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Title: Happy Anniversary
Author: kira
Prompt: Anniversary, Dream, Music, Fire
Character(s): Finland, Sweden,
Word Count: 671
Rating: OT for the after effects of Berwald’s dream
Summary: Finland and Sweden celebrate their anniversary by having breakfast in bed…
Author’s note: Thanks go out to my beta, Jen, for looking this over for me.
Author’s note 2: Filmjölk is a Nordic dairy product similar to yogurt.

For Jen, who loves these two as much as I do...

Tino pulled on his robe and stuck his feet in to his sleepers, careful not to wake the sleeping man beside him. His beloved Berwald mumbled softly in his sleep and Tino wondered what he was dreaming about when he looked over at him. He sighed softly when he looked away, only to have his gaze settle on their wedding picture. Today was their anniversary and Tino walked over to it. He quickly picked it up, a smile tugging at his lips. He remembered their wedding fondly. It had been a beautiful summer day; all their friends and family were there, Berwald had never looked handsomer in his tuxedo, and their first dance as a married couple. Arms around each other, Tino remembered swaying to of all things ABBA’s Take A Chance On Me. It was in a sense their song, since Berwald had been softly humming it when they had first met, and it seemed every time one of their dates ended up at a Disco, that song would be played some time during the night. Every anniversary his beloved made a point of singing it to him in his deep rumbly bass.

Berwald mumbled again in his sleep, prompting Tino to hurriedly slip from the room. As he made his way downstairs to the kitchen, Tino found himself humming their song. He puttered around the kitchen, making breakfast. Crisp bread and dark, soft bread was covered with butter and topped with cold meats, eggs, and/or Kalles caviar. Getting a couple of bowls from the kitchen cabinet, Tino got out some muesli and filled the bowls with it, as well as a bottle of filmjölk and dried fruit. Satisfied that breakfast was ready, Tino got out a tray to put everything on. He loaded up the tray and carried it upstairs.

Meanwhile, Berwald lay in bed, snoring softly and dreaming about his “wife.” He moaned softly, hugging his pillow tight, while his dream Tino did all those wonderful things to his dream self that his beloved liked to do when they were awake. He squirmed in his sleep as a certain part of his anatomy grew harder. But dream Tino proved to be as good with his mouth as his waking world self and with a loud moan, Berwald came in his sleep.

Tino heard that as he reached their bedroom door and chuckled softly. Carefully balancing the tray in one hand, he opened the door and stepped inside. “Happy Anniversary, Berwarld.”

Berwald groaned softly as he surfaced from his dream and realized what had happened. “Happy Anniversary, Wife,” he said softly as he fumbled for his glasses on the bedside table. Tino, who had set the tray on his side of the bed, hurried over to help him. “Thanks.” Berwald got up out of bed and headed towards the master bathroom. He returned several minutes later, feeling a bit better now that he had washed up and brushed his teeth. Berwald crawled back into bed and with the breakfast tray settled between them; he reached for a bowl of muesli and ate. Tino followed suit and they enjoyed their breakfast in companionable silence.

When breakfast was finished, Berwald got up and took the tray downstairs. He would wash everything up later; now he had a cute “wife” in bed and an anniversary to celebrate. He hurried back to their bedroom only to find Tino lounging in bed and if he was not mistaken, the pile of clothes on the floor looked a lot like his beloved’s pajamas. Taking the hint, Berwald quickly got undressed, before crawling back to bed. All it took was Tino taking off his glasses, reaching across him to place them on the bedside table to light the fires of passion in him. Had he been able to put a coherent thought together in his head, Tino’s mouth making that a near impossibility at the moment, Berwald would have realized his dream was coming true. Then again, that had already happened the day they got married…


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Nov. 26th, 2014 06:10 pm (UTC)
Oh what sweet, romantic fun that was! Sweden and Finland are the most adorable couple ever... and I was a little shocked at what a sexy moment taking someone else's glasses off could really be - disarming, undressing, revealing. Quite nice! So sweet! XD
Nov. 26th, 2014 07:23 pm (UTC)
*blushes* Thanks! Aren't they? :D They're like my romantic coupel; Spain & Romano are my let's "DOO EEET!!" couple & the rest can go either way. ;p That's what makes them so much fun for me to write :D

YAY! I'm glad you liked that, n0t-chan! (feel free to use it in a fic or two! :D)

Thanks for reading! <3
Dec. 1st, 2014 12:32 am (UTC)
Yes! Love your adorable spin on them, especially that big bundle of rumbly-scary Sweden :D

Really? Hmm... I saw yer list out there for Santa, maybe I should not be the Krampus this year... lol

Absoulutely - I love your stuff! It's always so fun! :D
Dec. 1st, 2014 12:38 am (UTC)
*BLUSHES* Thanks! I kinda see a big soft marshmallow instead of a big scary Swede, which makes him fun to write. :D

Yeah! You did? XD I bet your a FUN Krampus instead of a scary one! :D

Thanks! I'm sooo glad you do! <3
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