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Cross-posted from Hentai Contest


Title: In the Studio
Fandom: Hetalia
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Germany/Italy, Romano
Genres: romance
Warnings: none
Word Count: 666
Summary: Italy thinks Germany is a tasty piece of eye candy…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Jen, for looking this over for me.

Italy looked up from his sketchbook to study his model Germany. He thought the way the sunlight was pouring in from his studio window, illuminating his best friend’s nude form was divine in the sense of God-given. Going back to his drawing, Italy quickly blocked in his friend so he could complete it, before Germany got tired of holding the simple pose. He sighed.

“Are you okay?” Germany said.

“Yeah. Can you hold the pose for another five minutes?”


Italy sketched, careful to keep a tight rein on his feelings. His friend could get extremely shy at the most inopportune moments and the last thing he wanted was a quick end to his drawing session. Italy was so focused on his sketch that he never heard Romano approach.

“What the hell?! Put that shit away!! Nobody wants to see your fucking potato dick!!”

Italy frowned. “Fratello! Stop harassing my model!”

“It’s the Potato-bastard! And he’s naked!! Has he no shame?!” Romano gestured wildly in Germany’s direction.

Germany was so mortified; he wanted to die on the spot. He was also cursing himself soundly for leaving the robe behind in the little powder room along with his clothes.

“Fratello! He has shame. See? He’s blushing, but there’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing! The naked body is a beautiful thing!” Italy said in Italian as he turned in his seat to face his brother. “There are many beautiful works of art that celebrate it!”

Romano glared at him. “I know that, stupid! But that’s the Potato-bastard! What the fuck does he know about art?”

“He knows plenty enough to willingly pose nude for me so I can draw him!”

Romano looked at his brother like he did not believe a word he said. He folded his arms across his chest. “Tell him to get dressed!”

“No! He’s beautiful and I like looking at him!”

“He’s ugly like a potato!” Romano said as he steadfastly refused to look in Germany’s direction.

“He’s tasty and delicious cuz he’s what America calls eye candy!”

Germany stood there, wishing a hole would open up in the floor so he could hide in it. He could not follow a single word of the brothers’ rapid-fire Italian, except for a few words here and there. His name and America’s being some of them, and something he thought was “eye candy,” although he was not sure. It was confusing as well as humiliating as they both seemed to have forgotten his presence, but then he decided that was not really a bad thing. Germany was about to step down off the modeling platform and hurry over to retrieve his robe, when Romano threw his hands up in the air and stalked backed into the main part of the house.

“I’m sorry, Germany. My brother doesn’t mean to be such an idiot.” Italy smiled.

Germany could not help smiling back at him as Romano usually called his friend the idiot, not the other way around. “It’s alright.” He blushed. “I’m sorry my uh… nakedness bothers him.”

Italy shrugged. “Romano just angry cuz he’s not eye candy like you are, although Spain thinks he is.” He chuckled.

Germany laughed, when it struck him. “You think I’m eye-candy…?” He felt his cheeks heating up again.

“Yeah! Germany is very beautiful! It’s a pity he covers everything up all the time.” Italy sighed.

“Uh, well, yeah,” Germany sputtered.

Italy finished his sketch. “I’m done; so why don’t you take a break?”

“Okay.” Germany went to get his robe from the bathroom.

“Germany?” Italy called out to him.

“What?” He paused.

“Do you think I’m eye candy?”

Germany nodded.

“Yay!” Italy hugged him. “Germany thinks I’m eye candy!”

As if to underscore his feelings, Germany’s cock got hard as he held his friend, prompting Italy to suggest they do something to really make Romano angry. Thinking that was an excellent idea, he led Italy over to the old sofa in the corner of the studio for some fun…


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