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Halloween Bingo 8

Title: His Misguided Attempt At Recapturing His Youth
Prompt: Misguided Attempt at Recapturing One’s Youth
Fandom: Original
Characters: Luigi, unnamed female character, mention of Wolfgang
Word count: 356
Rating: PG
Summary: Luigi’s got a thing for younger women…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this for me.

Luigi was not one for growing old gracefully unlike his best friend Wolfgang, who happily settled into being a grandfather. Whenever they were in town, talking little Fritz for an outing in the stroller, pretty girls often came up to them to coo over the baby. So while Wolfgang was beaming with grandfatherly pride, Luigi always tried hitting on them, much to the girls’ annoyance and Wolfgang’s amusement.

One day when Luigi had gone into town by himself, he ran into one of the girls. They struck up a conversation. Luigi had a date later that night by the time they parted ways. He went home and after calling his best friend and telling him about it, Luigi got ready for his date.

At the appointed time, they met for dinner. Things were going really well. The conversation flowed like the wine they drank and the company was good like the food. They lingered over dessert, with Luigi determined to bring her home for the night. He had had too many lonely nights and he was not about to let this opportunity slip away. Before he could ask her over, she said,

“Thanks for a wonderful evening, Luigi.” She reached out and patted his hand.

“You want to come back to my place? For a cup of coffee or something?” he voice low and husky on the word “something.”

“Sorry, I have class in the morning…” She frowned. “Were you inviting me in for…?” she trailed off. “I like you, Luigi, but you’re old enough to be my father.”


“And well…” She shrugged. “Anyway, I’d better go.” She got up to leave. “Maybe you’d have better… I don’t know; luck, if you went out with someone your own age. I’d better go. Bye”

Luigi watched her go as he paid the check. Undaunted, he flirted with the waitress as he handed her his credit card. Luigi was young at heart and despite having two grown sons, he had a taste for younger women. He knew he would connect with one of them in what Wolfgang often referred as his misguided attempts at recapturing his youth…


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