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Cross-posted from Hentai Contest

Title: Truly Beautiful to Behold
Author: kira
Fandom: Hetalia
Characters/Pairing: Gilbert (Prussia)/Ludwig (Germany)
Prompt: Lingerie
Warning: Germancest/incest between brothers
Words: 2107
Summary: Gilbert talks his brother into getting a role in their college production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show amongst other things...
Author’s Note: Thanks to my beta Jen for pinking this for me. Thanks also to Kat for suggesting a title from some Rocky Horror song lyrics.
Author’s Note 2: Some lyrics to the song “Sweet Transvestite” by Richard O’Brien are quoted below. Title comes from another song, “Rose Tint My World” also by Richard O’Brien.

I’m just seven hours old
Truly beautiful to behold
And somebody should be told
My libido hasn’t been controlled
In an orgasmic rush of lust
Rose tints my world
And keeps me safe from my trouble and pain…
From “Rose Tints My World” by Richard O’Brien

“West! Come’re!!” Gilbert called out as he stuck his head out his bedroom door. He was standing there in a garter belt, black satin panties, and a pair of fishnet stockings. Gilbert held a black lace corset in his hand. His face was made up like a drag queen’s, the vampy red lipstick and heavy black eyeliner making his normally pale complexion rather pasty-looking. “West!!”

Ludwig hurried downstairs to his brother’s room. The sight that greeted him, made him pause. “Gil?” He tilted his head from side to side and blinked as he took in his brother’s getup.

“Yeah?” Gilbert frowned at his brother. “Get your arse in here and help me with this!” He waved the corset around.

“Oh-kay…” Ludwig slowly made his way into his brother’s room, despite the death glares and silent pleas to “hurry the hell up!!” As bazaar as his brother looked, he also looked kind of hot too. Ludwig felt his cheeks heating up at the thought of what he would like to do to him.

“West!” Gilbert rolled his eyes at the dopey look on his brother’s face. “So you like what you…” he paused dramatically. “See…” he purred as he strode towards Ludwig, swaying his hips and trying hard to be the sexiest thing alive. It worked and Gilbert chuckled at the growing bulge in his brother’s pants. “So you gonna help me with this?” he held up the corset and licked his lips.

Ludwig swallowed. He stared at his older brother for several long seconds as what he just said wrapped itself slowly around his brain. It took its sweet time too as it slid past the images of his brother in the garter belt and stockings. It also warred briefly with images of him fucking Gilbert’s brain out.

“West?” Gilbert grinned. “Lutz? You in there?” He waved his hand in front of his brother’s face. “Earth to Lutz, come in!”

He nodded and Ludwig slowly moved forward. It was like a dream the way he took the corset from his brother and helped him into it. Or more like a dream running backwards, as the last thing Ludwig wanted to do was help his brother get dressed. He sighed softly as he laced him into it and when he was done, he leaned in for a kiss, only to have Gilbert push him away. “What?” Ludwig frowned.

“You don’t want Feli to think you’ve been kissing some girl, do you?”

Ludwig blushed. He shook his head.

“Oh… And speaking of Feli, he’s in the play too.”

“What play?”

“Rocky Horror. I’m going to be Dr. Frank N. Furter! It’s gonna be awesome!!” Gilbert grinned. “Francis said I’m a natural and Feli’s gonna be one of the Transylvanians. You know, the chorus. Oh!!” His eyes lit up as an evil thought crossed his mind.

“What…?” Ludwig was not sure he was going to like where this was heading. He enjoyed watching the various plays his brother had been in as well as his best friend and would-be lover Feliciano, but Ludwig never felt the need to be onstage, nor did he feel the need to work behind the scenes on things like their friends Feliks and Toris did. Their cousin Roderich was another story all together. He never failed to amaze Ludwig with the way he could switch roles from music director to actor and sometimes in the same play.

“Francis originally cast Ivan as Rocky, but he changed his mind when Natalia showed up. You know how clingy she is and he got the bright idea to cast her as Columbia and Ivan as Eddie. Both Ivan and Francis agreed that was a good choice. And the weirdest thing is, Nat can sing and dance, so it’s all good.”


“But now we don’t have a Rocky.” Gilbert sighed dramatically.

His brother rolled his eyes. “And you’re dressed like that and telling me this, why?” Ludwig raised an eyebrow.

Gilbert gave him his best smoldering look, combing it with a sultry pout. “Cuz you’d make one helluva Rocky, West. You’ve got the looks and the build and the-”

“I’m not an actor, Gil.”

“I know, I know, but Rocky doesn’t really say much, and he’s only got one song, and don’t you dare say you can’t sing! I’ve heard you sing in the choir at church, so yeah!”

“I don’t know…”

“You’ll be awesome!! And your costume is even better than mine!”

“Why am I suddenly afraid to ask what it is?”

“Come on, West, think!! Remember we all went to see it over the summer? And all the fun we had dancing in the aisle, and throwing toast at the screen, and toilet paper at it too, and remember the fuss Francis caused with his super soaker water gun during that one song, and all the other fun stuff we did to make the movie experience that much better!”

Ludwig thought about it. All he could remember was the funny songs, the audience participation, and getting up and dancing in the aisle with his brother and Feliciano, when it hit him. He suddenly recalled what Rocky looked liked. Blushing profusely, he said, “No! I can’t do that!”

“Why not? You dress like that at the beach. Damn it, Lutz, you’re the only person I know, besides an Olympic swimmer, who can wear a Speedo and not look like an idiot in it. So of course you can do it! It’s not like you’re dressed in lingerie and prancing around onstage.”

“I might as well be!”

“Yeah?” Gilbert smirked. “Maybe Feliks can design you a matching corset or something… He’s already dressing Nat up as a gothic ballerina. It’s a great take on the character too, so why not have a cross-dressing Rocky?”

Ludwig sputtered.

“Relaxed, West, the only cross-dresser is Frank N. Furter.”


“So I take it you’ll do it?”

Ludwig nodded. “Like I have a choice?”

“Nope! Cuz if I couldn’t convince you to do it, Francis was gonna ask Feli to talk you into it.”

Ludwig sighed. He was going to do this whether he wanted to or not. When his brother’s expression fell, he shook his head and smiled back at him. Decision made, Ludwig was beginning to feel better about it. If his brother’s stories about the various plays he was in were any indication, it might even be fun.

Taking his brother’s smile as agreement, Gilbert said, “Anyways…” He smirked. “I could show you my favorite obsession…” he sang as he ran a finger down his brother’s chest. “I’ve been making a man…” He looked at his brother and waggled his eyebrows. “With blond hair and a tan… And he’s good for relieving my…”

“Tension…” the brothers chorused with a laugh.

Ludwig wrapped his arms around his brother. “So let’s ummm… relieve some of that tension…” he said, his voice low and husky. He nuzzled his brother’s cheek as he slowly brought his hands down to cup Gilbert’s butt.

“Yeah…” Gilbert said, his voice soft and breathy.

Ludwig shivered. Leaning in, he kissed his brother long and hard. He ground his crotch into Gilbert’s as he kneaded his butt through the silky fabric of his panties. He wormed his way into them, teasing his way between his brother’s butt cheeks, as Gilbert moaned into the kiss.

He was just as hard as his brother and the thought of what his brother was going to do to him was driving Gilbert mad with desire. He wanted to dry hump Ludwig so badly it hurt, but his brother’s big strong hands kept him from doing anything other than grinding against him. “Please, West,” he whined. “Don’t make me beg…”

“Sssh…” Ludwig soothed. Picking his brother up, he carried him over to the bed and set him down. He closed his eyes, moaning softly, when Gilbert lay back against the pillows and stroked his cock through the silky panties he wore. Ludwig hurriedly undressed. Kicking his underwear off, he chose to ignore the mess he made out of his clothes. He hopped on one foot and then the other one as first one sock came off followed by its mate.

Gilbert moaned as his brother crawled into bed with him. He wanted him and badly. Gilbert closed his eyes as tilted his head to the side. Ludwig nuzzled his cheek, his breath coming out in warm puffs and Gilbert shivered as a soft moan escaped his lips. He both loved and hated it whenever his brother teased him like this.

Ludwig took his time. He nuzzled and kissed his brother’s cheek, before making his way towards his mouth. He kissed Gilbert long and hard, his tongue exploring the warm confines of his brother’s mouth. He moaned into the kiss when Gilbert did the same to him, kissing him back just as deeply. Coming up for air, Ludwig trailed a line of butterfly soft kisses down his brother’s throat.

Gilbert squirmed beneath him. He wished he had thought to take off his corset, but looking at his naked brother made it hard for him to think. Instead, he imagined all the things his brother normally did to him as he slid down his body.

Ludwig paused on his way down to lick at the bit of creamy white flesh that peeked out between the bottom of the corset and the top of the panties. He nibbled it and when his brother moaned and bucked upwards, Ludwig took the opportunity to pull the back of the panties down. He had to sit up to take them the rest of the way off, tossing them on the floor. Ludwig wasted no time in leaning forward and engulfing Gilbert’s cock in his mouth. He licked and sucked the rigid column of flesh.

Gilbert lay back and let the little waves of pleasure wash over him. Ludwig was good with his tongue and he knew all the things that Gilbert loved. Like now, when he licked the little vein just under the head of Gilbert’s cock, while teasing his hole with his finger. His brother had such large fingers and he moaned at the thought of them inside him. When Ludwig pushed the tip of his finger through the tight ring of muscle, Gilbert gave himself over to the little waves of pleasure that ran down his spine to pool deep within his cock. With a loud moan, he climaxed, shooting hot jets of cum into his brother’s mouth.

Ludwig bobbed his head up and down, licking and sucking as his brother climaxed. He was painfully hard, but he ignored it as he would soon be taking his own pleasure. After sucking his brother dry, he slowly pulled back with a loud slurp. Ludwig looked down at his brother, who lay there with a dopey expression on his face, panting. He reached over to the bedside table and fishing around in the drawer, he grabbed the lube. Sitting up, he flipped the cap open and squirted a bit onto his fingers.

Gilbert whined when his brother got up off him. Cracking open an eye, he watched as Ludwig lubed himself up. Pulling his legs back, he moaned softly as his brother prepped him. When he was ready, Ludwig lined himself up, pushing inside. Gilbert moaned softly and wrapped his legs around him. They moved as one as Ludwig built his rhythm.

In and out, and in and out, Ludwig pounded away. He grunted softly as he inched along towards his own climax. He loved the feel of the corset as it grazed his stomach along with his brother’s cock. Gilbert’s girlishness was a definite turn-on for him and the lingerie really added to it. A few more thrusts into that hole and Ludwig started to cum. His balls tightening, he shot white, hot jets deep inside his brother as he moaned. He shivered as he finished and panted as he looked into Gilbert’s violet eyes. The smirk on his brother’s face had him chuckling as he pulled out.

“That was awesome, Lutz,” Gilbert said, his voice soft and breathy. He reluctantly got out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom, returning a few minutes later. “Your turn,” he said saucily.

Ludwig shook his head and rolled his eyes as cleaned himself off, before heading to the bathroom as well. When he returned, his brother was lounging in bed still dressed in his girly lingerie and he joined him. “So tell me more about this play and what it involves.”

Snuggling next to him, Gilbert proceeded to tell him all about it…


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