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Cross-posted from Hentai Contest

Title: The Letter
Rating: G
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Alice Kirkland (fem!England), Arthur Kirkland (England)
Genres: Fluffy romance
Warnings: none, except the use of the racial epithet “Kraut”; no offence meant
Word Count: 426
Summary: Alice gets a letter from her husband, who’s somewhere in the middle of Europe fighting for the Allies…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Jen for looking this over for me.
Author’s note 2: This is based on the fact that during WWI British & German troops had a bit of an unofficial truce on Christmas day.

Alice Kirkland picked up the letter with trembling hands. She quickly opened it and pulled out the papers inside. Unfolding the letter she began to read:

My Dearest Alice,

Merry Christmas, my love. I wish I was home with you instead of being stuck out here in the trenches somewhere in the middle of Europe. Things were pretty quiet when I woke up this morning and then all of a sudden we heard it; the sound of voices. It took me a minute to realize, as they were singing in German, but it was your favorite carol, “Silent Night.” I wish you could have heard it. Far from sounding ugly, it was just as pretty in German. Anyway, the most remarkable thing happened. A sort of general ceasefire had occurred, nothing too special, but the next thing we knew one of the Krauts wandered over into “No Man’s Land” and the next thing we knew Smithy had joined him and before we knew it; it was like a regular office party!

It was amazing! We were sharing and trading fags, exchanging pictures of our families, trading “war souvenirs!” I’m now the proud owner of a pickelhaube! That’s one of those silly German helmets with a spike on top! I can’t wait to get home to show you!

Anyway, I have to go; a couple of the lads want me to come play football with them. Us vs. the Krauts. Can you believe it?

I miss you so much.

Love always,


Alice sniffed back her tears. She missed her husband terribly and even more so now that holidays were upon them. Placing the letter in a box with the rest of them, she made a mental note to write to him later. She had things to do today, the chief one being visiting the Beilschmidt sisters down the road. Ever since the Great War had broken out, people had treated them poorly, despite the fact that they were as English as anyone else in the village. Who cares if their great-great-grandfather was an immigrant clockmaker, they were decent girls and the eldest’s fiancé was fighting alongside the other lads in the village. Putting on her hat and drawing her shawl more closely around her, Alice Kirkland stepped out of house and walked down the path to the street. If her husband’s regiment and some German troops could be charitable and hospitable to each other on the Lord’s birthday, then she could too… she thought as she hurried down the snow lined street to her friends’ home…


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