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Cross-posted from Hentai Contest

Title:The circumstances of my massage
Fandom:orenchi no furo jijou
Author:kira and Jen collab
Chars/Pairs: Takasu/Tatsumi,Wakasa
Warnings: tentacles? possible slight underage (Tatsumi is still in school, but I don't know how old he is supposed to be exactly)
Word Count:1567
Summary:Takasu is a mer octopus who gives one heck of a massage.

Wakasa, leaning on the side of the large tub at his human friend Tatsumi's house, lay with his head propped on his arms. His long blond hair hung down into the water and was plastered to his back where his skin turned to scales. The merman was making the most obscene noises as his mer-octopus friend, Takasu, gave him one of his special massages, using his tentacles instead of his hands. He was currently using four of his appendages, kneading Wakasa’s stiff muscles, and pulling each one off with a loud pop as the suckers pulled loose. The merman also made the most deliciously naughty noises too.

Duck-chan bobbed playfully in the water, the happy expression painted on his little yellow face never changing. Every so often Takasu would give the little rubber ducky a quick massage of his own, but their tiny bath time friend never made the same sounds as Wakasa. The mer-octopus leaned over his friend, and said breathlessly, “You like?” He was working on a particularly tense muscle in Wakasa’s back and it showed no sign of easing up any time soon.

Wakasa moaned softly. His poor stiff muscles hurt so much from living cooped up in Takami's tub, and it felt so good when Takasu eased the kinks out of them. The tentacles went lower down and the merman arched his back. Pop! Pop! Pop! The suckers pulled at his skin, leaving round red welts and a delicious tingling in their wake. Wakasa thought he would die from the pleasurable sensations that ran up and down his tail. When Takasu grabbed him with his tentacles and lifted him out of the water, he moaned. Holding him close, Wakasa leaned in and kissed him.

Takusa froze what he was doing at that, looking questioningly at Wakasa. They had been friends for over fifty years and never crossed that particular line until now.

“It’s what the woman on that show did to the man when he rubbed her sore shoulders,” Wakasa explained. “Oh yeah! I nearly forgot to say ‘thank you!’” He beamed at his friend as Takasu gently set him back down.

“If you say so.”

“I do! And little Duckie-chan, I must apologize for my behavior, but you know how good Takasu is with his tentacles.” Wakasa moaned when a particularly sore muscle suddenly unknotted. He rolled over, facing his friend.

Takasu set to work massaging the merman’s pecs. He kneaded them with his tentacles, rubbing them, and then pulling away with a loud POP, POP, POP! Wakasa writhed under him as he straddled his tail. His rear tentacles inched their way down the merman’s tail, paying special attention to his genital slit. Grinning wickedly, he teased the opening that was hidden just under Wakasa’s scales with the tip of his tentacle, before moving lower towards his tail fin.

Wakasa shuddered and his breath hitched, but by then Takasu was already gently working on the fragile membrane of his tail fin in dangerously gentle strokes. “Oh, you know what that does to me,” he said, almost purring. Takasu did know too; Wakasa was particularly ticklish and if he went any lighter or hit the right area he would probably find himself flung across the room by his friend's powerful tail. He smirked; it was tempting to do it anyway.

Tatsumi walked into the washroom with the intention of washing a load of clothes, when he heard Wakasa moaning, and the pop pop pop of Takasu giving a massage. His face burned at the recollection of the one time he had been on the receiving end of the red head's dexterous tentacles. He had been slightly terrified, incredibly mortified, and more than a little turned on, which made everything seem that much more embarrassing when he thought back on it. He wasn't sure he could have lived with himself if Takasu had touched him in the wrong area and felt how affected he was by that massage.

“Takasu, don't do that! You know I don't want you to touch me there!” Wakasa yelped.

“Just relax, you'll get used to it in a little while and then it will feel really good, I promise,” Takasu replied.

“No, don't, Takasu please don't,” Wakasa whined.

Tatsumi couldn't take any more, Wakasa was his friend and a guest in his house and whatever was happening just then did not sound very good. Stepping into the bathroom, he asked, “What's going on here?” then stopped in his tracks. Takusa was sitting on the merman’s tail, facing the foot of the tub with his tentacles tickling Wakasa's fin. Suddenly he was not sure he wanted to know. He had been ready to defend his friend's honor and totally unprepared to stop a tickle fight. To make matters worse, seeing Takasu with his tentacles wrapped around Wakasa like they were, made him feel hot in an uncomfortable way.

Feeling his face heat up when Takasu made eye contact, Tatsumi struggled to find something to say. The mer-octopus’ wicked grin was not helping either. Dropping his gaze, Tatsumi looked at Wakasa instead. However, the merman was slightly flushed from the heat of the bath and whatever it was Takasu was doing to him, or had been doing. The more he thought about it, the more he sure this was no simple tickle-fight. That led to thoughts about his own encounter with an octopus-massage and Tatsumi felt an undesired stirring in his pants. Embarrassed beyond belief, he mumbled an apology as he slowly backed away.

“Hey! Where are you going?” Takasu called out.

“L-laundry,” Tatsumi stammered. “I-I need to get it done.”

“You mean that warm, dark, wet place?” the mer-octopus purred. “I love that place. It’s so tight,” Takasu drawled.

Tatsumi let out a tiny strangled cry. It was only a washing machine, but the mer-octopus made it sound pornographic. He inched away again.

Wakasa sighed. “It’s not fair! I want to sit on it and feel it caress me as it tosses me around and around…” He giggled when Takasu touched a little too close to a tickle spot for comfort.

Tatsumi swallowed. Laundry was never going to be the same again, neither was bath time. Thinking they were not paying attention to him when a friendly argument broke out, Tatsumi slowly backed away. He dropped the laundry basket when a tentacle reached out and grabbed him by the leg. It coiled upwards the closer it pulled him towards the bathtub. Tatsumi yelped as another one wrapped around his wrist.

“I’ll help you with that later,” Takasu purred. “Right now someone needs a massage.”

“Yeah!” Wakasa giggled. His friend Tatsumi looked very tense and in dire need of one. As far as the merman was concerned, the only cure for that was an octopus-massage. Takasu’s talented tentacles had certainly done wonders for him. He lounged against the back of the tub and watched.

Tatsumi’s face was beet red. Takasu’s tentacles had wormed their way up his shorts’ legs and were dangerously close to a certain part of his anatomy that was begging to be touched. He wondered if the mer-octopus was aware of it as his appendages ghosted over Tatsumi’s body, tracing the line of his hip, patting his nipples, caressing his buttocks. The pleasurable sensations warring with his embarrassment, left Tasumi a quivering mess and he nearly died when he realized a soft moan had escaped his lips.

“Ah, excitable aren't you, Tatsumi?” Wakasa said, reaching out and tapping the obvious bulge straining in the front of his shorts. “I remember when I was young enough that everything was new and exciting.”

That's right… Takasu thought to himself, his movements stopping in their tracks, He is very young… Takasu's cheeks dusted red as he slowly let go of Tatsumi, allowing him to get his balance, before he let go completely.

“Sorry, Tatsumi, I got a little carried away with things,” he said out loud, “I forgot how young you really are.”

Tatsumi just stood there for a moment; he started to tremble with anger and sexual tension. “Too young? I go to school, work part time, cook and clean and keep this house together. I never asked you to touch me and gah I can't … get out.”

“He has a point, Takasu, he does live his life like an adult already.”

Takasu was already removing Tatsumi's clothing as this was said. He began exploring with his tentacles again, this time deliberately giving pleasure with his touches and caresses.

He wrapped Tatsumi tight in his grasp, working his hard, erect flesh until the dark haired boy was moaning and thrusting his hips with the movements. It didn't take long for Tatsumi to give a hoarse cry as he came undone.

As he was catching his breath, Takasu beamed at him and said, “Now you have had my special octopus-massage with happy ending, not bad, right?”

Tastumi nodded. It was better than he had expected. Still, it was kind of embarrassing to have a bit of an audience. His cheeks a delicate shade of pink, he bent to retrieve his clothing.

“Ooh, I got all excited watching, do me next,” Wakasa pleaded.

“NO!” Tastumi and Takasu cried in unison.

“Too much happy endings aren’t good for the boy,” Takasu said. “Wait until he’s older,” he said with a wink that promised that happy ending for Wakasa and so much more.


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