tightness was almost more than he could take and he was half glad that Barnaby had stopped when he got to the base to adjust around him. A few moments of stillness and a lazy haze of pleasure had settled over him, replacing the desperate near climax feeling he had been fighting.

Barnaby sat still, his hands on Kotetsu’s shoulders, holding him upright. He was panting slightly and a light sheen of sweat covered his body as he started moving his hips experimentally. He rocked back a little on the way down and let out a startled huff. His eyes slid shut as he worked at nudging that spot again. He slowly bounced a few times, rising up a bit higher, and letting himself fall down with a little more force.

A cracking pop was heard, and instead of the deep throaty moan he was expecting to escape from Kotetsu's lips, there was a sound more closely associated with a cat that was being strangled. Barnaby looked down at his lover. “Kotetsu?”

Kotetsu’s eyes watered as the waves of pleasure that had been rolling over him were replaced by pain. Barnaby’s last move had been a bit too rough and when he came crashing down on Kotetsu’s cock, it felt like he had broken it. So much so, Kotetsu was afraid the minute his Bunny got up off him, he would find his dick a ruined mess. A fine sheen of nervous sweat covered his forehead as he dug his fingers into Barnaby’s hips.

“Kotetsu?” Barnaby leaned forward as much as he could, peering anxiously down at him. “Tiger? Are you okay?”

Kotetsu swallowed thickly in way that would have been sexy a few moments ago. Licking his lips, he mumbled something unintelligible as he fought to regain his composure. He was a super hero, damn it, and had been beaten up far worse in the name of ratings, but this was his cock.

“What was that?” Barnaby asked, leaning closer to hear him, sliding completely off of his dick in the process.

Kotetsu let out a yelp as his damaged organ landed painfully on his lower stomach, not exactly hard anymore, but not quite flaccid either. “Call an ambulance,” he finally managed to say clearly enough that Barnaby could understand him.

Later he sat on the couch at his place, an old fashioned ice bag sat in his lap and a healthy dose of pain killers coursing through his veins. Poor Barnaby had been mortified by the knowing looks the paramedics gave him as they carted him up for the run to the hospital. To his credit, he had stayed by Kotetsu’s side the entire time. Kotetsu on the other hand, had been in enough pain not to feel any embarrassment over it, yet.

He was trying to decide exactly what he was going to tell Lloyds when he called in. He was completely unable to work with this injury, his magic fun time stick was pitifully bruised and swollen, and he doubted he could even get into the tight black under-suit part of his hero suit if he had to. He groaned, only to look up and meet Barnaby’s anxious gaze. Any other time he would have found Bunny’s concern cute, but not this time.

“Do you need more ice?”


“I think you need wait a bit before you have any more painkillers.”

“I’m fine, Bunny,” Kotetsu winced, “It’ll heal.”

“I’m sorry.” Barnaby looked contrite, before adding, “That you’re such a brittle old man,” with a smirk.

“When I’m better, you can make it up to me, okay?” Kotetsu suggested, and relieved that Barnaby was acting more like himself, he managed to grin.

“I fully intend to.” Barnaby’s smirk broadened into a grin. “Better stock up on those little blue pills.”

“Why? You gonna need them, Bunny?”

“You wish, Old Man!”


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