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Halloween Bingo 12

Title: Ginger
Prompt: Black Cat
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd, Maria
Word count: 737
Rating: G
Summary: Maria finds a little kitten...
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this for me. Please note that Maria also belongs to her.

For Kat…

Maria played in the stable while her father groomed his horse. One of the stable cats had had kittens and Maria liked to play with them after discovering their existence. One kitten in particular caught her eye. It was a little black one that was smaller and fluffier than the rest. She was also sweeter than the other kittens and did not mind being cuddled by Maria. Despite growing up in a family of dog-lovers, and having one mother who had a bit of a zoo full of “exotic” animals, and a father who was an avid horse-lover, Maria was definite cat person.

Whereas other little girls her age wanted ponies and unicorns as pets, Maria was happy with a barn full of kitties. They could come in all shapes, sizes, and colors just like the ones in the stable and she was happy. She even had a thing for cats’ bigger cousins, wanting to dress up as a lion for Halloween. So when the little black kitten curled up on her lap and purred, Maria was smitten. She felt the kitten wanted her to give it a better life than the one it was living in the barn.

“Hey, Vati?” she called out to her father.

“Yeah?” Bernd replied.

“Can I have a kitty?”

“Don’t you want a pony?”

“I have Fritz’s pony Sausage, so I don’t need another one. And I have Louis too,” she said, referring to the mini donkey that shared the stable with the other equine residents as well as some chickens and the cats. “This little kitty likes me, Vati.” Maria picked the kitten up off her lap and walked over to him. “She’s purring.”

Sure enough the kitten was purring as it snuggled into Maria.

“I want to keep her. I don’t think she’s happy in the stable, even though her Mutti’s here and so are her brother and sisters. She wants to be a house kitty and eat fancy kitty food out of a pretty glass.”

“She does, hunh?”

“Yup! She even likes dogs!” Maria smiled. “And she likes you and Fritz, and Mutti, and Mutti Amber and Mutti Mishka and Opa, and Onkel Didi and Onkel Tino, and Onkel James…” Maria’s face scrunched up as she tried to think of everyone the kitten loved. “She just loves everyone.”

“I see… Ummm, wait here, Baby.” Bernd turned his horse out in the paddock, before coming over to his daughter. “So what’s the kitty’s name?”

“She said her name’s Ginger.”

Bernd reached out and ran his finger lightly on the kitten. “Hey, Ginger.”

“She says hi, Vati. She wants to know if she can come inside and be a fancy kitty.”

“You know kitties make your Opa sneeze.”

“Ginger promises not to make Opa sick!” Maria hugged the kitten.

“I know, but kitties can’t help it and neither can Opa. That’s why they live out here with Blitzkrieg and Louis and Sausage and the chickens.” Bernd smiled. He really wanted to say “yes,” but he knew there was no way they could have a cat in the house. He wished it was easy as when Amber wanted to bring her cats over to live with them as she understood, being a lot older at the time than Maria was. Then again, as much as he loved Amber and would have smuggled the cats in for her, she was not his daughter. Bernd hated telling his kids “no” and they both knew it.

“So can she come inside and be a fancy kitty?”

Bernd sighed. “I’m afraid not, Baby. Opa would get sick even if Ginger didn’t come near him.”


Her disappointment cut Bernd to the quick. Still, he knew he had to be firm and was about to say something to that effect when she spoke.

“Ginger says it’s okay, Vati. She said she can be a fancy kitty out here.”


Maria nodded. “She wants to play with her brother and sisters now.” She set the kitten down and it scampered off. “Let’s go inside, Vati. I want to tell Opa about Ginger. Maybe I can show her to him and he won’t get sick?”

“Okay, but Opa might not want to meet her.”

“Okay.” Maria took his hand.

Bernd looked at her and smiled. “You’re a good girl, you know that?” He gave her hand a gentle squeeze as they left the stable.

“Yeah?” Maria giggled.



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Nov. 29th, 2015 03:11 pm (UTC)
So sweet!
Nov. 29th, 2015 06:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :D
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