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Cross-posted from Nordicpalooza

Title: All Apologies
Author/Artist: kira
Prompt: Sweden, Any Nation - Apologies | Modern or 1700s
Other characters: (In order of appearance) Finland, Sealand, England, Denmark, Norway
Rating: OT for “off camera” sex.
Content notes: The following is a sequel of sorts to a fic I co-wrote with two friends of mine, Jen and Kat, called “Ravishing Sweden.” No knowledge of that fic is really necessary to enjoy this, but it does allude to events in that fic. For those who wish to read “Ravishing Sweden” it can be found here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/494063/chapters/864066
Summary: Sweden apologizes for being an arse…

It was a blissful two weeks following the regrettable events of the last World 8 meeting and Sweden could not have been happier. His beloved Finland helped make the time they were stuck in England, thanks to a volcanic eruption in Iceland and the resulting ash cloud closing the airspace to traffic in Europe, memorable. Despite being battered and bruised after having it out with Denmark in the middle of Heathrow Airport, and getting arrested for it, his beloved showed him in no uncertain terms that he loved Sweden just as much as Sweden loved him. When they landed in Sweden’s Arland airport, Finland took charge and it wasn’t long before Sweden was home, with a devoted Finland by his side.

Sealand had been on his best behavior too, giving Sweden and Finland some private “me time” without interruptions. He even took care of Hana-Tomago without any prompting, taking the little white dog for a walk, making sure she had enough food and water, and playing with her. So when Sealand asked if he could go visit Seborga, Sweden was about to agreed to it as he felt the Micro-nation earned it, when Finland pulled him aside.

“Sve, before we let him go, I think you should apologize to him.”

Sweden frowned. “For what?”

“For all those times you sent him over to visit Den and Norge, knowing full well that they wanted to be alone.” Not to mention doing the same to me too…

Sweden blushed and nodded sheepishly at Finland. His beloved had a point, and walking back over to Sealand, he said, “Sealand?”

“Can I go?” Sealand kicked the ball away

“Yeah, but before you get ready to go, I ummm…” Sweden frowned.

“What?” Sealand rocked back and forth on his toes, impatient to go visit his friends.

“I ummm… I hope you don’t think we’re trying to get rid of you, by sending you to visit Den and Norge so much, and I’m sorry if you do,” Sweden said.

“I don’t think that no matter what Uncle Den says!”

“He what?” Sweden felt his anger rising at the thought of the lies his fellow Nordic had been telling the Micro-nation. The fact that there was a tiny grain of truth hidden in there only made him more angry.

“Uncle Den always grumbled about you and Mum trying to get rid of me by always sending me over to visit. I don’t know why he’d think that; I like visiting him and Uncle Norge!” Sealand smiled. “Besides, Uncle Norge always tells me not to listen to his grumbles.”

“Norge is right; you shouldn’t listen to Den’s nonsense,” Finland said.

“So, can I go now?”

Sweden nodded and Sealand ran off, Hana-Tomago barking as she chased after him. He looked at Finland. “Is that good enough? He’s got his heart set on visiting his friends, so he’s not going to pay attention.”

Finland smiled. “He doesn’t pay attention at the best of times.”

Sweden chuckled softly. Sealand’s short attention span was part of the reason he created the dambolis.

“So, yes, that is good enough.”

One down… Sweden thought, before thoughts of an evening alone with Finland crowded everything thing else out. He wondered if his beloved would like to skip dinner and feast on him instead. His cheeks heating up, he gave Finland a shy little half smile.

Finland, trying not to laugh and failing miserably, shook his head at him. Taking Sweden by the hand, he led him to their bedroom so that he could “reclaim his Viking,” not that Sweden was complaining. When Sealand called to ask to stay the night at Seborga’s, the time alone was somehow sweeter because it was the Micro-nation’s choice and not something sneaky planned by Sweden.

They lay there, snuggling together in bed, while basking in the glow of their sexual high. Sweden was feeling thoroughly sated, although, if his beloved wanted a round three, he was not going to say no, or no to rounds four, five and six for that matter. So it was several minutes before he realized that Finland was not asking him if he wanted to be ravished again.


“I said, ‘you know who you should really be apologizing to’,” Finland said.

“Oh…” Sweden replied, although to be fair, he found it hard to think thanks to the way Finland was idly playing with his right nipple. He hazarded a guess anyway. “England?”

Finland sighed. “Not exactly who I was thinking of, but it’ll do. You did cause a ruckus at Heathrow.”

Sweden nodded sheepishly. Even though Denmark and Norway had pushed him to his limits, he did lose control and went berserker on them. That led him to realizing he owed them an apology as well, but he felt he needed the right time and place to do it. Dealing with England first would be easier and Sweden decided easy was the way to go with this. “I have to be there in couple of days for my court appearance, so I’ll make arrangements to meet with him then.”

“Okay.” Finland kissed him. “So, my big, strong Viking, feel up to another round?”

“Yeah…” Sweden lay back and let the fun begin again.


A few days later, Sweden’s flight was landing in Heathrow. He got off the plane and was met by England, who was able to speed things along in customs. It was while they were sitting in the cab on their way to England’s house that Sweden worked up the nerve to apologize.

“Uh… England?”


“I want to thank you for the help at the airport and coming to get me,” Sweden began.

England nodded.

“And I want to apologize.”

“For what?” England frowned. “Your plane was on time, you behaved at the airport, and I hope you’ll conduct yourself with a certain amount of decorum, and uh…” he trailed off. “What?” He heaved a long suffering sigh. “Bloody hell…” he murmured under his breath as he wondered what Sweden wanted.

“For causing a scene at the airport and nearly causing an international incident.”

“Oh… Well, uh… Just behave yourself this time around and all will be well!” England harrumphed. “Bloody wanker!” he said softly as he rubbed tiredly between his eyes. Sweden’s court date was a mere formality as all he needed to do was publicly make amends by admitting his part in the ruckus, and personally paying a stiff fine. The cost of fixing the airport was in part covered by his government; the rest was paid by Denmark’s. It was actually seen as a boost to his country’s economy from the resulting jobs, as well as a nice diplomatic gesture on the part of the two Nordic nations.

Sweden nodded. He had feeling the flight home would not come fast enough and that feeling had nothing to do with his beloved Finland waiting at home for him. He hoped he liked he souvenirs he promised to bring home for him and Sealand. Being at England’s mercy in his country, he hoped the Brit would be agreeable to helping him find something nice.

Thankfully Sweden’s time in England passed quicker than expected. Granted it was only two days, but still, it was two days away from Finland. Last night’s attempt at phone sex was not as much fun as expected, but at least Finland promised to make up for it. Lost in thought of what he would like to do to his beloved when he got home, Sweden never saw the tall blond with the wild shock of hair until he bumped into him. “Sorry…” he muttered.



Denmark laughed. “What’re you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing, but to answer your question I’m on my way home.”

“Missing the wife and kid, hunh?” Denmark smirked.

Sweden frowned. “What of it?”

“Nothing! If you want to have another go at it, let’s wait until we get home, okay? I think we’ve destroyed enough airports to last a few life times, eh?”

Sweden nodded. “Speaking of that…”


“I want to apologize for going berserk on you.”

Denmark shrugged. “Can’t say I didn’t have it coming to me, but damn! You’re scary when you’re pissed, Sve!” He grinned. “You know that?”

Sweden blushed. “No….”

“No seriously! Anyway apology accepted.” Denmark checked the time on his watch. “As much as I’d love to hang with you, Sve, I’ve got a plane to catch and a Norge waiting for me at home.”

Sweden nodded. “Me too. Well, not a Norge.”

Denmark laughed. “Yeah, those days are thankfully long gone, eh?”

“Yeah. And I’m sorry for taking him away from you too.”

“Like I said before, I had it coming to me.” Whatever else Denmark was going to say, was lost when an announcement was made that his plane was boarding. “Sorry, Sve, I really gotta run! Let’s get together sometime when we’re back home, okay?” Without waiting for an answer, he turned and dashed off in the direction of his gate.

Sweden checked his watch. He still had twenty minutes to go before his plane boarded. Heading into one of the numerous newsstands in the airport, he bought a large bottle of water for trip, a few magazines, a bag of trail mix as well as some English candy that Sealand was so fond of and an extra packet of Smarties for himself, which he opened and ate once he had paid for everything.

Taking a seat in the waiting area, Sweden got out his cell phone and dialed Finland’s number. After a couple of rings, he picked up. Sweden was glad it hadn’t gone to voice mail. “Hey… My plane boards in about fifteen minutes. Did you know Den was here too…? Yeah, I saw him, I tried to apologize, but you know how he is… Yeah…” The ghost of a smile tugged at Sweden’s lips. “And England too. What? Tell him I got him some Smarties, an Aero Bar and a couple of Flakies... I’ll see you in couple of hours, okay? Love ya…” Sweden hung up. He glanced over at the person sitting next to him as he leaned over to put his phone away in his back pocket. They smiled weakly at him, before getting up and finding a new seat. I’m sorry I made my “scary face” at you… He thought as he watched the person go.

A few minutes later, they called for boarding and Sweden filed in with the rest of the passengers. The flight home was a good one; he read most of the way until thoughts of the kind of welcome he would be getting made it hard to concentrate on the magazine. Putting it away, Sweden sat back and let his imagination run wild as he lightly dozed off.


A couple of weeks went by, before Sweden was able to get together with Norway. They agreed to meet for lunch at this little café that Sweden liked to go whenever he had important business in the capital. Arriving first, he ordered a coffee while he waited for Norway.

The little bell on the door jangled as Norway entered. Sweden waved at him as his fellow Nordic looked around for him. When he spotted Sweden, Norway walked over to the table. He had just sat down, when the waitress brought over another menu and asked if he wanted coffee.

“Please,” Norway said. When the waitress walked away he said, “I guess you’re going to offer me a half-assed apology too?”

Sweden blushed. “No… And I tried to talk to Den, but he said he had a plane to catch and uh…” He frowned. “I hadn’t planned on seeing him until I got him.”

Norway shrugged and when the waitress returned to take their orders, he ordered the smorgasbord for two. They got up and headed over to the buffet, returning a few minutes later with a plate of food. As they dug into their food, Norway said, “So when are you going to say you’re sorry?”

Sweden looked up at him, red-faced. “I ummm… Now?”

“Okay.” Norway sat back and waited. He picked at his food, while Sweden tried to gather his thoughts under Norway’s intense stare.

“Norge, I just want to say I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you through the years with my uh…”

“Cock-blocking,” Norway prompted.

“Cock-blocking,” Sweden repeated. “And I especially want to apologize for Kiel. I know you weren’t happy…”

“Happy doesn’t begin to cover it, Sve, but I understand why you insisted on that marriage, even if I can’t honestly say I forgive you for it.”


Norway sighed. “You can tell the ‘wife’ I accepted your lame-ass attempt at an apology.” He drank his coffee. “And thanks for lunch, but I’ve got to get going.” Norway stood up to leave. Sweden did as well.

“You’re welcome and thanks.”

“No problem.” Norway left the café.

Sweden finished his lunch, paid the bill and left. He took his time getting home as he had one more apology to make and this one scared him the most. Even though things were great at home and his beloved Finland could not have been more loving in all the centuries he had known him, Sweden still worried about it all coming crashing down on him. After coming so close to losing him, Sweden could not bear the thought of it actually happening.

As he neared home, Sweden stopped at the flower shop and picked up a bouquet of lily-of-the-valleys and twinflowers, those being Finland’s favorite flowers, even though they grew abundantly in the back garden. He also picked up a box of chocolates and a teddy bear, before leaving the shop and making his way home.

Opening the front gate, Sweden looked up in time to see Finland leaving his house. Hana-Tomago also came outside and the little white dog bounded over to him, his beloved following close behind. Sweden smiled.

“Hey, Sve! How was your lunch with Norge?”


“I was going to take Hana-Tomago for a walk, you want to come with?”

Sweden nodded. “Ummm… Here,” he said, handing Finland the flowers, chocolates, and teddy bear.

“Oh my… Thanks, Sve.”

“I’m ummm…” Sweden mentally kicked himself. This was turning out to be more difficult than he expected.

“Apology accepted,” Finland said with a smile.


Finland nodded. “Yeah. We all, I mean I know you’re not very good at expressing yourself, so rather than watch you squirm; I decided to tell you, I forgive you. I know when I had to go live with Russia I was angry you didn’t come and get me right away and even angrier when I heard you married Norge shortly afterwards.”

“Sorry…” Sweden said softly as they walked towards his house.

“But I got over it, until recently when life happened,” Finland babbled on. “And well, it made me realize how much I take you for granted.” He opened the door and they stepped inside, shutting it behind them.

“I was content to be your friend if that’s what you wanted…”

“I know,” Finland said as he headed towards the kitchen, Sweden following along behind him. He got out a vase, filling it water and adding the flowers his Viking gave him. “But I think I want more, Sve.”


“Yeah…” Finland hugged him. When he tilted his head up to look at him, Finland was not surprised in the least to see Sweden leaning towards him for a kiss. So he did the only thing he could, he met him half way…


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