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Happy Bday, Vexed!! :D

Title: Spoils of War
Word count: 999
Rating: OT
Summary: Jakotsu helps Bankotsu “polish his sword” after a battle…
Author’s Note: Thanks go out to my betas Kat for looking this over for me and giving me a title & Jen for giving me a prompt to help me get started.

For Vexed with love; Happy Bday…

Bankotsu sat on the low veranda of the former daimyo’s house, polishing his large halberd, Banryu. The rest of the Shichinintai were sorting through the spoils of war, picking through the silks, weapons, anything they could carry, or drink in the case of the sake they had found. Food, too, would be taken. For now, they would simply hold the hold the place until the rival daimyo that had hired them showed up and paid them.

He smiled to himself as the sound of soft footsteps and the sweet notes of the nightingale floor rose above the soft gurgle and clonk of a shishi-odoshi as water passed through it along with the loud buzzing of cicadas reached his ears. Bankotsu set Banryu aside and looked out onto the courtyard as if he could not hear the approaching interruption. The former daimyo’s wife apparently loved water as the water from the shishi-odoshi flowed into a small koi pond. Bankotsu watched as several dragoon flies flitted over the pond. Sound and vision were both pleasantly soothing and the leader of the Shichinintai sighed softly.

“Hey, Aniki-chan,” Jakotsu said as he sat down next to his best friend and lover.

“Hey, Sweetness.” Bankotsu smiled when Jakotsu leaned against him. He caught a flash of color as he slide his eyes to the side and chuckled softly to himself. I see you found the Lady’s kimono chests…

“Whatchya doin’?”

“Nothing…” Bankotsu turned his head and looked at his paramour. “I just finished polishing Banryu, so I thought I’d watch the garden grow.”

“Oh…” Jakotsu licked his lips.

Bankotsu smiled. “What did you want?”

“Hmmm…” Jakotsu gave his best friend and lover a saucy look. “I was wondering if you needed any help polishing your sword.” He giggled.

“Depends on what kind of help.” Bankotsu grinned.

“Well…” Jakotsu leaned on him. He giggled and shifted so that he could whisper in Bankotsu’s ear.

His paramour’s breath, blowing hot and cold on his cheek as he whispered, made Bankotsu shiver. “Sounds like fun,” he said his voice low and husky with desire.

“Yeah…” Jakotsu’s hand lightly rested on Bankotsu’s thigh. He raised it ever so slightly and traced little circles on it. The soft cotton of his lover’s well worn bakama felt good under Jakotsu’s calloused palm and he ghosted his hand closer to his lover’s groin, despite the blood staining them. Jakotsu giggled as Bankotsu grew harder under his deft touch.

Bankotsu moaned softly. Clamping his hand firmly around his paramour’s wrist, he said, “Not here.”

“Why not?” Jakotsu whined.

“It’ll just annoy Renkotsu and make him cranky.”

“Oh… Okay!”

Jakotsu abruptly stopped his ministrations and while Bankotsu breathed a mental sigh of relief, a certain part of his anatomy missed it. They stood and with a squeal of delight from his paramour, Bankotsu gathered Jakotsu in his arms. He carried him princess-style to the room, they were sitting just outside of. Once inside, he set Jakotsu down on his feet. He briefly debated whether or not to leave the room open to the garden, deciding to leave it open. The room was warm and the garden inviting, and if Renkotsu happened by he could keep his complaints to himself.

They set out the futon and with a bit of help from his paramour, Bankotsu was soon out of his armor. He reached up, gently caressing Jakotsu’s cheek, as he gazed into his eyes. Jakotsu leaned into his touch. Despite being flirtatious by nature, he loved Bankotsu as he loved no other, treasuring their stolen moments together.

Aniki-chan…” Jakotsu said softly. Licking his lips, he tugged on his lover’s kimono, pulling it free from his bakama. He tugged on the ties to it next, undressing Bankotsu with an ease born of a lifetime spent working in a bathhouse. It wasn’t long before Bankotsu was naked and the cross-dressing member of the Shichinintai paused to admire the view.


Jakotsu giggled. He tugged on his obi, pulling the sash free and letting his kimono fall open. With the grace of a courtesan of the highest rank, he pushed it back from his shoulders, before letting the kimono fall to the floor in a soft rustle of silk. His fundoshi quickly followed.

Naked, they lay together on the futon, exploring each other’s body. They kissed, licked, nipped, and touched, giving into their need, while teasing the other. Joining as one, their soft cries of pleasure became a delicate counter-melody to the clonking of the shishi-odoshi and gurgle of water that flowed into it along with the buzz of the fat cicadas that called to their mates. Climaxing as one, they lay spent as they basked in their sexual highs. Clinging together, they slowly drifted off to sleep.

Soft footsteps and the singing of the nightingale floor failed to wake Bankotsu and Jakotsu as they drew closer. Both were exhausted from the morning’s fight and the release of pent up tension in the futon. It did not hurt that they slept secure in the knowledge that none would dare oppose them as the Shichinintai were known throughout the land as the best warriors money could buy.

O-aniki?” Renkotsu called out as he and Suikotsu approached their leader’s rooms. Hearing no response, he turned to his fellow comrade-in-arms. “Are you sure he’s here?”

Suikotsu nodded. “I saw Jakotsu earlier and he said he was going to show Aniki his new kimono.”

Renkotsu made a face as he slowly drew near the open door. A quick look inside confirmed his suspicions. “Damn it!” he swore softly.

Suikotsu looked over at him; his lips pressed together, barely concealing his amused grin. “They’re boys, Ren, and boys tend to do that sort of thing…”

“Boys? They’re more like a bunch of rabbits if you ask me! Let’s go! O-aniki’ll get his report later.” Renkotsu grumbled to himself as he turned and stormed off towards his area of the palace.

Suikotsu shook his head and followed, hoping to mollify the angry fire-breather…


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Sep. 16th, 2015 02:56 am (UTC)
Thanks Kira I love it. It is exactly what I anted. You really need to pull them out of the dusty corners more often. *huggles*
Sep. 16th, 2015 08:02 pm (UTC)
You're welcoem, Vexed! I'm sooo glad you like it!! <3

Yeah. XD

*HUGGLES* Happy Bday!! :D

Edited at 2015-09-16 08:02 pm (UTC)
Nov. 7th, 2015 03:43 pm (UTC)
Yay! It's been a while since we've seen these two.
Nov. 8th, 2015 02:00 pm (UTC)
Yup! XD
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