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Happy Holidays, Jen!

Title: Nordic Fun
Rating: R
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Sweden, Finland
Genres: Fluffy romance
Warnings: none
Word Count: 953
Summary: Finland and Sweden have a bit of fun in the snow which leads to other things…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Jen for looking this over for me.

For Jen … Happy Holidays!

“Hey, Sve, you wanna build a snowman?” Finland asked as they shoveled a path to the sauna. Sticking his shovel in the snow, he bent and scooped some up in his hands. Finland quickly formed it into a snowball, which he threw at Sweden. “Hey, Sve! You wanna build a snowman?”

Sweden also stuck his shovel in the snow and made a snowball to toss at his beloved. “No.” He threw the snowball, hitting Finland in the chest.

“Hey!” Finland yelped.

The barest hint of a smile tugged at Sweden’s lips and it was not long before they had a full blown snowball fight going. But just as quickly as it erupted, it ended, leaving them both tired, but ready to go back to work. By the time they had finished shoveling the path it was lunch time, and cold, sweaty, and hungry, they trudged inside the warmth of Sweden’s house.

After hanging up their coats and taking off their boots, they headed into the kitchen. Sweden walked over to the stove, where a large pot of last night’s pea soup sat simmering. In the oven was a batch of pancakes to be eaten with it.

Finland took a deep breath. “It smells good, Sve!”


“Can we go shower first and then eat?”

“Yeah.” Sweden switched off the stove and oven. “Come, Wife.”

Finland shook his head at the “wife,” but followed none-the less. They went upstairs to their room and got out of their sweaty clothes, tossing them in the hamper on their way to the master bathroom. While Finland got out two fluffy white towels, Sweden turned on the cold water, tempering it with a bit of hot, since they were beginning to thaw out from shoveling. He stepped inside, shivering in much the same he would had he just come from the sauna for quick roll in the snow to close his pores. Finland squeezed in with him, for the same reason and when he started shivering, Sweden turned up the heat in more ways than one as he reached for the hot water tap.

Holding his beloved close with one arm, Sweden reached for the soap. They kissed as he lathered it up. His hands soapy, Sweden let them wander down the length of Finland’s back, cupping his butt. Despite their difference in height, Finland still ground his hips against him. The delicious friction was short-lived as Sweden stepped back to wash Finland’s chest.

Finland moaned softly as his beloved work roughened hands moved over the smooth planes of his body. Lower and lower they went until Sweden had a firm soapy grip on his cock. “Turn around, Wife,” he murmured, and Finland eagerly complied. The brief loss of contact only increased his desire as he leaned back into Sweden’s warm embrace.

While his left hand played with Finland’s right nipple, Sweden’s right began stroking his beloved’s cock. Sweden’s own arousal grew harder in the space between himself and the small of Finland’s back. He took his time, wanting to prolong the moment for his Wife, but Finland’s soft cries of “faster, faster” spurred him on. Sweden sped up, pushing his beloved closer and closer to the edge. By now the two of them were breathing heavily, when Finland suddenly tensed.

“Sve,” he gasped. Seconds later, Finland climaxed. Cumming hard, he melted against Sweden when he finished. He nudged him forward and Finland braced himself against the shower wall. A couple of probing fingers was all the prepping he got and needed, before Sweden pushed his cock inside.

Sweden moaned at the virginal tightness as it always felt so good. He quickly got his rhythm going, grunting softly as he inched himself closer to his only release. Holding onto his beloved’s hips, it was not the first time he had wished Finland was taller, not that that actually mattered in bed. Besides, that thought had quickly left his head, when the little jots of pleasure ran down his spine to pool deep within his cock. A few more thrusts and Sweden climaxed. He tenderly kissing his wife on top of his head, before pulling out, he took a moment to bask in his sexual high, they got back to the business at hand of washing up. Words were never exchanged as they were never needed; both loved each other deeply.

Sweden turned off the taps and Finland opened the shower door. They stepped out, grabbed a towel and dried off. The coolness of the air in the master bathroom was nothing compared to the arctic blast of leaving the sauna. Taking their time, they dressed and went back downstairs for their late lunch.

While Sweden quickly reheated the soup, Finland put a dish of lingonberry jam on the table along napkins, silverware, butter, and a plate of crisp flatbread. He sat and waited for the late lunch that now became a repeat of last night’s dinner.

Sweden took out two bowls and ladled the soup into them. Bringing them to the table, he set a bowl down in front of his “wife” and the other where he always sat. A few minutes later, he was bringing a platter of pancakes over, before sitting down to eat. While they helped themselves to some pancakes, Sweden, a faint smile tugging at his lips, leaned forward and asked, “Wife, do you want to build a snowman after we eat? I know it’s dark outside, but it should be fun under the stars.”

Finland sipped a spoonful of soup while he pretended to think it over. Looking up at his beloved, he said, “Nah… I’d rather stay inside and play with you.”

Sweden chuckled, a deep rumbling in his throat. “Me too.”


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