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Cross posted from Madrona Project

Title: The Tale of the New Food
Author: kira
Word Count: 229
World: Roseburg
Main Characters: Gita Chandrasekhar, Jyoti Chandrasekhar, Sitara Chandrasekhar
Borrow: No
Summary: Gita helps tend the family garden and thinks about her future…
Author’s notes: In Madrona they are a few groups of people who are named after legendary as well as mythological people. Elves and the Amazons are two such people. Elves live in the northwest part of Madrona; they live off the land like Native Americans and other indigenous people. They’re thought to be the descendants of hippies and other free spirits.
Author’s notes 2: Special thanks to kat for letting me borrow Luke… and also for pinking this.
Author’s notes 3: This was written in response to Brownie’s Halloween challenge; the prompt is “pumpkin.”

Gita and her sister Jyoti tended the small garden behind their home with their mother. They grew a variety of vegetables there, like potatoes, okra, and chickpeas that went into the food for their family. This year, they were growing something different. A neighbor had given them some seeds and now they had big, fat pumpkins growing on the vine. When they were ready for harvesting, their neighbor’s wife promised to come over and show them how to save the seeds and make a yummy pie out of the pumpkins. Gita could not wait. As much as she loved the dishes her mother made, she also liked the new foods her Uncle Luke had introduced to them and the new recipes that neighbors shared with them. Since they were the only family of Spicelanders in the town of Roseburg, she was keen on learning how to make the foods that would make her husband, when she was old enough to marry, happy. Gita was determined to marry for love like her mother and she figured having a good knowledge of various foods would help in that regard as her father was always happy with whatever her mother made for dinner.


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