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August Bingo 5: Riding Blitzkrieg

Title: Riding Blitzkrieg
Prompt: Outside
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd, Blitzkrieg, Wolfgang (Vati), Dieter (Didi)
Word count: 1449
Rating: G
Summary: Bernd shares his love of riding with his younger brother, Didi…
Author’s Note: Thanks go out to my beta Kat for looking this over for me.

Bernd rode Blitzkrieg out of the stable and into the warm, spring afternoon sunshine. The big black Frisian tossed his head. “Easy, boy,” he said softly in German to his horse. They continued walking past the paddock, before Bernd gave a slight touch of his heels to the big horse’s side. Blitzkrieg broke out into a trot. When they reached the meadow, Bernd urged his mount into a canter.

The meadow flew under the Frisian’s hooves and Bernd laughed when Blitzkrieg jumped a narrow ditch. In their version of a steeplechase, horse and rider raced across the meadow and back. Small for his age and underweight, Blitzkrieg carried him as effortlessly as a thoroughbred carried his jockey. Moving as one, Bernd leaned forward as his horse gathered his haunches to jump the hedge separating the meadow from the lawn that surrounded the old farmhouse he grew up in. As if he had wings, Blitzkrieg sailed over the hedge.

Gently pulling back on the reins, Bernd slowed his beloved horse down from a canter to a trot. He had the massive stallion walking at a sedate pace as they approached his father and brother. “Hey, Vati!” Bernd waved.

Wolfgang sighed. “Bernd, what have I told you about riding so close to the house?” He caught hold of the bridle and rubbed Blitzkrieg’s velvety soft nose.

Bernd made a face. “Not to do it,” he said contritely. “Sorry, Vati.”

“Don’t do it again.”

“Okay…” Bernd looked over at his brother and back at his father. “Can I take Didi for a ride?”

“His helmet’s in the tack room.”

“He can use mine.”

“And what will you wear?”

“Nothing.” Bernd kicked his feet out of the stirrups and dismounted. “I’ll walk him over there and then we’ll ride in the paddock. Please, Vati?”

Knowing his eldest was too short to get back on his horse without a leg up or a mounting block, Wolfgang nodded. “Just be careful.”

“Okay!” Bernd looked back over to where his little brother was sitting and reading. “Hey, Didi!” He called out. “Let’s go riding!”

Dieter looked up from his book and smiled. Carefully marking his place, he set the book aside and came over to his brother and father. “Is it okay, Vati?”

“Yes, as long as you wear a helmet. Your brother’s going to lead you back to the stable, so you can borrow his.”


Bernd took off his riding helmet and shook out his white blonde hair. Damp with sweat, some of the silky fine strands clumped together, giving him a wild look. The wicked grin he wore added to his “wild child” look. “Here,” he said, handing the helmet over.

“Thanks.” Didi put it on and walked with his brother over to Blitzkrieg’s side. Hitting a preteen growth spurt, the eight year old, who looked like a younger version of their father, stood a couple of inches taller than his twelve year old brother and outweighed him by a several pounds too. It rankled that Dieter did not need much of a leg up, but Bernd still offered to give him one.

“Bye, Vati!” the brothers chorused when Dieter had mounted the horse. Reaching up to grab his bridle, Bernd led Blitzkrieg back to the stable.

“So whatchya readin’?” Bernd asked.

“A horse book.”

“Those are girls’ books.”

“Oh really?” Dieter said dryly. “Then why do they all say ‘property of Bernd Pawlitzki’ on the inside cover?”

Bernd felt his cheeks heating up.

“They’re good books and I can see why you like them.”

“Yeah?” Bernd felt strangely relieved to hear that.

“Yeah. I like the one about the Spanish Riding School. I bet you could go there.”

“That’s my favorite! You think Vati would let me go there?”

Dieter nodded. “Yeah. You’re very good at riding…” he trailed off, neglecting to add, “But not so good at school.” Even though he was four years behind him in school, Dieter occasionally helped his older brother with his homework, something he found just as funny as their father did, although Wolfgang kept that to himself. “Or maybe you could be a jockey or something?”

Bernd made a face as he thought it over. “Yeah, I could, but riding a Lipizzaner looks like more fun.” He led Blitzkrieg into the stable and tied him between the stalls. “I’ll be right back with your helmet, Didi,” Bernd said as he headed towards the tack room. Returning a few minutes later with his brother’s riding helmet on his head; Bernd also had a longe and a longe whip with him. “Why don’t I give you another riding lesson?”

“You’re not going to ride with me?”

Bernd shook his head. “You’ve gotta learn to ride by yourself, Didi.”


“Blitzkrieg’s really gentle, so there’s nothing to worry about. Besides, he’s used to it.” Bernd clipped the longe to his horse’s bridle, before untying him. “And that’s how Vati taught me to ride.”

“I know… But you’re a natural,” Didi said.

“So are you.” Bernd led his horse back outside and into the paddock. There he got Blitzkrieg to circle the ring at a slow walk. When he could tell his brother was relaxed enough to try something else, called out to him. “Hey, Didi!”

“What?” He looked over at him.

“You know how I bounce in the saddle?”


“Think you can do it? If you don’t your arse and balls are gonna be sore.” Bernd smirked.

“What are you going to do?” Dieter cast a fearful glance at his brother.

“Nothing.” He rolled his eyes. “I’m just gonna ease Blitzkrieg into a trot. Just move with him, okay?” His brother nodded and Bernd urged his horse into a trot by lightly touching his haunches with the whip. Blitzkrieg, used to being longed, began to trot. “Now move with him, Didi! That’s it!” Bernd said when his brother began posting. “You’re doing good!” He laughed.


“Yup!” Using the whip, by moving in front or behind him, Bernd was able to get his horse to switch gaits. He was having the time of his life, teaching his younger brother how to ride. He would have kept up the riding lessons late into the evening, if their father had not come looking for them.

“Very good, Didi!” Wolfgang said as his youngest rode by.

“Thanks, Vati! I have a good teacher!”

“That you do. Bernd!” Wolfgang called out.


“Lessons are over. It’s dinner time.”

“Really?” Focusing his attention on his brother, Bernd added, “Pull back gently on the reins, Didi!” He waited until his brother had stopped, before approaching the horse. “You did good.” He grinned.

“Thanks!” Dieter said as he dismounted. Taking the whip, he held onto Blitzkrieg’s bridle while his brother unclipped the longe and coiled it up. When Bernd was finished, he took the rope and walked along with him as Bernd led the horse to the stable.

A gentle horse, Blitzkrieg stood quietly while the brothers unsaddled him and removed his bridle. Tied up, he swished his long tail at the flies, while they took care of his tack. He whinnied softly at their return.

“Hey, Didi, can you go tell Vati I need to brush Blitzkrieg and give him his dinner?” Bernd rubbed the horse’s velvety soft nose. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a treat that he had gotten from the tack room. Holding it out in the palm of his hand, Bernd giggled when his horse took from him and ate it.

“Okay.” After giving Blitzkrieg a little pat on his withers, Dieter left the stable.

Bernd walked over to the pail he had also taken from the tack room. Bending down, he grabbed a brush from it and walked back over to Blitzkrieg. He slowly began to brush his horse, all the while talking softly to him in German as he groomed him. When he finished, Bernd untied him and led him into his stall. After turning him loose inside it, Blitzkrieg gently nosed him and Bernd laughed.

“Okay, just give me a minute and I’ll get your dinner.”

Leaving the stall, he got some hay for the rack. Bernd took the bucket and went to fill it with fresh water. He also went and got some grain. Once Blitzkrieg was settled into his stall with plenty of food and water, Bernd turned and left, closing the stall door behind him.

“Bye, Blitzkrieg,” he said.

Blitzkrieg whinnied softly in rely.

After scattering a couple of handfuls of feed for the chickens that lived in the stable and leaving some fresh food and water for the stable cat, Bernd left and headed for home, and his own dinner.


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Aug. 11th, 2015 07:31 pm (UTC)
Loved it! :D
Aug. 11th, 2015 07:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :D
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