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Halloween Bingo 19

Title: My Kind of Movie
Prompt: More Topless Scenes than Dead Bodies
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd, Amber
Word count: 716
Rating: Mature
Summary: Bernd and Amber watch a Halloween movie…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this for me. Please note that Amber also belongs to her.

The week leading up to Halloween was always a difficult one for Bernd. His girlfriend Amber loved the holiday and as part of her celebrations, she liked to watch horror movies. Her taste ran from the old black and white classics to modern slash-fests, with a few tame ones thrown in. One of Bernd’s favorites was “The Worst Witch.” He also like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and Amber often wondered if her boyfriend had a thing for Tim Curry. She added those movies to list along with a childhood favorite of theirs, “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

So the week that started out with several slasher flicks and nearly finished on a comedic note, had one more day left; Halloween. That was the day they spent watching the “newer” movies on Amber’s list. Poor Bernd never knew what to expect. Luckily for him, Amber always watched the scariest ones with him in the daylight, taking a break at dinner time to eat and go trick-or-treating as soon as night fell. By most standards, they were a bit too old to be trick-or-treating, but most people cut the college kids some slack as long they were respectful and in well thought out costumes. Those who objected did not matter as Amber could spend the rest of the year plotting her revenge. Also depending on when Halloween fell during the week, they would reluctantly cut the trick-or-treating short to watch one last movie before bed. This year, Halloween fell on a Saturday, so they could stay up as late as they wanted.

Freshly showered and in their pajamas, Bernd helped himself to a handful of his Halloween candy and got into bed. Amber was already there, munching on Sweetarts, with her laptop on her lap. She had their movie ready to go and was just waiting for Bernd to get settled.

“Is it a scary one?”

“Knowing you, you’d probably think so, but then again, it’s porn so you’ll probably be too distracted by all the naked tits to worry about it.”

“Soft porn?” Bernd grinned.

“Yeah, mostly naked tits and there’s a brief shower scene.”

“And you know this, how?” Bernd reached over and stole some Sweetarts, popping them in his mouth, and eating them.

“Hey!” Amber said and pointedly moved her favorite candy out of Bernd’s reach. “I know because I found this movie back in September when I was putting my list together. I downloaded it on my laptop so it’s already to go.” She ate the remaining Sweetarts.


“Yeah. Now be quiet so we can watch.”


They lay back against the pillows in Bernd’s bed and watched. It was not long before Amber was proved right and the actress on screen took her top off, revealing her large, perky breasts. Amber rolled her eyes when her boyfriend made some happy noises at the sight. There was a brief glimpse of the actress’ butt too, before the serial killer stabbed her multiple times in the shower. Bernd flinched, but Amber held his hand. Another naked actress appeared on screen, this one swimming alone at night. Bernd loved the way she came up out of the water to rest her breasts on the side of the pool while she talked to the pool boy. She had even bigger breasts than the previous actress and he liked the way they bounced in and out of the water as the pool boy-slash-serial killer drowned her. There were several more variations on the murder theme. By the time they got to the end, Bernd was very hard from all the nakedness.

Amber had to think fast before he messed in his boxers, so propping the laptop on her pillows, she leaned on her boyfriend and said, “Take your pants off and I’ll play with him.” She lightly brushed her hand against the bulge in his pajama bottoms.

Bernd did not need to be told twice. He carefully wriggled out of them, moaning softly when Amber took hold of his cock. She moved her hand up and down the column of hard flesh while Bernd watched as the serial killer was slowly fucked to death by the “ghosts” of his victims. He came just as the credits started to roll. Panting he basked in his sexual high as Amber cleaned him up with a handful of tissues. She tossed them in his wastepaper basket.

“You want me to lick you while you watch the ending?” he said softly. It was a big risk as she could get a little loud, but one he wanted to go through, since she was nice enough to help him with his needs.

“Okay.” Amber moved to get the laptop. She rewound the movie to right spot, before getting half naked. Bernd moved between her legs. He stroked her folds, noting how wet she was, before diving in. He hoped she would climax quickly as he thought he heard his father walking around and Bernd knew if they were caught that would be the end of their sleepovers. His fears were unfounded as Amber came just as quickly and quietly as he had. When he looked up, he saw why. In addition to watching the movie, Amber’s pajama top was open and it was apparent she had been playing with her breasts while he pleasured her orally. When Amber could think again, she turned off the laptop and got out of bed to put it on Bernd’s desk, giving him an eyeful of her body. She even opened the door to his room, heedless of her nudity, which was the condition for being allowed to sleep in his room together. What Bernd’s father failed to realize, was that they would have the door closed, while watching scary movies and, as they just proved, they could get up to what he referred to as “no good.”

While Amber padded softly back to bed, Bernd pulled his boxers and pajama bottoms back on. She paused to retrieve her clothing from the floor. She was about to get dressed again, when Bernd spoke.

“Can you sleep like that? Vati never comes in in the morning, so you can get dressed to come down for breakfast.”

Amber shrugged. It was a bit warm in his room and her flannel pajamas, which were fine in her basement room, made her feel too hot. “Okay,” she said as she crawled into bed with him. She put her bottoms and panties under her pillow just in case she needed them quickly. Snuggling together she chuckled softly as he fondled her breast. Wrapped in each other’s arms, they soon fell asleep.


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