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Valentine Bingo! 4: "The Light"

The Light

by kira

Author’s note: Thanks to Kat, who often write these two with me, for looking this over and making sure they were in character and for coming up with a title.

You turn the darkness into light, Amber… Bernd thought as he sat in his room, writing in his journal. He was having a terrible day and had had a horrific fight with his father that had descended into a screaming match. Bernd had not felt that out of control in a long time and he had been doing a great job of self-destructing when Amber had shown up. As he sat there, trying to recall what the fight had been about, all he could remember was apologizing profusely to his father when he realized she was there and basically throwing himself at her. None of that changed the fact he was grounded, but it make things easier to bear.

Putting his pen down, Bernd wished he was downstairs with Amber while she spoke to his father. He glanced around the room, anxiously wondering what was taking her so long. Picking up his pen again, Bernd decided to list the ways she “turned the darkness into light,” but could only come up with “cuz you care.” Maybe that’s enough… he thought. Bernd knew his family cared about him; otherwise, he would not be having such vicious fights with his father, or his brother, whenever Dieter got involved. He set his pen down and closed his journal. Getting up from his desk, Bernd walked over to his bed and flopped down on it.

Feeling very sorry for himself and bored, Bernd closed his eyes. He started to drift off to sleep when he heard what sounded like the door to his room opening. He pretended to be asleep; hoping whoever it was would get the hint and leave him alone. Unfortunately, the bed dipped and the next thing he knew, an arm had snaked around him, holding him close, as the person snuggled in behind him.

“You okay?”

I am now, Amber… “Yeah…”

“It’s only two weeks and Vati’s not that angry anymore.”

He shrugged.

He sighed and rolled over to face her. “Why does he care what color my hair is?”

Amber cupped his cheek. “Because your hair’s pink.”


“So, how many guys do you know that have pink hair?”


“His hair’s blue now. And uh… “


“Don’t take this the wrong way, because you know I love you…” The ghost of a smile tugged the corners of her mouth upwards.


“You look like a girl… And a very pretty one too.” Amber kissed his nose.

“Good thing you like girls, hunh?”


“And that’s why Vati’s so mad?” Bernd frowned.


“Oh…” He sighed.

“You okay?”

Bernd nodded. He blinked a few times as his eyes were welling up with tears. He was a swirling mass of emotions and he felt mostly hurt by his father’s reaction. Amber had teal colored hair, her twin James even briefly had pink hair and he was the one who gave Bernd the box of dye, and Dieter even had had green hair for a couple of weeks thanks to some packets of Kool-Aid, a bad idea from Tino, and Spirit Week at their high school, but it did not faze their father. However, when he dyed his hair a soft shade of pink his father went ballistic and Bernd could not understand why as he saw nothing wrong with how he looked. He always looked girly in his opinion, even though he wore his naturally light, almost white, blond hair short; his softer, more delicate features never really said “boy” to him whenever he looked in the mirror. Besides, the only times he ever wished he was a girl was when Amber was out on a date with one of her girlfriends. Since he always looked different from most people, he learned to embrace it, and dying his hair pink, was one of the ways he did it.

“You sure?” Amber gently probed.

He shrugged. A single tear leaked out of the corner of his eye and he sniffed loudly to keep the rest at bay.

Resting her forehead on his, she said, “Baby, what’s wrong?”

Bernd was about to tell her, when the storm of emotion passed, leaving him exhausted. He took a deep breath, and staring myopically at her, he said, “You’re my light in the darkness.”

“Yeah? And there’s light now?” Amber frowned, hoping he was alright.

“Yeah… Thanks.” Bernd kissed her. “Can you hold me?”

“Sure.” She rolled over onto her back and when he snuggled up to her, Amber wrapped her arms around him. She continued to hold him as he drifted off to sleep.



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