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Title: Girl of His Dreams
Fandom: FMA
Author: Jen & kira
Chars/Pairs: Roy/Ed
Genres: smut
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1571
AN: Happy 5/20 :D
The characters are probably a bit ooc too (especially since kira only knows them through friends’ ficcage), but it was fun to write, so enjoy!

Ed walked into the bedroom, his heart beating with nervous excitement. He knew he was really putting himself out there, but he wanted to do something special for Roy. His dark haired lover was a difficult man to figure out. He never let on what really got him going, just what didn't particularly thrill him in bed. Havoc had let something slip the other day about Roy having a thing for tiny miniskirts, and Ed decided, why not? So here he was, somewhere between really excited that he might finally get an enthusiastic reaction from Roy and feeling utterly silly in the tiniest miniskirt he could find that would still hide his junk from casual view and not much else.

Catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror over Roy’s dresser, Ed paused and stared at his reflection. Despite being completely flat-chested, the shy smile that tugged at his lips gave his features a feminine air. Taking a deep breath, Ed felt as though he could do it. He stalked over to the bed and sat down; arranging his skirt in what he hoped was a coquettish way, while he waited for Roy to hurry up and get his ass in here. Ed crossed his leg over the automail one, and lacing his fingers together, he held his knee.

Roy sauntered into his bedroom, his uniform jacket slung over his arm. He took a quick double take at Ed, before letting his gaze roam over the younger State Alchemist. Grinning wolfishly at Ed, he said, “What do we have here?” Roy definitely liked what he saw and he waited with infinite patience for Ed’s explanation.

“It’s called a miniskirt, you asshole!”

Tossing his uniform jacket on the chair in his room, Roy sat down next to Ed on the bed. He ran his hand ever so lightly up Ed’s thigh. “I know,” he purred.

Ed shivered at the Flame Alchemist’s touch. He also felt his cheeks heating up. Flustered, he giggled nervously, unintentionally acting the part of a shy young girl. Noting the play of emotion on Roy’s face, he decided to be the girl of Roy’s dreams to the best of his ability. He squirmed visibly as he halted the progress of that light, warm hand up his thigh, gripping his wrist firmly but not too tight.

“You could at least buy a girl a drink first,” he said huskily.

Roy looked confused for a moment, but Ed shot him a play along dipshit look and an uncanny gleam began to shine in Roy's eyes.

“Yes, where are my manners. Sorry to say the only choice I have here is bourbon on the rocks, or... milk.”

Ed sputtered wordlessly. “Milk?!” he finally managed to get out. Ed pushed Roy away and stood up. He glared at the Flame Alchemist, who had face-planted onto the spot Ed just vacated. “Milk?! What do I look like, a tiny little baby?! Some undersized kid?!”

Roy sat up. “No, Ed… You look like the prettiest, hottest, and dare I say ‘petite’ girl I have ever seen?” He got up and swept Ed into his arms, pulling him close.

Ed rolled his eyes. “That’s the famous ‘Mustang charm’ I’ve heard so much about?” He was not impressed. His anger over the milk was forgotten as he tried to wrap his brain around and reconcile the lame-assed come-on he just got with the twittering oohs and aaahs he had heard from the girls at their headquarters. He was pretty much amazed how that kind of crap worked so well on women.

Roy frowned. “Yeah…” The look on his face was as if he could not understand why that line did not have the desired effect on Ed. His jaw tightened and Ed thought that he was going to actually get upset over it.

Roy Mustang upset and moody was not the direction Ed had planned to take this evening.

"Well, Mr. Tall Dark and Charming, how about that drink? The bourbon please," he said, leaning toward Roy enticingly, in an effort to salvage the situation. "But first, how about a kiss?"

Murmuring a reply too soft for Ed to hear, Roy leaned in and kissed him. Since he had been about to ask him to repeat what he had said, Roy caught him with mouth slightly open. He pressed his advantage, sliding his tongue past the young alchemist’s lips. He explored the warm confines of Ed’s mouth with his tongue and just when Roy was about to pull back, Ed woke up and kissed him back just as deeply.

They kissed each other hungrily, their hands pawing at each other’s clothing and sneaking the occasional grope or two, as they shuffled sideways towards the bed. Coming up for air, Roy picked Ed up and carried him over to the bed, where he tenderly laid him down. He scooted to the side, his mini skirt hiking itself up and flashing Roy an eyeful of black silk covered junk, before Ed hastily pulled it down.

Grinning wolfishly, Roy pounced and Ed squealed in surprise like a girl. He even blushes like one… Roy thought as he slowly unbuttoned the young alchemist’s shirt. He trailed a line of butterfly soft kisses down Ed’s throat and licked the hollow of his throat. Ed squirmed under him, unintentionally, or perhaps intentionally, rubbing against him. Feeling him growing hard, Roy chose to ignore it. In his head, Ed was the girl he was pretending to be, and if there was one thing Roy loved above all, it was a sweet young thing in his bed. He slid up Ed’s body and kissed him as he fondled Ed’s nonexistent boob. Not that that mattered; Ed responded just like Roy’s female lovers with a soft moan and a bucking of his hips.

He could feel Ed was rock hard and in need of release, but Roy took his time with the foreplay. As much as he wanted him as hot and bothered and dripping wet like the girl of his dreams there was no way that was going to happen, unless Ed was hiding a pussy under his balls. So Roy took a different tack and did his best to seduce him into giving him a little tail. He gave Ed all his best lines and this time it worked.

“You wanna cum for me, Baby?” Roy purred in Ed’s ear.

“Yes…” Ed said breathlessly as he sprawled wantonly on the bed.

Roy slid his hands up Ed’s skirt and pulled his panties down carefully over his swollen cock. He slid the bit of black lace down his thighs, exposing his lover’s junk. Roy grinned as he caressed Ed’s inner thigh. He bent and planted a few kisses here and there, driving Ed crazy with desire. He teased his young lover’s hole and Ed moaned.

“Will you hurry up and fuck me already?” Ed panted. “I don’t have all day!”

“If that’s what my Lady wants…?” Roy smirked.

“Shut up! And fuck me! NOW!”

“Yes, Ma’am!” Roy got up out of bed and quickly undressed as his lover kicked off his panties. He reached into the bed side table’s drawer and pulled out the lube. Roy liberally lubed himself up, slicking his thick, hard length, before hurriedly prepping Ed. Tossing the lube back in the drawer, Roy quickly got back into bed.

Ed got up on all fours, pointing his ass in Roy’s general direction. He was so hard, he was sure he was dripping precum all over the place and he had the feeling that when he finally came, he was going to explode all over the bed. He moaned softly when Roy fondled his ass one last time, before fucking him senseless.

Roy soon got his rhythm going. Ed was so tight; it took all of his will not to cum the moment he slid inside him. Moaning, Roy forced himself to slow down. He was with his favorite feisty blond and the gentlemanly part of his brain insisted he make it as good for “her” as it was for him. It was hard, but he somehow managed and Roy rode Ed to one mind numbing, toe curling orgasm. Judging by the happy sounds Ed was making his orgasm was pretty impressive too. “That was…” Roy panted as he pulled out and flopped down on the bed.

“Not too shabby,” Ed smirked.

“What?! I’ll have you know…” Roy began, before cutting himself off at Ed’s silent laughter. “What?”

“If you were about to tell me about how much all of your past lovers have enjoyed being in bed with you, I think I’ve figured out why you were still single when we met. Not that I am complaining about having you free and clear, you know,” he smirked. “Anyway, I think I’ll go get cleaned up,” Ed said as he got up and gathered his bathrobe and a pair of boxers to wear after his shower. Pausing in the doorway to the bathroom, he looked back at Roy and quietly asked, “So, I should keep the skirt?”

Roy let his eyes rove all over the disheveled blonde, his hair coming loose in strands from its normally neat braid, the vest was a thing of the past, and the miniskirt hung from his hips at a revealing and jaunty angle that hid nothing. “Yeah, it’s a good look on you,” he finally said.



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