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Cross posted from Madrona Project

Title: The Tale of the Pie Thief
Author: kira
Word Count: 585
World: Capital city of Madrona
Main Characters: Sugar (a dog), Bethany (11 year girl) & Gabriel (14 year old boy)
Borrow: yes
Summary: Sugar, Bethany, and Gabriel celebrate Sovereignty Days in their own special way…
Author’s Note: Thanks to Kat for pinking this for me.

Sugar nosed around the marketplace, looking for food, not that he was hungry, but she was. He trotted over to a group of people, tongue lolling, tail wagging, and sat. Sugar let out a soft whine while he waited and it was not long until the treats started coming his way. He wagged his tail, a soft thumping on the ground, when the first bit of food landed in front of him. He stood and quickly wolfed it down. It was sweet, but tasty, and much to his delight, all it took was a few soft “woofs” and they were tossing more of the sweet treats at him.

Sugar inched his way closer, sniffing the ground and occasionally looking up at them. More treats were rained down on him and he licked his chops in appreciation. Embolden by the way no one seemed to pay him much mind, and those that did, were full of pats to the head and scratches behind his ears, Sugar whined as he watched a particularly fat one reach for something on the large trestle table. His sensitive nose helped Sugar figure out that the table was loaded with treats. Tail wagging, he stood his ground when the fat one, took a bit of treat and gave it to another one, all the while trying to shoo him away. When the fat one was not looking, Sugar stood up on his hind legs and grabbed the metal pie tin with his mouth. Before the fat one could do more than yell at him, Sugar took off into the crowds amid the laughter of several bystanders.

Sugar raced through the crowds, careful not to lose his prize, looking for a safe place to enjoy his treat. It did not take long for him to find it and he settled down next to the table of cloth merchant for a quick bite of treat. The others that were there found it amusing as tales of the “pie thief” had spread quickly through the crowds of people enjoying Sovereignty Days. Sugar picked up the pie tin and took off again. This time he was intent on finding her so that he could share his treat. A few minutes later, he found her by the flower seller’s booth. She was with him and trotting over to them, he dropped the pin tin and barked.

“Sugar?” Bethany said as she reached out for him.

Sugar barked again and she laughed.

“Sugar!” Gabriel yelled. “Damn it!” he swore. “Sugar’s the stupid dog that stole the pie! Bad dog!”

“Sugar!” Bethany giggled. “It’s their own fault, Gabe, for leaving the pie where a dog could get it. Besides, he can’t help doing what he’s always done to survive. He’s stolen sausages at Vine Fest, someone’s Sinterklaas goose, that bucket of minnows during Pirate Days…” She laughed. “And now a pie, you silly dog.” Bethany knelt and Sugar came over to her. She hugged him, before getting to her feet. “Come, Sugar,” she said as she held out her hand for Gabriel to take. Blind, she relied on him and the dog to help her get around the streets of Madrona.

Sugar barked at her as if in agreement. Scarfing up the last of the pie out of the tin, he trotted after them as they moved away from the scene of his “crime.” His belly full, the dog stayed out of trouble for the most part, leaving his “pack” free to enjoy the fun of Sovereignty Days.


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Apr. 25th, 2015 03:56 am (UTC)
Cute! It's nice to see a service dog in a fantasy story.
Apr. 25th, 2015 04:15 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :D

Bethany would probably tell you, Sugar's just a dog. :D (but he does look out for her & help her. :D)
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