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Cross posted from Madrona Project

Title: The Tale of a New Festival
Author: kira
Word Count: 229
World: Roseburg
Main Characters: Gita Chandrasekhar, her friend Mary
Borrow: No
Summary: Gita learns about one of Ancients’ festivals, called Halloween, from her friend Mary…
Author’s notes: Holi the Hindu festival of colors and love.
Author’s notes 2: Special thanks to kat for pinking this.
Author’s notes 3: This was written in response to Brownie’s Halloween challenge; the prompt is “this is Halloween.”

“This is Halloween,” Gita’s friend Mary said as she showed off a large carved pumpkin. “Papa said the Ancients used to celebrate it like this. They also used to dress up and go from house to house begging for sweets!” Mary grinned.

“Yeah?” Gita said, her eyes big as saucers. She had never heard of such a thing, but it sounded like fun.

“Yup! And they would tell scary stories and play pranks on the people who refused to give them sweets too!”

“Do you think your parents will let you go begging?”

Mary shrugged. “They should. Papa said it’s harmless fun.”

“Wow…” Gita was impressed and it showed. Her family kept to the old ways. According to her mother, those ways were even older than the Ancients. They were fun too. Gita’s favorite was Holi the festival of colors and love. She loved the trips into the capital city to see her extended family and celebrating Holi by pelting friends, family, and strangers alike with colored water and/or powder. Everyone was turned into a living rainbow of colors. However, the more her friend told her about her festivals, the more Gita wanted to experience them too, Halloween in particular, as it sounded like so much fun.


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