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Halloween Bingo 13

Title: Happy Birthday, Didi!
Prompt: Free Space (I chose Didi’s birthday, because he was born on October 3rd)
Fandom: Original
Characters: Didi, Tino, Amber, Greta, Denis, mention of Wolfgang, Cesare, and Julio
Word count: 716
Rating: Mature
Summary: Everyone wishes Didi a happy birthday…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this for me. Please note that Amber and Greta also belong to her.

At the sound of the phone ringing, Didi rolled over in bed. He blindly groped for it amid Tino’s fussing at having his sleep not only disturbed, but his soft, comfy “Didi pillow” was rudely pulled out from under him. Didi, finding the phone, grabbed it just before the answering machine picked up. “Hello,” he croaked.

"Hey, Didi!"his brother’s voice boomed in his ear, "Happy birthday!! Wait, wait!!"Didi heard his brother call his wife over.

"Happy birthday, Didi. Sorry to call so early, but we were up and you know how Bernd is…"

He did know and while he appreciated the sentiments, he wished his brother had a better concept of time. “Thanks, Amber. Tell my brother I said thanks too.”

"Sure thing. Bye, Didi!" Dieter heard his brother’s voicing singing “Happy Birthday” in German as he hung up. Placing the phone on the bedside table, he rolled over and snuggled up behind his life-partner. “Sorry,” he murmured softly.

“It’s okay,” Tino soothed as rolled over to face him. “It’s your birthday. Everyone’s gonna call you.”

“I know…” Didi groaned.

“If you’re lucky, they’ll call later.” Tino kissed him.

“Yeah…” Didi kissed him back.

“You feel like a little early morning birthday nookie?” Tino giggled.

Dieter wrapped his arm around him, pulling him close. “What do you think?” he said as he ground his hips into Tino’s.

“I think that’s a yes.”

Giving him another kiss, Dieter pulled away and sat up. He pulled his t-shirt up and over his head. Balling it up, he tossed it on the floor. He lay back down and wriggled out of pajama bottoms and boxer-briefs, while Tino also got undressed. They picked up where they had left off and just as things really started to heat up the phone rang again.

“Now what?” Didi said irritably.

“You should answer it, cuz if you don’t, they’ll just call back.”

Didi sighed, and rolling off of his life-partner, he reached for the phone. “Hello?” This time he got Greta on the phone, who wished him a happy birthday along with a happy German Reunification Day. She also put his nephew and niece on the phone to wish him a happy birthday while she made them breakfast. He no sooner hung up, when his father called. Hearing Wolfgang’s voice dampened his ardor somewhat, so Dido and Tino took the opportunity to hurry through their morning routine, while listening for the phone.

Getting back into bed, they cuddled and rekindled the mood, or at least tried to. Amber’s brother James called to wish Didi a happy birthday, followed by Tino’s brother Cesare, who invited them to lunch at his restaurant. Julio also called, and satisfied he had heard from everyone who would call, Didi started a line of butterfly soft kisses down Tino’s torso. While he was in the middle of pleasuring Tino orally, Denis called. This time Tino reached for the phone.

“Hey, Denis! What? No, he can’t come to the phone right now,” Tino paused to moan softly. “He’s in the middle of sucking me off… Oh yeah…” Tino moaned. “He’s really good… Yeah, I’ll give him a birthday span-king,” his voice hitching mid-word as the waves of pleasure washed over him, “from you. Oh yeah…” Tino panted. He was getting close, so he breathed, “Bye,” into the phone. Tino hung up just as he climaxed, tossing the phone to the side.

Didi pushed it away as he crawled up his life-partner’s body. Using his spit and Tino’s fluids as a makeshift lube, he coated his cock with it, before pushing inside. He took his time building his rhythm, enjoying the pleasurable sensations that washed over him. As much as he wanted to prolong the moment, his body had other ideas and Didi found his orgasm building as the waves of pleasure pooled in his cock. Unable to hold back any longer, Didi moaned softly as he came. He shuddered as he rested his forehead on Tino’s. Panting, he pulled out and rolled over, knocking the phone on the floor as he reached for the box of tissues on the bedside table. They quickly cleaned up and snuggled together. Despite the interruptions, Dieter thought this was the best birthday he had had so far as he cuddled with Tino.


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Dec. 5th, 2015 08:16 pm (UTC)
Oh my god. Tino answered the phone. BWAH!!!!!
Dec. 8th, 2015 12:26 am (UTC)
*giggles* yup! :D
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