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Happy Bday, Kat!! <3

Getting Ready For Baby
By kira
Author’s note: Amber belongs to Kat (Greta too), I’m just playing with her.
For Kat with love… Happy Bday!

“Close your eyes!” Bernd said as he took Amber by the hand. The room, he and his father had partitioned off in the basement, was now complete as a nursery for when their new baby arrived and he wanted to show it off after weeks of secrecy. The only part of the room he was not involved with was putting in a proper heating system, his father insisting they hire somebody that knew what they were doing. It had been extended into Amber’s room, much to her annoyance at being temporarily displaced at the time, even though she understood why she had to move upstairs for a while.

“Bernd, if I close my eyes, I could fall down the basement stairs,” Amber gently reminded him.

“Oh…. Then keep them open until you’re at the bottom, okay?”


Bernd was bristling with excitement, and it was so hard not to laugh at him as he reminded Amber of a little kid at Christmas. She did her best to hurry down the stairs, dutifully closing her eyes when she reached the bottom. She let him lead her to the new nursery, his excitement at showing it off infectious.

“Open your eyes!”

Amber opened them. The baby’s room was painted a warm dove grey, which she had the feeling was a compromise of sorts when she flippantly suggested black. The trim was white like the furniture. She was actually glad that Vati had talked them out of the darker wood when they went furniture shopping as it looked fresh and sophisticated, and would definitely grow with the baby. She noticed Bernd had hung some nature prints on the wall above the crib, instead of the usual baby ones. The picture of the aardvark made her laugh as well as the little bat. The third picture was a crude drawing of some animal she did not recognize. At least she hoped it was an animal.

“Bernd, what’s that supposed to be?”

“A Cthulhu. I drew it myself.” He beamed at her.

“I see.” Amber smiled at him.

“I was going to draw the others, but Didi had found those pix in a book and he said to frame them and since we couldn’t find a ‘C’ animal that was cool, I decided to draw that. And look!” He guided her over to another framed drawing that hung over the rocking chair. “That’s a narwhal. Every baby needs one, right?”

Amber chuckled. “Yeah.”

“And that pink one’s a unicorn and there’s us and Blitzkrieg!”

She hugged him. “This is the best baby’s room ever.”

He wrapped his arms around her. “You really like it?” Bernd smiled shyly at her, a faint blush tingeing his cheeks pink.

“I love it! Thank you, Bernd honey.” Amber kissed him and when he deepened it, the baby kicked.

Bernd stepped back. Putting a hand on Amber’s belly, he looked down at it and said, “Sorry, lil baby, but I like kissing your Mutti.” He looked up at her, his expression a mix of panic and delight. “Oh my god… You’re gonna be a Mutti and I’m gonna be a Vati.”

“Yeah…” She smiled at him, and taking his hands, Amber gave them a little squeeze. “And before you get all weepy and panicky on me, Prissy,” she teased, “let’s go up and make lunch. I’m hungry.” It did the trick as he visibly relaxed.

“Okay.” Feeling a lot better, Bernd said as they left the room, “I’m glad you like it. If there’s anything else you think you need, let me know and Didi and I’ll borrow Vati’s truck and go into town and get it.”

“It’s perfect, Bernd honey, all we need is the baby.”

“You sure?” He helped her up the stairs.

“Positive, and don’t forget the baby shower’s tomorrow and I’m sure everyone will give us a ton of stuff.”

“Oh yeah… You wanna sandwich?” he asked when they reached the kitchen. “There’s still some ham left from dinner and the potato salad you made to go with it.”

“What? Didi didn’t eat it all?”

“I hid some last night for you.”

“Thanks.” Amber sat down at the kitchen table while Bernd made her lunch. “Aren’t you having any?”

Bernd crinkled up his nose and shook his head.

“It’s pink food and it has white too.”

He paused and looked over at her.

“What? You like pink and love white food. I know the potato salad’s yellow because of the eggs in it and you only like it plain, but I can’t understand why you won’t eat the ham.” Amber hoped their child when it got big enough to eat solid food would not turn out to be a picky eater like its father.

“It’s got fat on it.” He gave her a look of disgust.

“But that’s what makes it so good. Besides, you eat pork chops and they’re fatty.”

“Vati trims the fat off mine before he makes them.” Bernd put the plate with her lunch on it in front of her. He put the ham and potato salad back in the fridge, before making himself a grill cheese sandwich.

Amber shook her head at him. “Thanks,” she said as she reached for her sandwich. She took a bite, savoring the porky-goodness. She briefly wondered why Vati let him get away with being a picky eater, before figuring it was a battle he probably did not have time to fight. By the time he did, Bernd was already a lost cause food-wise.

Bitte…” Bernd flipped his grill cheese onto the plate. Picking it up, he brought it over to the table. “You want some milk?”


“Okay.” he poured them each a glass, before sitting down. “Damn it!”

“What?” Amber said between bites.

“Forgot the ketchup,” he grumped. Getting up, Bernd went and got it, before sitting back down. He squirted some onto his plate.

Amber watched him dip the corner of his grill cheese in it, before taking a bite. She shook her head. “I don’t get you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You turn your nose up at normal food, and yet, you’ll eat the weirdest food combinations.” She chuckled.

Bernd swallowed another bite. “There’s nothing weird about ketchup and grill cheese. You eat it with tomato soup.”

“So do you, and besides, you’re supposed eat it that way.”

“Ketchup is still tomato-y last time I looked.” He ate another bite that was dripping with ketchup.

Amber opened her mouth to say something and smiled instead. “Can’t argue with Bernd-logic, can I?”

“Nope!” He smirked and she laughed.

Amber was glad he seemed calmer now about her impending motherhood as the baby was due in a couple of weeks. Working on the nursery proved to have been the distraction Bernd needed to keep from smothering her with his concerns and fears, while focusing on the fact that she was going to have a baby. Now that it was finished, she hoped things would stay like this, although Greta promised to “kick his ass” when needed.

They finished their lunch in companionable silence and Amber waited while he washed their dishes. When he was finished, they went to the den to watch some TV. Bernd held the remote and channel surf for a few minutes, before they found something they could both agree on watching. Monster Quest was airing an episode on the Jersey Devil and as much as she loved that show, Amber slowly nodded off. Bernd, who was not much of a fan of the show, closed his eyes out of boredom. The narrator had a hypnotic voice and it was not long before he was leaning against Amber and snoring softly.

When Wolfgang came back from his errands, he found them both sound asleep on the sofa. Amber had her feet up on the coffee table, which he forgave, as she leaned on Bernd. He was sprawled out, with his head tilted back, and resting a bit on hers. Wolfgang chuckled. Enjoy your naptime now while it lasts… He switched off the TV and left the room, thinking it would not be long before he was a grandfather, while Bernd and Amber slept on, oblivious to his presence…


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Jul. 10th, 2015 08:17 am (UTC)
It's very cute, Kira. Thank you.
Jul. 10th, 2015 11:45 am (UTC)
You're welcome, Kat! I'm glad you liked it! :D
Jul. 16th, 2015 01:45 pm (UTC)
*happy dance* I love this! And that nursery sounds beautiful - your n0t-chan made a stuffy Cthulu for a friend's child once, yes she did - so this made me happy! :D You two have such a wonderful world going in this - Bernd and his food-bitches, jeez! Too funny! And Amber, ever sensible in light of his whirlwinds - wonderful! I love the sweet peeks into their lives - great job you two! :D
Jul. 16th, 2015 09:27 pm (UTC)
YAY! Thanks! Yeah? Awe... it must have been adorable!! <3 Thank you! It's world I love camping in at the moment. XD That's my boy, the poster child & King supreme of picky eaters! :D Yeah, she's the brains of the outfit! ;p Thanks! :D
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