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Halloween Bingo 10

Title: Halloween Treats
Prompt: Candy
Fandom: Original
Characters: Wolfgang, Bernd, Amber, James, Didi, and Tino
Word count: 430
Rating: PG
Summary: Bernd’s, Amber’s, and James’ Halloween candy is checked and shared with Didi, who’s sick, and Tino…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this for me. Please note that Amber and James belong to her.

Bernd, Amber, and James sat in the backseat of Wolfgang’s car, their pillowcases stuffed to the brim with candy. It was the first time they were allowed to go out trick or treating at night on their own. Didi was supposed to come with them, but he was home sick in bed with strep throat and Bernd offered to share his candy with him. Tino was there with Didi, keeping him company. Wolfgang had bought the boys a bag of candy of their own to make up for missing the fun. Bernd sharing his candy was just gravy for Didi.

When they arrived home, Wolfgang inspected the candy, before letting them have it. While he was checking it, Bernd went and got out the popcorn bowl. He put the treats he knew Didi would like the best in it, like the little packets of Skittles and Starbursts. Bernd kept the gum, Sweetarts, which he would trade with Amber for the mini packets of M & Ms, and various other little candy bars of a chocolate variety, putting the rest in the bowl for his brother. James, on the other hand, loved all the candies in his pillowcase. It was hard for him to sit there and not nibble on something during the ride home. Right on top was a handful of little boxes of Nerds and he was dying to eat one, but he had to wait until Vati was finished going through Bernd’s candy first.

Wolfgang, sensing James’ impatience, went through his pillowcase next. The first thing he did was toss a box of nerds James’ way, much to his delight. Since his candy was basically the same as Bernd’s it did not take long for him to go through it. Amber’s was last and like Bernd, she put her least favorites in the bowl for Didi. A couple of small candy bars, she gave to Bernd, knowing those were his favorites. James reached into his pillowcase and donated a handful of candy to Didi as well. The apples they got were taken outside and left in the garden for the birds and the squirrels to enjoy, since Wolfgang could not be sure if they were safe to eat.

Once the candy was checked and divided, they brought it upstairs to Bernd’s room. The bowl of candy, they left with Didi and Tino. Heading back to Bernd’s room, they lounged around in their costumes while watching an old Halloween movie that was not the least bit scary for the start of a fun sleepover for the three of them.


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