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Halloween Bingo 14

Title: Raking Leaves
Prompt: Leaves
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd, Amber, Greta, Mishka, Wolfgang, Fritz, and Maria
Word count: 473
Rating: G
Summary: Twelve year old Fritz is feeling his oats while his family is doing yard work…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this for me. Please note that Amber, Greta, Mishka and Maria also belong to her.

It was a crisp autumn day and everyone in the house was outside, raking leaves. The kids ran around, chasing the dogs and dodging the large piles of leaves, much to their father’s amusement. Bernd leaned on his rake and laughed at their antics.

“Don’t you even think it!” Amber called out to him.

“Think what?” Bernd looked over his shoulder at her.

“You know what she means,” Greta said “Maria!” she said to her daughter. “Careful with that stick, before someone gets hurt!”

Maria, heedless of her mother’s words ran past with the dogs and her brother following right behind. She laughed and hid behind her grandfather. “Save me, Opa!”

Wolfgang laughed and scooped her up in one arm.

“Put her down, Opa! I’m not gonna hurt her, I’m just gonna get her!” Fritz growled at his little sister.

Maria squealed and struggled in her grandfather’s grip. “Save me!”

“Fritz! Behave!” Wolfgang set his granddaughter down. “Go help your Vati with the leaves.”

Fritz tried hard not to roll his eyes at his grandfather, something he could often get away with doing at his father. He sauntered over to him, with all the swagger the twelve year old could muster. “Need any help, Vati?’ On the cusp of becoming a teen, he was feeling his oats and the last thing he really wanted to be doing was hanging out with the adults and his little sister, cleaning up the leaves that covered the front lawn.

“Yeah.” Bernd grinned at him. “Here,” he said, handing him the rake. Turning to his daughter, he called her over. “Come, Maria!” Taking her by the hand, Bernd pulled her along as they trotted over to the big pile of leaves Amber was raking together. “Eins, zwei, drei! Jump!” They leapt into the pile of leaves and lay there laughing.

“Bernd!!” Amber cried. “What are you doing?!”

Bernd looked over at Maria. He winked at her, before gazing back at his wife. “Having fun!” he smirked.

Amber shook her head at him.

“It’s fun, Mutti Amber!” Maria said. “Right, Mutti Mishka?”

“She’s right, Amber. It is fun!” Mishka said. “I remember playing in the leaves when I was little and when I got tired of it, I’d help my parents bag them. Sometimes my dad would jump in the piles with me.” she smiled at the memory.

One by one, the adults followed their lead until only Fritz was left standing. He rolled his eyes, thinking how stupid they all were, lying there laughing, especially when they would have to rake the mess up again. He scoffed, turning his back on them, as he raked a pile of his own leaves. As much as he thought everyone was being stupid for doing so, a small part of him wished he was not too “cool” for their nonsense.


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Dec. 7th, 2015 11:45 am (UTC)
/laughs/ Boys that age are like grumpy cats, aren't they?
Dec. 8th, 2015 12:32 am (UTC)
Yup! :D
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