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Happy Holidays, Saraste

Title: By the Fire
Rating: OT
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Carmilla, Laura
Genres: Gothic romance
Warnings: none
Word Count: 447
Summary: Laura and Carmilla cuddle by the fire…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Jen for looking this over for me.

For Saraste … Happy Holidays!

We sat on the sofa, watching the fire burn and basking in its warmth, while we sipped our mulled wine. Carmilla giggled, the wine having gone to her head, and she leaned against me. I looked over at her, gazing into those beautiful eyes of hers. She giggled again, spilling some wine on my breast. Before I could stop her, Carmilla leaned in and licked it off. That made me shiver despite the warmth I felt from her closeness and the fire.

“Do you like that?” she asked.

“Yes…” I breathed, my bosom heaving, as my pulse quickened. Leaning in, I kissed her, letting my desire for her show. Little minx that she was, Carmilla pulled away and with a cheeky smile she spoke the words that shattered the moment, yet promised so much more.

“Finish your wine, Dear, before you spill it.”

I nodded as I watched her lick her lips. I imagined her tongue at the apex of my sex and I felt the color rising in my cheeks. I hoped she would think it was just the wine, or the heat from the fire, or perhaps both, but her knowing little laugh said otherwise.

Her arm snaked its way across my shoulders and when she leaned in to whisper in my ear, her breath blew hot and cold. “Later, my precious Laura, later…” I closed my eyes, shivering, and when she said, “Let me warm you,” I could hear myself whining ever so softly when she pulled away to set our wine glasses down.

I was soon back in her warm embrace, my breathing sharp and ragged, and my pulse racing. Squeezing my thighs together, I let out a soft little moan as she pulled me closer. I wanted to crawl across her lap, my skirts pushed up, exposing my bottom, as she caressed me in a way no man had ever had. I am almost ashamed to say that I wanted her fingers inside me, her thumb stroking the apex of my sex, until she released the knot of pent up feelings in my belly. As she nuzzled my neck, occasionally licking the quickening pulse in my neck, I felt the familiar fluttering deep inside. I clamped my mouth shut, stifling the moans that threatened to break free.

Afterwards, we simply cuddled by the fire, wrapped in each other’s arms. The forbidden act remained safely tucked away in my imagination, the only outward sign of it my damp brow and the faint flush of color that dusted my bosom… and the smug little smile that danced across my beloved Carmilla’s lips and the knowing look in her eyes.

“Later, my darling Laura, later…”


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