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Cross-posted to GerIta Secret Santa event

Title: The Christmas Party
Recipient: Madi
Type of gift: Fic
Rating: PG
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Ludwig/Vico/Lutz (Germany), Feli/Feliciano (Italy), Gilbert/Gilbo (Prussia), Roderich (Austria), Lizzie (Hungary), Tony (Spain), Lovey/Lovino/Vinnie (Romano), Francis (France), Joan (Joan of Arc),
Genres: Fluffy romance
Warnings: Human names used
Word Count: 1045
Summary: Gilbert’s annual Christmas party was in full swing and Ludwig had some lingering doubts about the wisdom of inviting his boyfriend over to spend the holidays with his family…
Author’s notes: Thanks to my beta, Jen, for reading this over for me

For Madi … Happy Holidays!

Ludwig tiredly rubbed his forehead. His brother’s annual Christmas party was in full swing and he could not wait for it to be over. Not that the clean up the next morning was going to be a picnic, but still. He felt utterly ridiculous dressed in the ugly Christmas sweater, his brother Gilbert insisted he wear. It was bright blue with a string of holiday lights on it emblazoned with the words “LET’S GET LIT” across his chest. Let’s get lit indeed… he silently groused to himself. Not that Gilbert’s sweater was any better. Dressed in a black sweater with “KISS WHAT’S UNDER THE MISTLETOE” in red along with a bit of mistletoe in the general area of his crotch, his idiot brother was over in the corner hitting on their cousin Roderich’s ex-wife. Said cousin was passed out on the sofa, while Gilbert’s friend Francis and his date, some girl named Joan, were busy making out, totally oblivious to him and the rest of the party goers. Ludwig groaned softly. With each passing minute, his regret at inviting his boyfriend Feliciano to spend the holidays with his family grew greater and greater.

“Hey, Vico, you okay?” Feliciano said, calling him by the Italian pet name he always called him, as came over and leaned against Ludwig.

“Yes, why?” Ludwig frowned.

“You look tense, like something’s bothering you.”


Feliciano smiled and Ludwig, despite the headache that was blossoming behind his eyes, smiled back. As bad as he felt, whenever his boyfriend was around, Ludwig felt he could weather any storm, but this party… Who was he kidding; Gilbert’s parties were legendary for their outrageousness. And if no one called the police at least once, then the party was deemed a failure.

“That’s better!” Feliciano chirped. “You never said if you like my ugly sweater or not.” He dimpled up at his boyfriend. Feliciano was wearing a simple green sweater with a white collar and cuffs and knitted in black belt. He topped it off with a red Santa hat.

“Uh… you make a very cute elf, Feli.”

Grazie!” Feliciano hugged Ludwig. “I like your sweater too!”


“Feeling any better now?”

Ludwig nodded. Feliciano was like a warm ray of sunshine on a cold and cloudy day, and he never failed to cheer Ludwig up. He was about to tell him how much better he was feeling when his brother’s voice could be heard above the soft din of conversation.

“Now’s your chance, Tony! Grab him while he’s under the mistletoe!!”

That prompted a loud chant of “KISS! KISS! KISSS!” from the rest of the partiers.

Ludwig felt bad for Feliciano’s brother, Lovino. It was bad enough, he had wanted to spend the holidays quietly at home with just his boyfriend, but he was dragged here by both said boyfriend, who was one of Gilbert’s closest friends, and his younger brother. Ludwig thought Lovino’s garish red sweater with the words “BAH HUMBUG” on it, perfectly summed up exactly how he felt about what he called “a stupid party”. Ludwig could not agree more. Still, this was a lot better than the party Gilbert threw last year, which consisted of getting drunk while watching Holiday themed porn.

“Lovey’s gonna kill him.” Feliciano giggled, pulling Ludwig form his reverie.

Ludwig nodded as he watched the spectacle play out. It started out innocently enough; with Tony giving Lovino a chaste kiss on the cheek, but when Lovino tried to walk away, Tony pulled him close, kissing him long and hard. When they came up for air, Lovino started shouting at him in Italian with Tony repeating, “I’m sorry, Lovey! I can’t help it you’re so cute I wanna kiss you!”

“So whatchya thinking, Vico?”

Ludwig paused as he thought it over. He wondered how could say it without hurting Feliciano’s feelings. He blushed and said softly, “Please don’t take this the wrong way…”

“Okay.” Feliciano smiled.

“But I was wondering why my brother fixed us up the way he did. Vinnie looks so unhappy with Tony and I always wonder what you see in me…”

“Aaah…” Feliciano began. “Well, Vinnie and Tony aren’t as unhappy as they look. Everyone knows my brother’s a big grouch, but Tony doesn’t care. He still loves him warts and all as my grandfather would say.” He smiled. “And despite what Vinnie says, he eats up. They’re both hopeless romantics and very, very passionate and it works. You and Vinnie would be fine for awhile, but then you’d get bored with each other as there’s no spark, no passion.” Feliciano shrugged.


“And as for us, we have passion too,” Feliciano said as he snaked his arms around his boyfriend. “It’s just softer, quieter, and what’s even better, we complement each other. I keep you from being too serious; you keep me from being too silly. And when I want to sit and paint, you pick up a book and read. Tony would be bored after an hour, but you’d let me paint all night, cuz it makes me happy. And different in other ways too! You like dogs, I love cats; you like to work out, I like to sleep in.”

Ludwig could feel the tension leaving him. Wrapping his arms around Feliciano, he pulled him close. Resting his cheek on his boyfriend’s head, he said, “You’re right.”

Feliciano giggled. “I know!”

Ludwig chuckled. You keep me from being silly too… Leaning in, he kissed him.

“Hey, Lutz! You’re supposed to do that under the mistletoe!” Gilbert called out.

Ludwig broke the kiss to frown at his brother and Feliciano took the opportunity to fish a sprig of it from the “fur” trimming his Santa hat. He giggled as he held it over their heads. “Better, Gilbo?”

“Yeah!” Gilbert laughed. “Now go for it!” he cried as he raised his beer in salute.

Ludwig felt suddenly shy when all eyes turned to them and cheered, but Feliciano felt no such reservations. Cupping his boyfriend’s cheek with his free hand, he closed his eyes and tilted his head back. Ludwig quickly got the hint and met him halfway for a kiss. As far as his brother’s stupid parties went, Ludwig was beginning to think this one was not that bad after all…


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