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Title: Getting Ready
Fandom: Inuyasha
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Jakotsu/Bankotsu
Genres: romance
Warnings: none
Word Count: 666
Summary: Bankotsu’s watches his life-partner Jakotsu get ready for a party…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Jen, for looking this over for me.
Author’s note2: Thanks to Kat for suggesting Jakotsu.
Author’s note 3: This is part of my modern AU where Jak’s an “actress” and Ban, an ex-rock star, owns his own record label & manages a band.

Jakotsu ran his hand over his lower face. He groaned when he felt a bit of stubble on his chin. Grabbing his razor, he headed into the master bathroom; leaving Bankotsu to get dressed for the party on his own. A few minutes later, Jakotsu returned, feeling a lot smoother than he had before. He smiled at Bankotsu in passing and sat down at his vanity. Jakotsu leaned forward and gazed into the mirror. A beautiful man, he was an even more beautiful woman. He saw his life-partner’s reflection in it and smiled.

Bankotsu sat on the edge of the bed. He put his dress socks on as he watched his life-partner get ready. He always found it amazing at how easy Jakotsu made the transformation from male to female look, although he knew it was a half a lifetime’s worth of practice. He watched as Jakotsu did his hair up in a simple bun on the crown of his head, tucking a few stray wisps of hair behind his ears.

Jakotsu reached for the bottle of foundation, shaking it, before applying it to his face. Grabbing a makeup sponge, he blended it on his skin. Jakotsu followed that with a light dusting of powder to set it. Eyeliner was next and Bankotsu watched as his life-partner drew on the perfect wing-line in one stroke, making his almond shaped eyes look even bigger than normal. A bit of shadow and mascara, and the beautiful woman that Jakotsu was known for being began to emerge. The cross-dresser finished applying his makeup. He turned and gave Bankotsu a sultry pout.

“You like?” he purred.

Bankotsu nodded.

Jakotsu giggled. Getting up from his vanity, he turned to face his life-partner. Jakotsu unknotted his sash, letting his kimono fall open, revealing his undergarments.

Bankotsu moaned softly. His life-partner was wearing the red silk and lace teddy he had given him for his birthday. A red and black satin garter belt held up a pair of black fishnet stockings.

His kimono fell to the floor when Jakotsu took a step forward. Despite his growing bulge that refused to stay tucked up, the cross-dresser still moved with all the grace of a woman, furthering the illusion.

Bankotsu groaned softly. He was ready to go, and yet, as he met his beloved halfway for a kiss, he wondered if they would have time for a quickie. He reached up to loosen his tie when Jakotsu broke the kiss.

“Ban Honey, as much as I’d love it if you’d put my ankles around my ears and pound me into the mattress, we have to go in a few and I need to finish getting dressed.” Jakotsu soften his rejection with a kiss.


“If you’re good, I’ll let you ravish me in the cab on the way home.”

“Sweetness,” Bankotsu whined.

“Sorry, Ban Honey. I also wish we didn’t have to go, but I’m the star of Tsukikage…”

“I know,” Bankotsu sighed. He often had similar engagements as the owner of his own record label and he knew Jakotsu was right.

“So be a sweetie and help pour me into my dress, okay?”

“Okay.” Bankotsu reached for Jakotsu’s dress. It was short and formfitting, and Bankotsu thought his life-partner looked like a billion yen in it. He especially liked the way Jakotsu’s legs seemed to go on forever, before disappearing up under the hem when he put it on.

Jakotsu adjusted his breast prostheses, before smoothing the lines of the dress. Turning round, he said, “Can you zip me up?”

Bankotsu complied, even though he wished he was undressing his life-partner. When Jakotsu turned around, Bankotsu’s mouth hung open. If he did not know any better, he would have sworn it was a woman, standing there.

Jakotsu smiled saucily at him. “You know, I could always show up fashionably late to the party.” He winked.

“Works for me!” Bankotsu loosened his tie, before carrying Jakotsu over to the bed for a bit of fun.


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Mar. 15th, 2015 02:40 am (UTC)
I'm always happy to see Ban and Jak!
Mar. 15th, 2015 04:04 am (UTC)
YAY! I'm so glad you're happy to see them! :D
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