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Some Things Never Change

by kira

Author’s note: Thanks to Kat, who often write these two with me, for looking this over and making sure they were in character.

Bernd slowly surfaced from his dream. He was spooned in behind Amber, his arm around her in a loving embrace. He had woken up hard and he wanted a bit of fun, but he also knew better than to wake her. When she shifted in her sleep and rubbed against him, it was all he could do to keep from moaning and waking her up. The unintentional tease had felt good and he wanted more.

He had desired her as far back as he could remember when he thought about it. He had old journals devoted to the times he had played “the towel game” with her, to the first time he put on a condom, to the first time they made love without one to which Amber called him a modern day Casanova. When he failed to get her meaning, she explained he kept a journal of his escapades that eventually became his memoires, prompting Bernd to find a copy of the book to read. It was one of the few highlights in an otherwise troubled youth. That book, which she gave him for his twenty-first birthday, inspired a lot of things they had gotten up to in their college days. Owning his own copy of the famous lover’s memoirs was just gravy, in Bernd’s humble opinion, and a welcome distraction for those times when porn did not do it and Amber was busy with other things, like Greta or their children.

Now in his fifties and a grandfather as well, Bernd still desired Amber as much as he had when he was a teenager, if not more. She was the reason he got up in the morning, his muse behind his own foray into writing a novel, his strength during the times when his insecurities got the better of him and his depression threatened to rear its ugly head again. She was the love of his life and then some. As if to underscore how much he loved and desired her, Bernd pressed his hardness against her.

“Bernd…?” Amber murmured sleepily. “What’re you doin’?”

“Nothing…” He kissed her shoulder.

“Then get your cock out of my ass and stop doing nothing…” Amber cracked open an eye and looked at the clock on her bedside table. She groaned. “It’s way too early for your nonsense. Now go to sleep.”

He whined. While the moment had passed, her annoyed tone working wonders at cooling his ardor, he still wanted her. If his beloved wanted to wait until she felt more wide awake for a bit of fun in bed, he could wait. Bernd knew from experience, the longer he had to wait for her, the more he desired her, and the more fun they had when he showed her exactly how much he did.

Snuggling up against her, Bernd drifted off to sleep again, dreaming about all the things he wanted to do to her once they were awake and ready to face the day…



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