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Halloween Bingo 23

Title: Carving a Pumpkin
Prompt: Pumpkin Carving
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd, Amber, baby Fritz
Word count: 590
Rating: G
Summary: Bernd carves a pumpkin…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this for me. Please note that Amber also belongs to her.

Bernd carefully cut into the top of the pumpkin with the small saw-tooth blade. He made sure to cut at an angle so that when the pumpkin was hollowed out, the top would not fall in. Once he got the top off, he got out a large spoon and proceeded to scoop the inside out, putting the pulpy, seedy mess into a large bowl. When he was finished carving the pumpkin, Bernd planned on roasting the seeds in the oven for tasty treat. For now the bowl would be filled and set aside.

Leaning the pumpkin on its side and taking the saw-tooth blade, he sawed a triangle about two-thirds of the way up for an eye, followed by another one. A bit lower down he cut a smaller triangle out, centered between the two eyes, for a nose. The mouth was a bit trickier, but by taking his time, Bernd carved out a wide saw-toothed grin. He set the pumpkin down on its bottom and stepped back to admire his handiwork.

It looks good… he thought. Taking the small votive glass and candle he got from the supermarket, he placed them inside the pumpkin. After striking a fireplace match, he was able to light the candle. When he replaced the top, Bernd realized he had not made a smoke hole in the top. That was easily fixed, by taking the lid and sawing a small notch in it. He placed it back on the pumpkin.

“It looks good, Bernd,” Amber said as she came into the kitchen. Their son, Fritz, was held on her hip as she walked past him to the fridge to get a juice bottle for the baby. “Although, I think we should put one of those LED candles in it. It’ll be safer for Fritz in case he pulls himself up and knocks it over.”

Fritz gurgled happily as he reached for his bottle. Once he had it in his chubby little hands, he drank happily form it.

“I hadn’t thought of that.” Bernd sighed. “You sure it’ll be a real jack-o-lantern with a fake candle?”

“I’m sure, but I do appreciate the fact you tried to use a real candle.” Amber moved closer to him and kissed his cheek.

Bernd smiled shyly at her.

“Anyway, don’t forget to put a bit of Vaseline on the parts you cut out to make it last longer.” At his look, she added, “The eyes, nose, mouth. The Vaseline will keep it from drying out.”


She gave him a look.

“Sorry, I bow to the master,” he said. “How can I forget you’re the go-to girl for all things Halloweenie.”

“Dunno…” She smiled. “You finished? I thought I’d take Fritz out in his stroller for a bit. I was hoping he’d nap.”

“Yeah, let me just Vaseline this up and then maybe we could go into town and pick up some of those LED candles. I want to make a couple more jack-o-lanterns and you haven’t started yours yet.”

Amber laughed. “Sounds like a plan… Let me change him and get his sweater on while you go put the stroller in the car.”

“Will do!” Bernd opened the pumpkin and blew out the candle. By the time he had finished loading the stroller into the car; Amber was back with their son. They put him in the car seat and drove into town. They planned on hitting the hardware store for the candles first and then enjoying the Halloween decorations in the various shops along Main Street.


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