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This is to all of you on my F-list who also belong to my comm Hentai Contest. Sadly that comm is going to close cuz of lack of any real participation by its members and that makes me really sad. This is our very LAST prompt before it closes for good after we hand out some awards and make speeches and yeah... *sighs*

So PLEASE if you're a member, PLEASE come and let the comm go out with a gang bang, okay? I know there's a holiday weekend coming up, but let's put virtual pen to equally virtual paper and write 100 words. That's it, the bare minimum! That's all you need do to participate & make it a GRAND finale in every sense of the word! If you want to write more, all the better!! We have 3 prompts this time around & you can do just one, two, or all three! And the prompts are for those of you who are interested, and I hope it's ALL of you: Anniversary, Lingerie, Tentacles.

Now's your time to get daring and write TENTACLE PORN!! And if you really IMPRESS me with your tentacle prowess, especially in just 100 words, which is the bare minimum, I might have to come up with a special award. And we all know how much I love making banners* over there, so let's help me out by writing for Hentai's final prompt challenge! You know you want to! :D

*has been doing that like forever, so what's one more? ;p

ALSO!!! If you want to join just for the last hurrah, please do so!! I'd LOVE you to pieces if you did!!

And if you wrote, please, boost the signal by getting your friends to write too! Let's make this an orgy of fun, okay? Thanks!! <3


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Jul. 8th, 2015 01:14 am (UTC)
I so, so, SO wanted to write - and I tried, I really did - but nothing happened. I couldn't do it - there just wasn't anything but milling, ugly half-formed thoughts. I'm sorry :(
Jul. 8th, 2015 01:19 am (UTC)
It's okay. *huggles* You can still rock the vote! :D
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