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Cross-posted from Hentai Contest


Title: Stairway to Heaven
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Castiel (an angel)/April Kelly (a waitress/reaper)
Genres: slice of life / romance
Warnings: Spoilerish for episode 3, Season 9; “I’m No Angel”
Word Count:666
Summary: Castiel explores a certain aspect of humanity…
Author’s note: This takes place during season 9, episode 3 “I’m No Angel” which was written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Lening. The dialogue at the end comes from the screenplay.

One minute April was tending the wound on his shoulder, the next Castiel was kissing her. While possessing vestiges of knowledge from his vessel Jimmy Novak, who had a wife and daughter, as well as some knowledge based on watching Casa Erotica with Dean, this was still new to him. Closing his eyes as he kissed her, Castiel let the waves of pleasure wash over him.

April deepened the kiss and Castiel willingly opened his mouth and let her in. The kiss soon led to heated touches and before he knew it, Castiel was naked and in bed with her. Shy and uncertain, he continued to explore her body with his hands, savoring the touch. April excited him in a way nothing else had. She was good at showing him where to stroke, and reveling in the pleasure, Castiel delighted in this aspect of being human.

He nibbled across her jaw line and down her neck to the hollow of her throat. April seemed to be enjoying it too, and emboldened by her little cries of pleasure, Castiel nipped his way across her collarbone and down her breast. Cupping it, he licked her nipple and April arched up into it. He suckled, taking and receiving pleasure from it as evidenced by his growing hardness.

Castiel made his way lower, nipping at the tight skin of her stomach until he reached the soft tangle of curls at the apex of her thighs. He nuzzled her there, drinking in the faint musky scent. Castiel wondered if she would let him pleasure her orally like those girls in Dean’s videos and when she opened her legs, he feasted upon her, reveling in his new found humanity. When it became too much, April orgasmed, crying out in pleasure, and Castiel felt something akin to pride in that moment, before the tables were turned on him.

April had him lie back against the pillows while she explored his body with her mouth. Castiel lay there, enjoying the little jolts of pleasure that ran down his spine to pool deep within his painfully hard cock. He moaned softly when she proceeded to suck on it, her tongue occasionally teasing the thick, throbbing vein that ran along its underside. His breath quickening, Castiel fisted the sheets as he bucked his upward. The pleasure was beginning to be too much to bear and it was not long before Castiel climaxed. He came hard and she sucked him dry. Without even giving him a chance to recover, she slid up his body, kissing him. Castiel could taste himself as he deepened it.

Letting his hands wander, Castiel explored the pleasures of the flesh and when he was ready, he entered her. He gently made love to her, slowing his rhythm and giving as good as he got. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he realized that not only was he enjoying it as much as the pizza delivery boy in one of Dean’s videos, but April was enjoying it more than the woman in that scene. Instead of dwelling on it, he concentrated on the little jolts of pleasure that washed over him. Savoring the moment, he took his time, until they climaxed together. Afterwards, they lay together in the soft candlelit glow of her bedroom.

“Well, say something,” April said softly.

“There aren’t words,” Castiel replied.

“So, that was okay?”

The ghost of a smile tugged his lips briefly upwards. “Very much so.” He frowned, “Um... what I did, that was, uh... correct?”

“Very much so.”

They smiled.


They laughed.

“Castiel... I can't help thinking, all that stuff you said earlier, blame... and guilt. It seems like you're taking on a heavy load for such a sweet guy.”

He held her hand. “Believe me; I've done a lot of foolish, unwise things. I'm no angel.”

“Well, whoever you trusted... can't they help undo this?”

“We're not in contact.”

“So what happens next for you?”

“More of this, I hope.”

Smiling, they kissed…



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