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Cross posted from Madrona Project

Title: The Tale of the Big Fright
Author: kira
Word Count: 224
World: Roseburg
Main Characters: Gita Chandrasekhar, Jyoti Chandrasekhar, Sitara Chandrasekhar
Borrow: No
Summary: Gita and her little sister are frightened by the remains for a dead bunny…
Author’s notes: Special thanks to kat for pinking this.
Author’s notes 2: This was written in response to Brownie’s Halloween challenge; the prompt is “skeleton.”

The bleached bones of the rabbit skeleton gleamed in the summer sun. Gita and her sister had come upon it suddenly and the sight of it frightened them. Jyoti started to cry and Gita, trying hard to be brave, put her arms around her younger sister as she made soft little sounds of comfort.

“That poor bunny!” Jyoti wailed.

“I know, I know,” Gita murmured into the top of her younger sister’s head.

Sitara, their mother, hurried over to see what was wrong. “Girls? Jyoti baby, what happened?” She knelt, gathering her daughters in her arms.

Jyoti wailed wordlessly.

“Mama, the dead bunny’s bones scared her,” Gita said, her eyes big and bright with unshed tears.

“I see.” Sitara smiled at her eldest. Even though she was only six, there were times when Gita seemed far older than her years, like now. “And you’re my brave girl who isn’t scared?”

Gita shook her head. “I’m scared too, Mama.”

“Awe…” Sitara hugged her daughters close. “Come, let’s go.”

“B-but what about the b-bunny?” Jyoti sniffled.

“I’ll ask one of your uncles to bury him.”

Jyoti nodded. She took her mother’s hand and let herself be led away. Gita, however remained behind for a few minutes. She stared at the remains of the rabbit in horrified fascination, before turning to run after her sister and mother.


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