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Spending the Night

Spending the Night

By Kat & kira

Bernd shivered and snuggled closer to Amber. He had no idea how she did it, but his girlfriend was sound asleep in her bed, in the little room his father had carved out for her in the basement. He could hear her pet hedgehog Vlad stirring in the dark, before settling back down, and he hoped it was not too cold for him and all her lizards too.

So far, his father had not caught onto to the fact that Bernd was sneaking downstairs to spend the odd night or two with her. Tonight they had decided to sleep naked together and while it was fun in the beginning, as the night wore on the house became much cooler. Unable to take the cold anymore, Bernd said softly, “Hey, Amber? You awake?”

She groaned, hoping he could hear her displeasure at being woken up. Amber felt him move closer, the bed dipping, as he struggled to keep his shivering from disturbing her in his quest for more body heat. She remained still, hoping he would think she was really asleep.


Bowing to the inevitable, she grumbled, “What?”

“I’m cold. You cold?” Bernd shivered.

“I’m fine.” Aside from the human Popsicle wedged up behind her, Amber was bundled up tight, like she always was, so she was actually pretty warm, despite her cold room. Being naked under the blankets really did not make much of a difference to her since once she fell asleep, it could be sixty degrees in her room or a hundred. She wished Bernd would be as adaptable and just settle down and go to sleep and forget about the cold.

“Oh… Do you think the critters are cold?”

Amber sighed. “I’ve got the thermometers in there to keep an eye on things and they have heat from the hot rocks and the heat lights from earlier. They’re all bundled up and besides, the thermal stuff from the coolers keeps stuff warm that’s already warm.”

“Oh…” Bernd, thinking about his nice and warm room upstairs, said, “How do you sleep down here?”

Amber shrugged and rolled over to face him. “I dunno, I just do.”

He nodded. “And you don’t get cold?” Bernd was now seriously wishing he had not insisted they sleep naked. He was so cold, he was sure his goose bumps had goose bumps.

She smiled. “Sometimes, but then I put on socks.”

“That’s it? Socks and you’re warm?” Bernd put his cold feet on her leg. He whined when Amber abruptly moved away.

“That’s cuz I sleep warmer than you do.” And I’m also not a giant wuss…

“I know…”

He snuggled closer again, drawn to her warmth, but this time he kept his feet away from her. Bernd wanted a pair of her socks, but he was afraid of getting out of bed and getting frostbitten toes while hurrying over to her dresser and back. Amber sighed and rolled on her side, facing away from him. She reached behind for him, pulling him close, and hoping the shared body heat would be enough to get him to drift off to sleep so she could too without him turning her into an icicle in the process. Bernd did what he could to steal her body heat, but it was not enough. He was of too slight a build to have much body fat thanks to his picky eating. He shivered as he snaked an arm around her.

Amber sighed again. “So what can I do to end your suffering, aside from taking you out behind the stable and shooting you?”

“Ummm... hold me?” Bernd hoped that by having her arms around him, he would feel much warmer and could fall asleep. He was grinning when she wriggled around to face him again.

“Come’re.” Amber held him close.

Bernd snuggled in, enjoying her warmth. He was amazed at how hot she felt next to him. “Hey Amber? You sure you’re not sick? You feel like you got a fever.” He shivered when she shifted into a more comfortable position.

She snorted in amusement. “I’m not sick; you’re just an ice cube.”

He rolled his eyes at her. “I can’t help it; I’m cold.”

“It’s the hair.” Amber reached over and ruffled it. “Something mistook you for Jack Frost and is taking it too seriously,” she babbled at him. Tired, she wanted to go back to sleep while it was still easy to do so.

“Yeah?” Bernd blinked. I wonder if that “Jack Frost” hoodie that you made for me upset that something… He snuggled closer, resting his head on her large breasts, while she held him. Bernd sighed contentedly as he cupped a breast.

“Aren’t you any warmer yet?” Amber groaned. As much as she enjoyed messing around with him in bed, it was late for one thing, and the last thing wanted was him starting something he was too tired to finish.

Bernd shook his head. “No…” he whined, although he loved nestling his head on her cleavage.

“So why don't you steal some socks?”

“Cuz then I’ll have to get out of bed and I'll freeze to death before I take two steps.”

Amber heaved a long suffering sigh. “There are cold blooded creatures surviving in here, Bernd.”

“But... I don’t have any blood anymore. It froze in my veins.”


“I’m so cold, my blood froze in my veins.” He put a cold foot back on her leg for emphasis.

Amber shivered, pulling her leg away. “You’re just tiny and have no padding. You do not have frozen blood.”

“Oh… but I feel like I’ll never thaw out.”

“If it’ll quit your whining, we’ll have sex.”

Bernd was as happy as if she promised to wrap him in furs and turn the heat up to at least ninety degrees. “Yeah?” He hugged her.

“Yeah. Remember that thing I was telling you about from history class? About the Second World War experiments where they found that the best way to improve body heat was sex.”

“Awesomeness!! Let's do it!”

Amber snorted in amusement at his eagerness. “Well, get some of that frozen blood in the right place,” she smirked.

“It’s kinda hard, cuz it’s frozen…” he whined.

“Already?” Amber reached down between them for his cock. She was surprised it was not as hard as she had expected. Bernd apparently was willing, even if his cock was not, as he thrust into her hand. Wrapping her hand around it, she stroked him. “So what can I do to wake him up a bit faster?”

Bernd thought about it. “Well your mouth is warm.” His cock twitched in her hand and he whined when she let go. She kissed his nose, before scooting down under the blankets without more provocation. He liked how eager she was, but he hated the fact that the warmth seemed to disappear along with her.

Amber held his semi-flaccid cock in her hand. She stroked it a few more times, before engulfing it with her mouth. Encouraged by his loud moaning, she did her best to stiffen him up, and despite his chattering teeth and shivering, it actually did not take much for him to get hard. Mission accomplished, she slithered back up his body and kissed him. She moaned softly when Bernd ground his hips against hers. She had the feeling he was more excited by the return of her body heat than the thought of sex, but said nothing, since he had stopped whining.

Bernd, having thawed out a bit, asked, “Where’s the condoms?”


“Okay…” As much as he hated saying it, as he was busy sucking the heat from her, he added, “Ummm, you need to get off me so I can get one.” He whined wordlessly for the umpteenth time that night when she squirmed off him. Bernd sat up and shivered as he reached over and opened the drawer in the nightstand. He fished around in there, quickly finding what he was looking for. He pulled out a condom and tried to open the little packet with his icy fingers, nearly ripping it.

“Here,” Amber said as she took it from him. “One of these days, you’re going to have to open them by yourself without ripping it.”

He blushed. “I know, I know, but my hands are cold and it’s hard to open them at the best of times.” He refrained from mentioning that he sometimes practiced opening them and that he ripped them every time.

“I know, so you get a pass this time.” She opened it.

“Thanks.” He took it back, surprisingly rolling it onto his cock with no trouble while she waited. There was an awkward moment when they lay there, huddling for warmth under the blankets, while they silently tried to figure out how to do it. Bernd finally broke the silence. “Ummm... what's the best way we should do this so we stay warm?”

“Closely? They didn’t exactly cover that in AP history.”

“Damn! Maybe I should just top you and stay under the blankets?”



Bernd moved to lie on top of her. With a bit of help from Amber, he got situated and pushed inside. It did not take long for him to get his rhythm going. She moaned softly and wrapped her legs around him. They moved as one and Bernd liked that as it felt good. He was also starting to feel warmer. He wanted to keep going, but the little jolts of pleasure that pooled deep within his cock were pushing for a quick release. Amber was also getting close and when he sped up, she started to cum along with him. They climaxed together, and lay there, joined as one, panting. Feeling a lot better as well as warmer, Bernd pulled out and rolled off her.

“Thanks,” he said, nuzzling her cheek. “I feel a lot warmer now.”

“Good.” She nuzzled him back.

Bernd reluctantly pushed down the blankets and took off the condom. He quickly grabbed a tissue from the box on the nightstand and wrapped it up. He left it on her nightstand, before diving back under the covers. Amber chuckled as he scooted closer and she held him, knowing how much he loved cuddling after sex. They kissed and when he deepened it, she kissed him back just as deeply. She liked the way his hand wandered down her back to cup her butt, especially since he did not feel as cold as he had earlier. When he squeezed it, she wiggled against him and he moaned softly. Amber kissed him. Bernd smirked and peppered her face with little kisses.

Amber giggled and he grinned back at her. She could see he was feeling better and that had her smiling. She quirked an eyebrow when his grin faded and he grew more serious. “What?”

“Thanks. I think you definitely saved me from freezing to death.” He smiled shyly at her. “You can also tell your teacher those studies were right about the sex,” he teased.

“That was a high school class.”

Bernd blinked. “It was? Why didn’t I take that class?”

AP history, remember?”


“Yeah.” Amber rested her forehead against his.

Bernd sighed. He wished he was smart enough to have taken that class with her as he had the feeling it would have been awesome. Amber, sensing his mood heading south, held him close. Lately, the littlest thing could send him on a downward spiral and she was worried about him. The physical closeness did the trick, however, and he relaxed as he snuggled in. Amber kissed his forehead.


“Sweet dreams, Amber…”

They lay there, wrapped in each other’s arms, and sharing their warmth, as they drifted off to sleep.


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Jan. 29th, 2015 04:48 am (UTC)
Oh I liked it. And I'm with you Amber, I'm warm, maybe occasionally need socks
Jan. 29th, 2015 10:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Yeah? I'm more like Bern, freezing unless I've got a ton of blankets & socks. XD
Jan. 30th, 2015 03:19 am (UTC)
Jan. 30th, 2015 04:09 am (UTC)
Feb. 3rd, 2015 03:11 am (UTC)
Oh, like all their moments together, this was so crystalline and beautiful, you two! Amber and Bernd always seem so real, with their warts and their insecurities but at the same time, the seems better, more warm-hearted than we out here in the RL world could ever be. I loved the skinny-frigid-whiny guy characterization - I have one here, right now! I'm more like Amber - like to sleep in nothing but a smile, most nights. Her concern for her brittle man is both tense and sweet; not everything is bright, fuzzy and cute in their world, obviously - and I loved that little peek past the fairytale curtain, so to speak. Keep it up; this world is such a great place you've created! Can't wait to read more (And sorry it took some long for me to do so...)

*** Can I also say I love the sexy plush vibe I get off of Amber? She seems so soft and female and utterly gorgeous to me. Never liked the bony girls, myself - women are supposed to feel soft! ;) ***
Feb. 3rd, 2015 03:57 am (UTC)
YAY! Thanks, n0t-chan! Yeah? XD *laughs* I thought you would! ;p *laughs* As fat as I am, I'm like Bernd. I get COLD when I sleep; even in the summer. XD I'm glad that you do. Poor Amber has her hands full with him at times; he's a mess, but he does his best to pull it together for her, even if it isn't always that easy to do. Thank you! I'm glad you like this lil world we've created! :D More is coming. It's a bit hard for me to write it, so I do lil bits here & there. ^^; (It's okay; you've got school & all! *huggles*)

Yes, you can! We're sooo glad you like her! I agree, girls should be soft & curvy & not look like boys with boobs. XD
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